20 July 2019

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Saturday July 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Addressing a conference on peace in Kabul, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said the Afghans had long been yearning for peace with honor and living in stability, a statement said “If we cannot convert our voice into a single voice inside Afghanistan… then we reserve no right to blame others. We must develop a responsible attitude,” the CE said. He cited that there was a good opportunity for peace which must be seized. Referring to Taliban’s proposal for talks, he said: “When they say they believe in peace and we are in favor of a peaceful solution. They view the presence of international forces the only problem.” The CE added: “They should honor a ceasefire agreement. If the Taliban say they want truce with NATO but not with the Afghan government, this is not possible.” According to Dr. Abdullah, there is a time for talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government. Serious negotiations should begin, he stressed. About talks between the US and Taliban, Abdullah said it was time for the Afghans to decide their fate themselves. He supported the initiative to arrange such conferences about the peace process and promised to work honestly for lasting peace in the country.

Saturday July 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) About 8 people lost their lives and 33 others were wounded following car bomb blast in Kabul city on Friday morning.
A vehicle packed with explosion materials exploded among students close to Kabul University yesterday morning.
Security official in Kabul told BNA reporter, three civilians and a policeman were martyred and four others were wounded due to the blast.
But, ministry of public health reported that, eight people lost their lives and 33 others were wounded following the car bomb blast.
Official in the ministry said that the health conditions of six injured are not satisfactory.
No individual or terrorist groups has commented regarding the explosion so far, but officials in ministry of interior called that Taliban group is responsible for the event.

Saturday July 20, 2019
KANDAHAR CITY (BNA) As many as 20 militants were killed and six others were wounded following attacks carried out by Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in southern Kandahar province.
The anti-government militias have been targeted during military operation and air attack in various parts of Shah Wali Koot district of the province.
Senior commander of Afghan national army in south of the country told BNA, 20 terrorists were killed and six others were wounded during the military operation and air attack.
According to another report, Afghan security forces succeeded to discover and defuse 9 round of different type of mines in crowded areas of Kandahar province.
No individual or group has commented regarding the foiled mine plantings so far, but local officials claimed that Taliban fighters are responsible for the mine plantings.

Saturday July 20, 2019
LASHKARGAH CITY (BNA) Over 10 armed oppositions were killed by Afghan security forces in southern Helmand province.
Top commander of Afghan national army in south of the country told BNA correspondent, the insurgents were busy on organizing a series of terrorists and destructive activities that targeted by Afghan security forces.
According to another report, Afghan security forces succeeded to discover and defuse 13 round of different type of mines in crowded areas of Helmand province.

Saturday July 20, 2019

Kabul (BNA) At least 66 anti-government militias were killed and 14 others were wounded following joint military operations led by Afghan security forces within the last 36 hours across the country.
Ministry of national defense press office stated BNA, the military operations have launched to annihilate armed oppositions and ensure peace and stability in insecure areas of Badakhshan, Faryab, Helmand, Badghis, Urozgan, Nangarhar, Ghazni, Balkh, Paktika, Takhar, Kunduz and Sar-e-Pul provinces.
A suspicious was arrested, two hideouts and a motorcycle belonged to the terrorists have been demolished during the military operations, the source added.

Friday July 19, 2019

PUL-E-ALAM CITY (BNA) At least three armed oppositions were killed following air attack carried out by Coalition Forces in central Logar province.
Eimal Momand acting publication in 203 Tander army corps told BNA reporter, the anti-government militias have been targeted in relevant areas of Azra district of the province.
According to another report, Afghans security forces by launching a military operation succeeded to release four people from Taliban prison in Azra district of the province.
Also, Afghan national army personnel have been discovered and defused 12 round of different type of mines in Azra district.

Friday July 19, 2019

PUL-E-ALAM CITY (BNA) Foodstuffs have been distributed to hundred destitute and needy families in central Logar province.
According to BNA local correspondent report, the aids have been distributed by counter-disaster office on the occasion of 100th independence anniversary in Pul-e-Alam city the provincial capital of the province.
It has been said, the distributed aids include 15 items.

