11 July 2020

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Commentary / Taliban Lose The Ground

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Kabul (BNA) In recent days, terrorist attacks, including suicide attacks and roadside bomb explosions have increased in the country. By committing   such inhumane crimes and subversive activities in the wake of current developments, Taliban want to introduce themselves as a power to get more privileges.
BNA political commentator writes:
During the last two weeks, parts of the country including the capital have seen several terrorist incidents. Terrorist attack on National Directorate office in Kabul, attack on traffic police department, carrying suicide attacks in Kapisa and Ghazni provinces and finally, organizing roadside bomb explosions in Kandahar and Farrah provinces are indications of increasing terrorist activities in the country. As a result of these terrorist attacks, civilians, security forces especially police sustained heavy casualties.
Political experts believe, increase in such attacks is not accidental because, as we are witness, the terrorist in their barbaric terrorist attacks mostly targeted security forces especially police. The reason is that security forces including police have gotten security responsibilities in most parts of the country and getting ready for the fourth round of the process. So far police forces have the responsibility of ensuring peace and security in most parts of the country and contrary to insurgents expectations, Afghan security forces among them police are carrying their patriotic duties successfully.
The widespread presence of policemen in battle fields and driving back the armed oppositions to the margin, without doubt have caused the weakening of the moral of their militants and reaction. This hard situation has left no way for them but to cowardly carry out suicide and roadside bomb attacks
The interior ministry spokesman accepts that police had the highest figure of casualties in recent terrorist incidents. He argues that police forces by impacting fatal blows on insurgents in villages and rural areas have made them to leave the area and hide on mountains. Due to the awareness of security forces in recent years, especially the last two years the process of handing over security responsibilities from NATO led forces to Afghan security forces is underway, armed oppositions have never succeeded to occupy a single administrative unit, but became  more isolated and driven out from areas, previously were under their control.
The high spirit and qualification of Afghan security forces among them police and new political developments have weakened armed rebels and harassed their leaders and foreign supporters.
Therefore, they have accelerated explosions and suicide attacks in order to introduce themselves as a power in the process of political developments and use it as a means of propagation to achieve their evil goals. In brief, what the armed opposition is doing in present situation is their last effort for continuation of their political life.
What mentioned above proves that, Taliban designing such evil actions which cause casualties among policemen just want to introduce themselves as power.  
They should know that the new developments are not in to their interests. Now the people believe in peace efforts made by Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Taliban and other armed oppositions will be driven further to isolation and margin.
So it is for Taliban if consider themselves  as Afghans, should think wisely about the destiny of their people and country and stop the killing of people and destruction of the country and join the peace process, other way they will remain behind the peace caravan and their political death will be inevitable.      

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