07 July 2020

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Monday, 19 August 2013 13:32

Taliban Commander Arrests

Monday August 19, 2013
Kandahar (BNA): an Insurgent commander along with his eleven persons arrested in Panjwaie district of Kandahar province yesterday.
Defense Ministry’s spokesperson office told BNA, as a result of National army’s cleansing operation launched in Panjwaie district of Kandahar province, Abdul Satar a famous commander of the Taliban who has active rule in distribution of weapons and ammunitions to insurgents, planning of terrorist attacks on military and levy from people arrested along with his eleven persons, some weapons and ammunitions and advertising papers.

Monday August 19, 2013
Lashkargah (BNA): National Security Directorate’s officials arrested four persons accused of terrorist activities in Helmand province.
National Security Directorate department’s press office told BNA, NSD officials in a special operation arrested four persons accused of terrorist activities and seized a Kalashnikov and some equipment in this operation.
The arrested persons confessed their terrorist activities and planting of mines in that province.
According to another report, the officials in an another operation discovered a terrorist hideout belonging to Qari Mohabullah well-known Asad, a military responsible of the Taliban and so called governor of Garashk in Naher-e- Saraj district of Helmand province.
A large number of weapons and military ammunitions were seized from the hide out.

Monday, 19 August 2013 13:30

Two Policemen Martyr

Monday, August 19, 2013
Ghazni (BNA): two policemen were martyred and three others wounded in explosion of a roadside mine in the Jaghatou district of Ghazni province yesterday morning.
Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, governor of Jaghatou district of Ghazni said, a police vehicle struck a roadside mine in the Qeyaq area of the district, as a result of which two policemen were martyred and three others wounded.
Ahmadi added that the mine was planted by the Taliban.

Monday, 19 August 2013 13:29

Two Mine Planters Kill

Monday, August 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA): two mine planters were killed during planting of a mine in Farah province the other day.
Defense Ministry’s Spokesman Office said, two armed Taliban wanted to plant an anti-vehicle mine in Poshtrod district road of Farah province, the mine exploded and killed them.
According to another report, the national army forces during their security missions which were carried out in various provinces of the country, discovered and defused 96 anti-vehicle mines.

Monday, August 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA): following speculations and controversy over security of 2014 presidential and provincial councils’ elections, the officials in the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) have said that despite the security assurances sought by the Afghan security institutions, up to 259 polling centers in various regions of the country would be shut down due to security threats.
The IEC has already submitted list of at least 6845 polling centers to the security institutions and from the overall number up to 259 polling booths have been declared risky and under serious security dangers.
The election security plan finalized couple of days before. But, the IEC has said that 259 polling centers would be closed in various areas in the provinces of Ghazni, Sar-e-Pul, Helmand, Zabul, Parwan, Kapisa, Kunar and Nuristan.
Elaborating on the election security, head of the secretariat of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) said, “There are some areas in the mentioned provinces where security threats are much high and we can’t put ballot box in those areas due to security risks”.
“Last week the security institutions shared their information about the election security with the IEC, the security officials said that 259 polling stations are facing serious security threats and it’s a major responsibility on shoulder of the security forces, head of IEC secretariat Ziaulhaq Amarkhail said”.
The head of IEC secretariat said that the upcoming presidential and provincial councils elections have major important of future stability of Afghanistan and all available sources should be used to ensure safety of the election and provide peaceful environment to the Afghans to cast ballots in the election and mark destiny of the country in the meantime, the Ministry of Interior has said that comprehensive security measures have been formulated and ANSF will ensure security of another 259 polling stations that are facing threats from the insurgents.
Commenting on the topic, Sediq Sediqi, a spokesman to the Ministry of Interior said that the National Police (NP) force is currently working on verity of security programs and we assure the nation to provide security coverage to the 259 polling stations before the election timeline.
Meanwhile, a number of political parties and political coalitions have strongly supported on time holding of the presidential and provincial councils elections and urge that government of Afghanistan should accelerate efforts for providing foolproof security coverage to the upcoming presidential elections.
Talking on the matter, head of executive body of The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) said that the security institutions should pursue a clear stance on the issue of election security.
Talking on the topic, Sahib Nazar Muradi advisor to first vice president said that there is no any other option except holding of the presidential elections on its scheduled time, we had some challenges during the previous elections as well and Taliban were dominating on different districts, but now the ground scenario is totally changed and war capabilities of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) have increased and they can suppress the enemy easily.
Meanwhile, nationals of the country are interpreting the upcoming elections from positive perspectives and they urge upon the government to undertake all out efforts so that riggings and violations prevented in the elections.
“The people of Afghanistan expect that holding of the presidential elections on it due time will lead the country towards sustainable democracy and economic opulence and government is obliged to provide satisfactory security to the elections, local resident Farhad said”.
This came after the previous elections followed major criticism from different political factions as IEC recorded several cases of riggings and corruptions in different areas due to insecurity.

