6th SOK Commandos Capture Taliban Leader, Kill Two Insurgents In Sarobi District

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Sunday, April 21, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghan National Army Commandos of the 6th Special Operations Kandak detained a Taliban leader and killed two insurgents while conducting a large scale clearing operation in Sarobi district, Kabul province.
The 6th Special Operations Kandak (SOK) conducted the operation to disrupt insurgent activity in Uzbeen valley.
As the Commandos searched near Bozakhel village, insurgents attacked the patrol with small arms fire.  The 6th SOK returned fire, killing two insurgents and detaining three insurgents, including detaining Juma Gul, a local Taliban leader. 
Gul is responsible for orchestrating multiple attacks against Afghan and Coalition Forces in the area. 
“Our Commando missions have led to the capture of many high ranking Taliban leaders and insurgents throughout eastern Afghanistan,” said Afghan National Army Special Operations Commander, Brigadier General Karim. “As Commandos, we are more than willing to go into the district and clear the area of the enemy.”
The Commandos are an elite group that conducts high-risk operations in remote areas known to be enemy strongholds.  These counterinsurgency missions assist national and local police in their efforts to increases in security, governance, and development. 
“The district cannot depend solely on Commando and Coalition Forces for security,” said Karim. “It is important that national and local police forces take the necessary steps to promote and increase security for the people living in this area.”
The Commandos transferred custody of Juma Gul to the National Directorate of Security.
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