04 June 2020

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Monday June 1, 2020
Pul-e-Khomri (BNA) Taliban released 45 soldiers from their prison in Baghlan.
Nazir Najem spokesman for Baghlan governor told BNA, the soldiers are belonged to national police and local police and have been captive by the Taliban for several months.
T. Yarzada

Monday, June 1, 2020
Mazar-e-Sharif (BNA) Police of Balkh have detained two men on suspicion of transferring alcoholic beverage.
Adel Shah Adel spokesman for Balkh security directorate told BNA      the personnel of the directorate detained driver of a bus with his colleague on charges transferring alcoholic beverage from Halm district checkpoint of that province.
102 bottles of alcoholic beverage were seized from the men, he added
   T. Yarzada

Monday, June 1, 2020
Ferozkoh (BNA) A kid lost his life and another has been injured in explosion of a mine in Ghor province yesterday.
Abdul Maroof Ramish spokesman for Ghor security directorate told BNA, the mine exploded while the children were grazing their cows in suburb of Ferozkoh center of Ghor.
It is mentionable that other two shepherds were also lost their lives in explosion of mine in Kohistan District, Badakhshan province yesterday.
T. Yarzada

Monday, June 1, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) reported 680 new positive cases of COVID-19 out of 1,112 samples tested in the last 24 hours.
The ministry also reported eight COVID-19 deaths and 25 recovered patients in the last 24 hours. Kabul leads with 371 new positive cases of COVID-19 out of 624 samples tested in the last 24 hours. The positive cases were reported in Kabul (371), Herat (111), Balkh (75), Samangan (33), Takhar (22), Nangarhar (21), Laghman (18), Baghlan (11), Kunar (6), Logar (7), Parwan (2), Bamiyan (2) and Daikundi (1). The total number of known deaths is 257 and recovered cases is 1,328. So far, the ministry has tested 38,460 samples countrywide. The total active cases in the country is 13,620, and, according to the ministry, the total of confirmed cases is 15,205. Meanwhile, Wahid Majroh, deputy health minister, in response to rumors of an invented COVID-19 vaccine, said that the ministry will not allow any individual or company to prescribe any type of medicine without the approval of the health ministry, or without ministry coordination. Majroh also asked citizens to not use any unauthorized medicine for COVID-19 unless the medicine is approved by the ministry. Majroh said that the cooperation of citizens is the "last hope for controlling the spread of COVID-19."
The number of deaths from COVID-19 globally is more than 369,254 and the number of global coronavirus cases is 6,064,778, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Monday, June 1, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani presided over the government leadership virtual meeting at the presidential palace on Saturday and discussed a range of issues particularly free bread distribution initiative to the needy people in 33 cities and challenges to its implementation, a statement said.
First Vice-president Amrullah Saleh said a number of volunteer individuals and civil society members in the capital and provinces joined hand with the government and contributed to the bread distribution process. The first vice-president said municipalities, guilds, unions, ulama, vendors and shop owners should be engaged in the process to help the government use available resources and capacities to reach out to more people in need, while ensuring transparency in the process, the presidential palace statement added. First Vice-President Saleh added that those bakeries, neighborhood representatives, civil servants and activists who have taken an active part in the process should be recognized a commended. Abdul Matin Bek, IDLG General Director presented his report on the distribution process and said thousands of families in need could benefit from the initiative and underlined that efforts have been in place to minimize the challenges ahead, according to the statement. Daoud Sultanzoy, the Kabul Mayor said the initiative is going on properly in Kabul in collaboration with the neighborhood representatives. He added that the challenges are not very serious that can slow down or disrupt the process, underscoring that the Kabul Municipality stands ready to ramp up efforts to deliver more assistance to people, the statement added. President Ghani expressed appreciation to all individuals and institutions engaged in the process and said addressing the needs of the poor is among the paramount priorities of the government. He added that government has put well-devised plans in place to deal with the negative effects and fallout caused by the spread of coronavirus. The president instructed the relevant institutions to create a database of the poor and destitute people to help the government to address their needs in times of hardship and crisis, the statement added.
The president expressed satisfaction over the lessons learned and experiences earned after and during spread of corona virus in the country that enabled the government to mobilize available resources to manage assistance delivery initiatives such as bread distribution to the poor.
He highlighted the government of Afghanistan was able for the first time to take over and manage a wide-ranging initiative in a short period of time without being relied on other institutions, the statement quoted. The president talked over the cooperation by the private sector, mosques, social institutions and stressed the need to ensure transparency in the process.
He said the responsible institutions need to share details of their expenses with the Ministry of Finance to assure Afghan people of transparency in the process. President Ghani shed light on other assistance packages of the government in the future and said with the support of the World Bank, the government is working on assistance packages to be able to provide essential items to our poor compatriots along with bread distribution program.
The government leadership also analyzed and reviewed the current status in fighting covid-19, predications and challenges, level of preparation of health institutions as well as public awareness programs. Given the fact that currently there is no medicine to treat covid-19 and the high vulnerability of our people, the government leadership stressed that people need to follow health instructions and instructed the Ministry of Public Health and other pertinent institutions to extend their efforts to implement their plans on fighting the pandemic.

