12 August 2020

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Terrorism Should Be Driven Out of Country

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Wednesday April 10, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Terrorism not only overwhelms the nations, destroys countries, eliminates security and pushes back advancement and progress, but also defames the holy Islam among other religions all over the world.
The wicked phenomenon had not only stood against a modern society in many world countries, particularly in Afghanistan, but also helped corruption and drug processing and smuggling in the country, where militancy has mostly used narcotics as their main financial sources.
Thousands of farmers across the restive provinces used to cultivate poppy, a move stemmed of insecurity created from the increasingly insurgency in the country, the main reason of which had been witnessed to be emerged from anti-Afghanistan development circles outside the border.
Hundreds of school children across the country had been poisoned, tens of school buildings had been set ablaze, houses destroyed civilians were killed and millions of other left the country.
The Afghan people should realize the fact that they are not being killed by their countrymen, but they have foes outside the borders deeply brainwashing, training and sending Afghans under the name of Islamic teaching to the country to blow public properties government facilities, kill civilians and nascent security forces.
They should give hand with each other as well provide cooperation with the security forces in introducing the terror elements to be identified and tried to justice.
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai has repeatedly announced that the villages and townships of Afghanistan were not the hub of terrorists but, their main hideouts and training and equipment centers should be sought beyond the border.
The decision to fully uproot terrorism links to a firm determination of the people on how to introduce the insurgents in their localities and cooperate and help the people, women, elderly, children and public properties get rid of the scourge.

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