25 September 2018

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Saturday September 22, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah participated in a ceremony held Thursday on the occasion of tribute to Ashura in Jamiul Zahra and Zainabia mosques in Kabul’s west.
In the ceremony, the country’s Chief Executive condoled the Ashura day to the world Muslims in particular Muslim nation of Afghanistan. In his speech, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah considered uprising of Imam Hussain and Karbala incident as unprecedented in history of Islam and the world, saying although Imam Hussain and his colleagues were martyred in Karbala, they marked the victory of justice against injustice and brightness against darkness; therefore, millions of freedom-loving and justice-loving Muslims gather every year to pay tribute to the Ashura Day. The country’s Chief Executive also added that the incident of Karbala has been marked with blood of great martyrs in the history of world and Muslims and opened new chapter in defending the right, resistance, bravery and sacrifices on path of Almighty Allah and fighting injustice and tyranny. Pointing to current situation in the country, Chief Executive said; “We better witness unity and solidarity among Sunni and Shia during the month of Muharram in particular days of Ashura and Tasoa and we hope further efforts towards solidarity among our people.” “Currently the people and national defense and security forces of the country are fighting against darkness and the forces will soon defeat the cruel enemies of the country and we can only defeat them by protection of national unity and solidarity,” Chief Executive added.

Saturday September 22, 2018

Kabul (BNA) On the invitation of the Indian government, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani traveled to New Delhi on Wednesday on a day-long official visit, BNA reported.
On the behalf of the government and people of Afghanistan, President Ghani condoled the human and financial losses to the Indian government inflicted during the recent flood. The President said bilateral engagements and friendly relationship between India and Afghanistan have been growing on daily bases. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the New Delhi was supporting the construction of Shah Tout Dam, canals, solar power projects, drinking water facilities and implementation of over 160 uplift projects in the villages of Afghanistan. In addition, India supported the uplift of the transportation system, rehabilitation of 350 buses and provision and 1,000 new buses. The agreement was also reached that both countries would form technical teams to work on the fresh commitments, he said. Both leaders also agreed that delegations from Afghanistan and India would jointly work for the processing, export of precious stones and production of medicines. He said the scholarship program to Afghan students has been extended for another five years adding Afghan civil servants would be provided professional training as well. PM Modi said that India foreign minister would soon visit Kabul for strategic level talks with the Afghan government. President Ghani has termed the joint exhibition of Afghan and Indian products in Mumbai vital for the economic development of the two countries and hailed the cooperation of India government to Afghanistan in different areas. President Ghani said that valuable cooperation of India would bring positive change in the lives of Afghans.

Saturday September 22, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Addressing a gathering marking the 10th of Muharram, the Day of Ashura in Hazrat Rassoul-e-Akram mosque here in Kabul on Thursday, President Ghani said the Day of Ashura had equal importance for the Sunni and Shiite sects as the day offered the lesson of resistance to tyranny, corruption and misuse of public wealth, BNA reported.
“I have come to the place which was many times put in the harm’s way, I acknowledge the danger you face, we have come here to renew our commitments to follow the path of Imam Hussain (RW),” the President added. “The Yazids of our time want to turn Afghanistan into another Karbala, but the Afghans’ unity would not let them succeed,” said the President, adding innocent and defenseless citizens were massacred in recent attacks in Zabul, Helmand, Paktia, Nangarhar and more recently in Momand Dara and Barchi area of Kabul. He said the enemies of Afghanistan wanted to give these attacks the name sectarian strife, something dangerous for the Afghans. “We can defeat this threat in cooperation with the people.”
The President urged the people to stand together in the fight against enemy designs and take wise steps against those fueling hatred in the name of religious, language and tribe. “The blood of a Shia and a Sunni has the same color, in this country the Pashtuns and the Tajiks have same fate. The honor of Hazara and Uzbeks is the honor of all.” He said despite repeated enemy attacks, the religious harmony in Afghanistan remained a model for others. The President said government was fully prepared to deal with the enemy and dividing Kabul into four security zones, categorizing threats, consulting different sections of the society in this regard and focusing the Kabul’s west were part of those measures. He said police and intelligence cover had been increased in the Kabul’s west where operations were ongoing in affected areas. “Our success in the war against terrorist depends on mutual cooperation between the government and the people, as seen in developed countries.”

Thursday, 20 September 2018 09:51

Taliban Kidnapped ANA and Police Personnel

Thursday September 20, 2018

Zaraj City (BNA) Three Afghan security forces have been abducted by Taliban militants in southwestern Nimroz province.
NDS source reported BNA, two Afghan national policemen and an Afghan National Army were kidnapped by Taliban militants in highway of Delaram-Khash district.
There is no information about their fate, but police started searching regarding the incident.

Thursday September 20, 2018

Bazarak City (BNA) Administrative building for counter-narcotic drug department has been built in Panjsher province.
The building has been built with a cost of 10 million Afghani funded by ministry of counter-narcotic drug.
Ahmad Zia Yazdani head of counter-narcotic drug department in Panjsher told BNA correspondent, the building has been built on 400 acres of land in two floors within the next one year that has 12 rooms, meeting hall and other necessary facilities.
The building put into exploitation by Delbar Nazari minister of counter-narcotic drug while Eng. Kamaluddin Nezami governor of Panjsher, heads of governmental offices and religious scholars were present.