Monday, June 1, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Following coronavirus outbreak and lockdown of big cities in the world including Afghanistan, the tourism industry has faced with stagnation. Although the losses level of the stagnation is not clear, losing millions in Afghani has been expected. For example, Herat with its historic and religious locations as well as fantastic touristic sites has no tourists at all on these days.
Provincial directorate of information and culture of Herat says even a single tourist has not been registered since March due to the coronavirus outbreak in the province, while last year 12,000 foreign and domestic tourists visited various touristic sites of Herat. “Due to coronavirus outbreak in the province, we’ve lost 100 percent
incomes we received from tourism industry in the past when we had 2 million AFG each month and more than 2,000 – 2500 tourists visiting various historic and religious sites of the province, but unfortunately we’ve had no foreign and domestic tourists for the past two months,” said Waheed Ahmad Sultani, provincial director of information and culture for Herat. He added that the tourism industry had been in the rise during the past five years, but coronavirus outbreak in the country has stopped everything including tourism in the province. Once Herat’s historic Qala-e-Iktiaruddin, historic minarets of the province and other historic sites had thousands of tourists each year, causing economic development of the province and the country.
Based on statistics, nearly 40 hotels which had been constructed to welcome foreign and domestic guests and tourists have been in the loss during the past three months due to coronavirus outbreak in the country. “All hotels, restaurants, tradition clothes markets and centers that have invested millions in AFG in the province have received nothing in the past three months and now faced with economic problems,” Sultani said, but hoping that a range of problems will be launched to attract foreign tourists to compensate the losses after ending the coronavirus crisis in Afghanistan.
Besides that, domestic tourists had visited historic and religious sites of Herat, a large number of tourists from the US, Australia, Italy, France, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran had come and visited historic sites of the province in the past. According to general director of Herat’s Qala-e-Ikhtiaruddin, only last year, more than 28,000 tourists visited this Qala as they received nearly 1.1 million AFG.
“Following coronavirus outbreak and lockdown of Herat city, the door of Qala-e-Ikhtiaruddin was closed to both foreign and domestic tourists and visitors; therefore, the tourism industry has faced with stagnation as nobody comes and visits Herat’s historic sites,” general director of Qala-e-Iktiaruddin said. It is not only Herat, other provinces as Bamyan, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Kunar, Nooristan and Mazar-e-Sharif have also faced with similar experiences. Afghanistan ministry for information and culture says last year nearly 7,000 foreign tourists and nearly 1.2 million domestic tourists visited historic and touristic sites of Afghanistan, but this year the industry was hit by coronavirus as the industry has faced with unprecedented experiences of stagnation of the tourism history.
Atefah Alizadah

Monday, June 1, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The government on Sunday confirmed the release of 3,000 Taliban prisoners from different prisons across the country so far. Javed Faisal, spokesman for the National Security Council (NSC), said they had released 1,000 more Taliban prisoners over the past two days.
The Taliban inmates were set free from different prisons of the country, but most of them walked free from Pul-i-Charkhi and Bagram jails, Fiasal said, adding the remaining 710 were freed Saturday night and Sunday morning.
On the other hand, the Taliban have also released 150 government prisoners over the past two days in different provinces of the country. Taliban’s political office spokesman Suhail Shaheen said they had released 420 government prisoners so far. For its part, the government also acknowledged its prisoners had also released been freed by the Taliban.
The beneficiaries included civilians and government servants. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, President Ghani announced the release of 2,000 Taliban prisoners. Following his decree, 3,000 prisoners were freed before and after the Eid.

