Most Parts of Asmar-Ghazi Abad Highway Clean-up from Being Rebels

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Tuesday December 3, 2019
ASADABAD CITY (BNA) While military operation ongoing in Asmar-Ghazi Abad highway, eastern Kunar province, most parts of the highway have been cleared from existence of anti-government militias.
The military operation has started 20 days ago by participation of hundreds Afghan national army and Afghan national police personnel with coordination of Afghan air forces and continuing until now.
Press office Sylab army corps by releasing a statement issued BNA, most parts of Asmar-Ghazi Abad highway have been cleared from being of Taliban fighters.
The military operation will be continued as long as the highway completely clean-up from being of armed oppositions, the statement added.
From beginning of the military operation dozens insurgents were killed and numerous were wounded.

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