Friday July 19, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The common currency in the daily deals of people in the eastern and southern provinces of the country is still the Pakistani rupee (Kaldar).
A Kabul citizen Obaidullah told The Kabul Times that he has got a disease and want to go to Pakistani for treatment. He added I exchanged Afghani currency with Pakistani rupee to proceed my works in that country. The range covers the flow of money from southern Kandahar to the eastern Kunar province. In a number of provinces, Pakistani rupee is the only currency through which all people’s transactions are carried out.
In some other provinces, Afghani currency is mostly used instead of Pakistani rupee.
Fawzia, a member of the Zabul Provincial Council says that the common currency in that province is the Pakistani rupee. According to her, some people in Zabul’s remote and insecure villages might not know Afghani currency. She added that all transactions in Zabul market are done with Pakistani currency. She clarified that the main reason behind domination of Pakistani rupee in Zabul markets is that most of the needed goods in that province are ensured through the Pakistan. Laghman governor spokesman Asadullah Dawlatzai said that most of the people in eastern zone used Pakistani rupee in their daily transactions.
He called importing goods from Pakistan the main reason in this regard.
He stressed that it is impossible to forcibly replace Afghani currency with Pakistani rupee, but a cultural move should be done so to make people proud on their national currency. Nangarhar is another border province between Afghanistan and Pakistan where Pakistani rupee is mostly used than Afghani currency.
Shukria Kohistani

Friday July 19, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Amid continued progress in Afghanistan peace process, Afghanistan government says work is underway to form a new inclusive negotiating team whose members will be soon introduced. Currently, presidential office is working on combination of the team, unifying peace efforts and addressing concerns of political parties and civil organizations in connection with peace process. The government is also trying to find experienced individuals for the membership of the team.
“Our main goal is that the individuals and members who engage in negotiations on behalf of the Afghan people and the Afghanistan government should have enough experience and should be able to represent the people,” said Sediq Sediqi, a spokesperson to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. Meanwhile, a number of representatives of people in national assembly are asking the government to introduce and form a national and inclusive negotiating team for talks with the Taliban group. “The negotiating team should be inclusive and have members from different layers of society,” a lawmaker Waqif Hakimi said, adding that it should be an authorized team that can represent all the political parties, the civil society and the people of the country.
Afghanistan government hopes the next intra-Afghan dialogue will be comprehensive, concentrating and inclusive. Sources close to the Taliban said the group will have no objection if the Afghan government delegates attend the upcoming intra-Afghan meeting in Uzbekistan. US has military presence in Afghanistan in accordance to its policy to defend its national security and believes Afghanistan had changed to safe haven for terrorist groups during the Taliban regime; therefore, the country will never leave Afghanistan unless US is given assurances that Afghanistan won’t change to a safe hub for terrorist groups. US also focuses on this issue in talks with the Taliban group.
US and all other international partners of Afghanistan have spent much for Afghan constitution and modern values believed that can play effective role in maintaining lasting peace and prevention from falling Afghanistan gain to terrorism. Therefore, protection all values and the country’s constitution is in top priority of Afghanistan national interests.
On the other hand, obstinacy and stubbornness as well as emphasis on talibanism are key characteristics of the Taliban group. Besides, Taliban depends on violence and tradition for solution of any disputes, while modern peace is based on rational negotiations. Thus, there is a really big difference between us and the Taliban group in negotiations. It is a very good opportunity for the Taliban group to accept facts of modern governance as the people of Afghanistan now want peace with protection of the 18 years achievements.
Lailuma Noori

Friday July 19, 2019

Kabul (BNA) President Ghani paid tribute to the body of Haji Abdul Ghaffar Ahmadzai who was martyred in a terrorist incident, yesterday, a statement from the Presidential Press Office said Wednesday.
The president who went to the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital, and while praying to his soul, said: “We are laying to rest the body of one of the country’s true sons who sacrificed his life to defend the country and finally martyred by the despicable enemy.”
The country’s president extended his deep condolence to his bereaved family who lost its second son for the country’s services, the security and defense forces and the people of Afghanistan, the statement added.
“Our commitment is that the problems of the martyr Ahmadzai’s family and children would be addressed timely by the organs concerned and his sons would fill the gap left from Ahmadzai,” said the statement.
The president, then convoyed Martyr Ahmadzai’s coffin to the appointed area, according to the statement.

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