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Saturday August 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA) On August 19, Afghans celebrate the 98th anniversary of gaining of their country’s independence from then Great Britain, which ruled India and Pakistan from 1858- 1947 and dominated Afghanistan’s foreign affairs from 1880- 1919. Although historians contest the exact course of events leading to Afghan independence – as well as the scale of sovereignty achieved in 1919 – the day resonates with all Afghans, regardless of their age, ethnic, religious, linguistic and even political backgrounds. King Amanullah Khan declared independence in 1919 and pursued an independent foreign policy free from the influence of the then Britain. King Amanullah Khan’s ten years of rule initiated a period of dramatic change in Afghanistan in both foreign and domestic politics. Starting in May 1919 when Afghanistan gained complete independence in the month-long third Anglo-Afghan War with Britain, King Amanullah Khan altered foreign policy in his new relations with external powers and transformed domestic politics with his social, political, and economic reforms.
Since that August 19 holds a special place for Afghans, where the country’s citizens and government, even that of the former rulers, celebrated the day with honor and pride. It is also utmost important to remember that Afghans came together to fight for independence with a vision of unity and prosperity. The day also reminds people of how the ancestors fought in unity and gained the honor that comes with the creation of a united, independent nation that holds a common meaning for every citizen, which is that all Afghans need to work together for prosperity of their country and once again prove that Afghans are united as one nation that cannot be divided. The significance of Independence Day in Afghanistan also lies in the fact that the day embodies the rich historical and cultural aspect of the country.  The Afghan people have been widely known for their love of poetry and classic art and painting well displayed through many of its monumental landmarks and heritage sites. During the two decades of Civil War and extremist terrorism the wide infrastructure of the country has suffered a lot, hence the present government is trying to develop that areas system which is definitely going to bring a rapid phase of development in the country.
The historic land of Afghanistan has been the melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures. Being a war-torn country, the independence day of Afghanistan has lost much of its sheer and elegance in the due course of time. Afghanistan has long being inflicted with terrorist attacks, insurgency and even prone to natural calamities which has terribly affected the social and cultural growth of the country. The Independence Day carries a long history and celebrating it is all about acknowledging and owning that very history. Celebration of the independence reflects oppression, the horror, and the aggression against which the Afghans struggled. The day also remembers the country’s ancestors who died while fighting for independence; it evokes memories of men and women who never returned home.
Considering the course of history, Afghanistan has defeated colonialism, communism and nowadays fighting international terrorism. The country is a multi-national land, where several beliefs, mentalities and mindsets are cherished and individuals live a peaceful life with the spirit of brotherhood. In this society, living a quiet social life will be impossible without national integrity. Therefore, considering the spirit of the Independence Day which was unitedly achieved by Afghans, the struggles should be multiplied to strengthen national unity and all ethnic groups need to support it as a principle. They have to take effective step with bona fide intention for solidarity, unity and coexistence, as the terrorism continues to kill innocent Afghans across the country.

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Over 11 Km Road To Be Graveled in Balkh

Friday August 18, 2017
Mazar-e-Sharif City (BNA) The graveling work of more than 11 kilometers road has been started in northern Balkh province yesterday.
Eng. Abdul Baset Ayeni head of rural rehabilitation and development department in Balkh said BNA reporter, the road will be graveled in width of 5 meters in Nahr Shahee district of the province.
The program costing AFs 5,000,000 funded from budget of ministry of finance and will be implemented within the next 3 months, Ayeni added.


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New Building For Provincial Council of Logar To Be Constructed New Building For Provincial Council of Logar To Be Constructed

Thursday August 17, 2017

Pul-e-Alam City (BNA) The construction work of new building for provincial council of central Logar province has begun the other day.
Nasir Ghairat head of provincial council of the province told BNA reporter, the building will be built on one acres of land at two floors in Pul-e-Alam city the provincial capital of the province.
The new building to be construction by consolidation stability program with a sum of 13,000,000 Afs within the next three years, Ghairat added.
Mohammad Halim Fedayee governor of Logar, police chief and some other government officials of the province were present at the foundation ceremony of the building.

