36 Insurgents Killed And Injured

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Monday, May 06, 2013
Kabul (BNA) During the military operation 36 Taliban and Haqqani’s militants killed and arrested in the country.
NATO says that two senior commanders and three local commanders are among the deaths.
In the other hand in these military operations, 11 Taliban and Haqqani’s rebels arrested.
It has been said that among them there are three commanders and two facilitators.
BNA quoting NATO report says, in these operations 25 insurgents killed and 11 others were arrested.
NATO claimed that 8 commanders and two facilitators are among the deaths and arrested people.
The interior ministry press office reported BNA, the national police personal of Paktika identified a person who wanted to carry out a suicide attack on government facilities in Sar Rawza district arrested along with a suicide vest and a Kalashnikov.
Investigation is underway.

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