20 September 2020

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“Concerns After 2014 Are Not Justifiable.” National Security Directorate Says

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The authorities of National Security Directorate insist that the security situation is improving and concerns after 2014 cannot be justifiable.
According to BNA report, recently an intelligence service of a western country, describing the security situation in Afghanistan critical has warned that attacks on western forces stationed in that country will increase.
The report maintained that problem such as administrative corruption and authoritarianism have added to the security problems; and so called green on blue attacks is another heinous phenomenon that can harm the coordination between Afghan and international forces. Also, the report has considered the presence of 35000 foreign troops for training Afghan soldiers as a need.
But Shafiqullah Tahery the deputy spokesman of Afghan intelligence service insists that the security situation is improving and the major part of the country is controlled by Afghan security forces and the process is further improving.
He told BNA correspondent, “We know better about the situation of the country and are hopeful for the future. What has been said about Afghanistan outside the country is their view and comprehension.”  
The report of the intelligence agency of this western country has been released in a time; the commander of French forces in Afghanistan also has confirmed that security has been enforced in 80% of Afghan soil and in the other 20% there are incidences that caused by insurgents passing the border line  challenge the security.
The ministries of defense and interior also say that there would be no any security challenge after 2014 because the Afghan security forces have the capability to fight against all foreign backed insurgents and ensure security all over the country.
Meanwhile Afghan analysts of the situation believe, the withdrawal of international forced from the country has been organized in way that leaves no place for returning Afghanistan to the past.
Khalil Minawy BNA Director 

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