Monday, June 1, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Pakistan’s Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and Afghan diplomats agreed to make joint efforts to remove hurdles to bilateral Pak-Afghan trade and transit trade.
The agreement came during a meeting between the SCCI, Pak-Afghan Joint Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI) former senior vice president, and Frontier Custom Agents Association (FCAA) President, Ziaul Haq Sarhadi and Najeebullah Ahmadzai, Afghan Consul General in Peshawar, said a press release issued yesterday. Ahmad Shah, Director, Fawad Arsha Afghan Attaché, Dr Hameedullah Fazil Khel, Deputy Trade Attaché, Ghulam Sipas First Secretary and others relevant officials, members of business community, importers and exporters were present in the meeting. 
The SCCI delegation apprised Afghan Consul General, Najeebullah Ahmadzai about issues being faced by business community, traders, industrialists, exporters and importers and presented recommendations for their amicable resolution. The Afghan diplomat fully agreed with proposals of the SCCI delegation meant to strengthen bilateral Pak-Afghan and transit trade relations as well as removal of impediments in way of trade between the countries.
The SCCI delegation invited Afghan Consul General, Najeebullah Ahmadzai to visit the sarhad chamber. Ziaul Haq Sarhadi, while speaking on the occasion said around 6,000 empty trucks of Afghan transit trade stuck on other side of the Durand line, which are gradually released on request of the SCCI.
He informed that nearly 1,500 empty trucks/containers crossed the border today on (Saturday), while rest would reach Pakistan during next week. The meeting agreed to jointly resolve issues of traders, exporters and importers to give boost to the mutual trade and transit trade between the two neighboruing countries. Sarhadi requested 24/7 opening of Pak-Afghan Torkham and Chaman for trade on permanent basis, on which, the Afghan Consul General and other relevant officials assured to implement the SCCI proposal for promotion of mutual Pak-Afghan trade and transit trade. He praised the efforts of Afghan Consul General, Najeebullah Ahmadzai for strengthening bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan and proactive measures to resolve long standing demands and issues of business community, traders, exporters and importers on priority basis.

Sunday May 31, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President Ashraf Ghani accepted the credential letter of Dmitry Alexandrovich Zhirnov, the newly-appointed ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan yesterday morning at the Presidential Palace, BNA reported.
President Ghani expressed gratitude to the Russian President and Foreign Minister for introducing Ambassador Zhirnov, wishing him success in his new post.
The president said the new ambassador’s mission would open a new chapter of cooperation between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Russian Federation, underscoring that bilateral ties between the two countries should be further strengthened.
President Ghani said during the past five years, Afghanistan has expanded its relations with the Central Asian countries, terming them significant partners of Afghanistan.
He added that Afghanistan exports thousands of tons of agricultural products to Central Asia on yearly basis.
The president said Afghanistan is importing energy from Central Asia and is keen to open new routes for exporting its products such as dried fruits, particularly to the Russian markets.
President Ghani said Afghanistan is willing to enhance economic cooperation with Russia and other regional countries and stressed that Afghanistan and Russia should work together to improve regional cooperation and promote peace.
The president said, “As part of our vision for future, we pursue the objective to expand a nationwide railway system in the country to enable us to export our products to the international markets.”
The newly-appointed ambassador expressed happiness over beginning his new mission in Afghanistan and said he would strive to further strengthen mutual ties and economic cooperation between the two countries.

Saturday May 30, 2020

Kabul (BNA) Afghan national police personnel succeeded to discover and confiscate 14 round of different type of mines in three provinces of the country.
Ministry of interior in a statement reported that the mines have been discovered and neutralized in Shah Joy district of Zabul province, MattaKhan, Orgon and YusufKhail districts of Paktika and Pacheragam district of Nangarhar province.
The mines have been planted by armed oppositions to target civilians, the statement added.
According to another report, some heavy and light weapons have been discovered during a joint military operation conducted by Afghan security forces in Koz Kunar district of Nangarhar province.

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