Thursday September 20, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The uprising method of Emam Hussain (MGBPWH) was quite different as he had used to exploit every available opportunity to recruit troops and send them to front. One of these numerous occasions was a meeting with Zaheer Bin Qeen in his residence. Because, since the beginning Zaheer was reluctant to face Emam and after meeting he joined Emam, created epic in Ashura and was martyred heroically.
We should learn the lesson of bravery ad manliness from Emam who taught us how to live in freedom. Since the outset of uprising, all poets and philosophers have been talking on Hussain uprising and would continue until the dawn of resurrection.
Ali a resident of Kabul said, uprising of Hussain has deep and long roots in history. Even if we talk about it every moment, it would be insufficient. Hussain innocent followers and colleagues had never accepted meanness as His great grandfather Prophet (PBUH) had never bowed to humility and inferiority.
Since the dynasty of Prophet (PBUH) was the location of Angels, therefore, bless of Allah has been revealed to them forever. Despite of our intensive description of this holy dynasty, our pen and tongue fail to explain the content and meaning of uprising of champion of Karballa, the leader of martyrs. So we should realize the meaning of Great Emam uprising and laud it so to be solvated.
In a conversation with The Kabul Times reporter and talking on the celebration of month of Muharram and 10th of this holy month, Hujjatul lslamWal Muslimin Sayed Mohammad Ali Shah Sadr said, the best way of Muharram celebration is that we should not disturb people with hue and cry of our loudspeakers and the breast beating groups should not gather on the roads and create traffic jam or disturb regular movement of vehicles. The Muharram days are not only for tear shedding but is for realization of contents of Emam uprising and conveying the message of Ashura day to the world people. With advent of Muharram days, the world Muslims gain a particular position to launch extensive religious propagations and foil vain efforts and plots of enemies. In these mourning days of Ashura, the world Muslims should maximally use every even slight opportunity but these mourning should not be controversial and not to be abused.  Celebration of Ashura days and Karbala martyrs not only depends to Shiiats but we have always been witnessing participation of hundreds Sunnit Muslim brothers in mourning ceremonies in Kabul and other provinces, he added.
If our historians had realized the nature of Ashura day, they would had not considered mourning unusual. Mourning of Hussain followers means that they don’t accept meanness, inferiority, colonialism, exploitation because the slogan of Emam was not to subjugate to oppression and tyranny.
Hussainsacrified his life, family and properties for dignity, and honor of people and Islam and was not submitted to Yezid tyranny and adventures. So let’s consider his method a example, rescue ourself from oppression of aliens and Yezidis of our time and prefer dignified death to objected life.
Masouda Qarizada

Thursday September 20, 2018

Matoon City (BNA) Four anti-government militias were killed during air attack led by coalition forces in eastern Khost province.
The armed oppositions targeted by coalition forces when they were riding a car in vicinity of Nader Shahkoot district of the province, Col. Fazul Khuda Ibrahimkhail spokesman of 203 Tandar army corps told BNA reporter.
The car of the terrorists have been destroyed during the raid as well, Ibrahimkhail added.

Thursday September 20, 2018

Maidan Shahr City (BNA) at least 30 insurgents were killed during air and ground operations led by Afghan security forces in Maidan/Wardak province the other day.
Col. Fazul Khuda Ibrahimkhail spokesman of 203 Tandar army corps told BNA correspondent, the air and ground operations conducted to suppress armed rebels in Kohna Dara, Khumar and Salman Farsi villages, Jalriz district of the province.
Eight Taliban fighters were wounded and some heavy and light weapons have been discovered during the operations, the source added.
Also, three round of different type of mines have been discovered and confiscated by Afghan army forces in relevant areas of Sayed Aabad district, Maidan/Wardak province.

Thursday, 20 September 2018 09:46

NGOs Spent $884 Million Last Year

Thursday September 20, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Economy launched the annual report of NGOs in Government Media and Information Center.
Dr. Mustafa Mastoor Minister of Economy, said that the aim of this report was to creating transparency and accountability of NGOs in the country, based on which the government will decide on the activities of NGOs in the future.
According to Minister of Economy, in year 1396, the total number of NGOs registered in the ministry reached 2399, of which 288 were foreign NGOs.
"533 NGOs were dissolved due to not reporting in accordance with law or inactivity," the minister said.
"NGOs will spend their budget according to the priorities of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the future" the minister added.
NGOs spent $ 884 million last year, $ 591 million by foreign NGOs, and $ 293 million by local NGOs.
According to the report, employment in NGOs has increased by 7% over the past two years, reaching 84.000, including 24.000 women.

Wednesday September 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan on Wednesday arrived in New Delhi to hold bilateral discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a number of key issues of mutual interests.
He met PM Modi at Hyderabad House in Delhi.
Regional security, trade and India's development work in Afghanistan are among the issues that will be discussed during President Ghani's one day visit.
The two leaders are also expected to review the progress made on the infrastructure work being done in Afghanistan by India.

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