Britain Will Assist For Upgrading Capacities of National Army After 2014

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Wednesday November 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) General Besmellah Mohammadi Minister of Defense met with General David Richard the Chief of Staff of British Army.
They discussed Afghan security situation, the process of training of national army, its development, and readiness for fourth phase of security transition, the need for equipping of different ranks of the national army.
Mohammadi said that the Afghan security forces have the readiness of start the fourth phase of security transition and it is important the security forces of Afghanistan especially the national army is equipped with the arms responsive for security requirements.
He asked the British government to assist the Afghan national army in terms of provision of artillery, detection and intelligence equipment, equipment for oiling mines and explosives before the year 2014.
He also asked the British government so that by using of its influence to convince the neighboring countries to stop their interference in Afghanistan and share the peace process in Afghanistan.
The Chief of Staff of British Army called the assertions of Mohammadi as constructive and assured that British will continue its assistance for upgrading the capabilities of the national army of Afghanistan.

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