Saturday, 17 August 2013 10:03


Saturday, August 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA)   The moral captivity and unlimited dependency of so called theTaliban to the aliens have descended them from the peak of human high status to lowest status of criminals and murders.
BNA political analyst writes:  there is no more any doubt that the Taliban this warmonger and notorious group have been conducting a proxy war against our people and homeland and cause bloodshed and destructions just to please their masters and to meet their nefarious and evil aims in the region.  Also, there is no doubt that the Taliban as puppets of the intelligence of neighboring countries, acting according to their will commit heinous crimes, destroy their own country and kill their own brothers and sisters.
The crimes committed by the Taliban during the holy fasting month of Ramadan indicate a bitter fact how brained washed and morally in captivity of the enemies can descend from the high peaks of humanity and humanism in to the lowest position of criminals and murderers. The crimes which these puppets of a neighboring country were so nefarious that shock the people. The killed innocent people engineers and others work for the reconstruction of our country and public welfare, beheading the people put the families in mourning and increases the number of orphans and widows.  They kill the breadwinners of the families and make the children to wait for the coming their fathers and dear ones. These are among numerous   crimes that the insurgents and mercenaries foreign intelligence have committed in disguise of Islam and justify them as Islamic deed.
Can we call the murderers of thousands of innocent people Muslims? Can one call the murderers of hundreds of children and women Muslims? Never, we are certain that they will be questioned for their heinous crimes committed against our suffering and punished accordingly.

Saturday, August 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA) after years of stagnancy, for the first time a huge music concert was held at the feet of Bamyan great statues.
At the concert where thousands of people from different parts of Afghanistan among them the local residents of Bamyan province, were attending well-known Afghan musicians played and sang interesting songs until late the night before last.
The concert was held on the occasion of the youth’s international day with the slogan of the youth’s unity and solidarity by UN office and Orange Media Foundation with close cooperation of Information and culture department of Bamyan province.
Waheed Qasimi, Farid Rasatagar, Ariana Saaid and other musical artists were among other famous singers who sang beautiful songs until late night at the feet of Bamyan huge statues which were warmly welcomed by the audience.
Kabir Dadras, head of information and culture department of Bamyan called the aim of the concert further unity and solidarity among the youths and introducing the touristic sites of Bamyan and improvement of tourism industry in Bamyan province.  He expressed hope, holding such concerts to be useful in attraction of tourists and improvement of tourism industry in the country.
Farid Rastagar a well- known Afghan singer says, they try their best, even for an hour make the youth to forget the horrible sounds of explosions and suicide attacks.
Reza, a young artist who sang beautiful songs in Hazargy dialect applauded by the audience, he was happy that he has caused a smile on the lips of deprived people who live in poverty and destitute.
The important point at the concert was a beautiful atmosphere established at the feet of Bamyan statues which were bombed during the rule of uncivilized Taliban and sustained heavy losses.

Saturday, August 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Fires have occurred in two large markets in Mazar-e-Sharif cityon Friday.
The fire started at a corner of Shahzada market on Mullanah Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhie Avenue and eventually penetrated to the Samangan market around 3:00 pm yesterday
In that market there were  Electronic and other equipment stores, commercial offices and branches of Kabul and Bakhther Banks.
Abdul Razaq Qaderi, deputy police chief of Balkh province said, the fire caused no casualties but it has led financial losses for shop owners.
BNA’s correspondent, Azurda reported that
The teams of fire fighters of Balkh province and NATO forces tried to stop the fire and prevented its spreading to neighboring markets and shops.
The security personnel co-operated shopkeepers to carry out their gods from the markets.

Saturday, August 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA) as a result of suicide explosion 18 people including Afghan and NATO soldiers injured in Kandahar city on Friday.
The incident occurred in a gathering of Afghan and ANTO forces in Dorahi –e- Arghesistan on Kandahar airport road.
It has been said the Afghan and NATO soldiers were fixing a vehicle of NATO forces in the area.
Jawid Faisal, spokesperson of the governor of Kandahar confirmed the incident.
According to a national army soldier who was present in the area
8 NATO’s and 6 Afghan soldiers along with 4 civilians were wounded in this attack.
But some eye witnesses say there were casualties for Afghan and NATO forces in the attack.
The doctors of Merwais Hospital of Kandahar said that the health status of five wounded people is critical.
Local officials in Kandahar say that the armed Taliban are responsible for the incident and investigation has been started for identifying and arresting of the suspects of this incident.

Friday, 16 August 2013 03:38

Three Engineers Abduct

Friday August 16, 2013
Kabul (BNA): three engineers of the Ministry of Mines and their vehicle driver abducted by armed oppositions in Tala-wa -Barfak district of Baghlan province last evening.
These engineers were travelling to Syghan and Kahmard district of Bamyan province to survey mines.
Faiz Mohammad Amiri, district governor of Tala -wa -Barfak confirmed the abduction of the engineers by armed oppositions and said, the engineers without giving any information to the local authorities wanted go to Syghan and Kahmard district of Bamyan province via Tala-wa-Barfak.
According to reports, the Taliban have asked for releasing of their three commanders from Pul Charkhi prison in exchange of releasing the engineers.
Tala-wa-Barfak district governor says, efforts have been started through tribal  elders for releasing of the engineers.