Afghan Air Forces Target Terrorists’ Attack in Urozgan

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Thursday December 5, 2019
TARINKOT CITY (BNA) At least 11 armed oppositions were killed and six more were wounded following air raid carried out by Afghan air forces in southern Urozgan province.
The insurgents have been targeted in Khas Urozgan district and Tarinkot city the provincial capital of the province last night.
Top commander of Afghan national army in the south of the country told BNA reporter, 11 anti-government militias including their local commander were killed and six others were injured.
There were no damages on civilians at the end of the attack.
According to another report, Afghan national police personnel by discovering and naturalizing 11 round of different type of mines succeeded to prevent several bloodiest incidents in crowded areas of Urozgan province.
Taliban fighters are responsible for the foiled mine plantings, local officials in Nangarhar claimed.

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