16 December 2019

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Saturday, August 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA)   The moral captivity and unlimited dependency of so called theTaliban to the aliens have descended them from the peak of human high status to lowest status of criminals and murders.
BNA political analyst writes:  there is no more any doubt that the Taliban this warmonger and notorious group have been conducting a proxy war against our people and homeland and cause bloodshed and destructions just to please their masters and to meet their nefarious and evil aims in the region.  Also, there is no doubt that the Taliban as puppets of the intelligence of neighboring countries, acting according to their will commit heinous crimes, destroy their own country and kill their own brothers and sisters.
The crimes committed by the Taliban during the holy fasting month of Ramadan indicate a bitter fact how brained washed and morally in captivity of the enemies can descend from the high peaks of humanity and humanism in to the lowest position of criminals and murderers. The crimes which these puppets of a neighboring country were so nefarious that shock the people. The killed innocent people engineers and others work for the reconstruction of our country and public welfare, beheading the people put the families in mourning and increases the number of orphans and widows.  They kill the breadwinners of the families and make the children to wait for the coming their fathers and dear ones. These are among numerous   crimes that the insurgents and mercenaries foreign intelligence have committed in disguise of Islam and justify them as Islamic deed.
Can we call the murderers of thousands of innocent people Muslims? Can one call the murderers of hundreds of children and women Muslims? Never, we are certain that they will be questioned for their heinous crimes committed against our suffering and punished accordingly.

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