08 July 2020

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In Anti-terrorism Campaign, Equipping Afghan Security Forces Is An Urgent Need

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Capacity building, equipping and self- sufficiency are an urgent need of Afghan security forces and it is the obligation of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to plan for getting these objectives.
BNA military affairs analyst writes:
The members of National Security Council in their last session instructed the defense ministry using the domestic possibilities urgently repair the military equipment which have been kept in depots for year. The defense ministry receives the instruction of national Security Council, while the program for capacity building, equipping and self – sufficiency of Afghan security forces is ongoing with foreign assistance. Unfortunately the implementation of this urgent and vital program is slow; While Afghan security forces with high morale are taking over security responsibilities and getting ready to defend their country independently. The process is going on as it scheduled and will end within a few months. As its planned there would be no foreign troops in Afghanistan after 2014. Because of this, the capacity building, equipping and self-sufficiency of Afghan security forces are urgent needs.  So far, the foreign aids for this purpose is slow and does not meet the needs of the time. 
The Afghan allies and international friends have made specific commitments in that regard but still our air forces are suffering from lack of advanced warplanes and heavy weapon
The recent incidents indicate that Afghanistan is not on faced with the thread of terrorism but it is experiencing a flagrant foreign aggression, unfortunately, the international forces stationed in Afghanistan is looking to the aggressions as observers and do not  implement the commitments made to Afghan people  in practice.
Therefore, considering the grave situation, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan decided to equip and further strengthen the security forces by using available domestic possibilities.  Based on this decision, the ministry of defense started to repair the military equipment so far a great number of heavy weapons have been repaired and they ready to be used.
According to the army chief of staff the process is on right track and during the current year, more military weapons including heavy weapons would be operational and would be put in service of security forces.
The move could be considered as a step toward equipping the Afghan armed forces.  Earlier, the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan persistently emphasized that Afghanistan would use every opportunity for equipping its security forces.  Besides repairing un-operational weapons, some countries of the region as our traditional friends can cooperate Afghanistan in equipping and training of its security forces, so Afghanistan should use these opportunities for further strengthening its regional cooperation and promoting its defense system to repel the increasing foreign aggressions.
The friendly countries can be considered as a good source for equipping and capacity building of the security forces of our country; meanwhile the Afghan relevant authorities via an active diplomacy encourage the countries that have signed strategic cooperation agreements with Afghanistan to put in practice their commitments made for Afghan people and let not Afghanistan that fight terrorism and foreign aggressions face any problem in fight against these two notorious phenomenon.
What have been raise in the session of national security council and decided could be considered as firm step  toward the capacity building, equipping and self- sufficiency of security forces and Afghan people welcome it and waiting for implementing the decision in practice. 
Written By: Khalil Minawi BNA Director

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