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Displaced Families Received Aids Displaced Families Received Aids

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Sheberghan (BNA) 70 displaced families have received foodstuffs and cash in Jawzjan province yesterday.
The families were displaced from Khwaja Sabzposh and Doulatabad Districts of Faryab province due to war and insecurity to Sheberghan city.
Syeed Talib Sadat caretaker of refugees and repatriation office of Jawzjan province said BNA, each family disseminated sugar, ghee, pulse, salt and flour by WFP office and 14,00 cash  also disseminated for the families by WFP office.
T. Yarzada

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Martyrs’ Survivors Assisted In Logar’-survivors-assisted-in-logar.html’-survivors-assisted-in-logar.html Martyrs’ Survivors Assisted In Logar

Saturday August 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Cash have been donated by Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled Department to families of martyrs and injuries families in central Logar province.
Mir Haidari Sylab spokesman of Logar governor told BNA reporter, each martyred family have received 100,000 Afs and each wounded family have received 50,000 Afs.
The assistances provided by Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled department of Logar and distributed by Qamaruddin Shakeen deputy of Logar governor to the mentioned families.

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Nine Commuters Lost Their Lives In Bamyan Nine Commuters Lost Their Lives In Bamyan

Saturday August 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) At least 9 passengers have died following traffic accident in central Bamyan province yesterday.
General Abdul Mubeen police chief of Bamyan told BNA reporter, a vehicle type of Flankoch veered off the road and overturned in Bamyan-Band-e-Amir highway.
Women and children were among the dead.
In addition, two commuters were injured and transferred to hospital for further treatment, Mubeen added.

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Paintings of Afghan Boy Known As ‘Little Picasso’ On Show In Serbia‘little-picasso’-on-show-in-serbia.html‘little-picasso’-on-show-in-serbia.html Paintings of Afghan Boy Known As ‘Little Picasso’ On Show In Serbia

Saturday August 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) A 10-year-old migrant from Afghanistan, who has been nicknamed "Little Picasso," is using his first ever exhibition to help another boy in need.
Farhad Nouri's drawings and photographs were put on display Wednesday in what was also his charity event to raise money for a Serbian boy recovering from brain tumor surgery. "Thank you all for coming here!" Nouri told dozens of visitors as he opened the exhibition organized with the help of aid groups and supported by Serbia's government.
Among Nouri's works exhibited in the garden of a Belgrade cafe were his drawings of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Harry Potter. Nouri's photographs mostly include scenes from Belgrade, where the boy and his family have been living for the past eight months in a crowded migrant camp. "I am very happy and excited," he said. "This is the first time something like this is happening to me." The family is among several thousand migrants who have been stranded in Serbia after fleeing war and poverty in their homelands. They have been unable to move on toward the European Union, which has sought to curb the influx of migrants.
Ivan Miskovic, from the Serbian government's refugee agency, said at the opening of Nouri's exhibition that children account for about 40 percent of 4,500 migrants currently in Serbia. "They are the most vulnerable among the migrant population," Miskovic said. Nouri and his family left their home in Afghanistan two years ago. Upon his arrival in Serbia, Nouri joined art classes organized by aid groups and his talent soon became a sensation, turning him into a local celebrity. "His talent is truly exceptional," Miskovic said. Anita Milev, from the Refugee Foundation group, said the exhibition was meant "to show the retrospective of what he (Nouri) has achieved during the classes."
Milev explained that the charity money for the sick Serbian boy is being raised through donations and by selling Nouri's photographs and copies of his drawings. Nouri, who is dreaming of one day moving to Switzerland to become a painter and a photographer, said he wanted to help someone else as well to show how important it is to be good to other people. Wearing a straw hat and sunglasses on a hot summer afternoon, Nouri carried out an old guitar that served as a box for donations for the sick Serbian boy. "We all need kindness," he said.

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Youth & Peace Youth & Peace

Saturday August 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The youth international day is celebrated every year. This year, the day is expected to be marked under the title of “Youth and Peace”.
Afghanistan is a country that over 68 pc of its population is under 25. The Afghan youth in the last few decades have sustained plenty of socio, politico, cultural and economic hardships and crises due to imposed devastating wars and conflicts. One of the signs of hope in human being (particularly youth) is this that they should have an incentive to reach this goal and no double our youth enjoy high hope and moral. In fact, the mankind mental capability and physical growth grows during a dole scenes and reach its peak. This is the reason why the youth role is valuable and constructive in rebuilding the country. Due to this reason, the developed countries extremely exploit the youth for progress and development. The international youth day was approved on Dec. 17.1998 at the UNGA and Aug 12 was recommended for this purpose. AIIUN members were tasked to support this day. In our country, 2017 was addressed as the youth year and Aug 12-21 was announced as the youth civil partnership national week under the slogan of Youth and Peace. Celebration of this week means appreciation of youth power.
Masouda Qarizada

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Up To 14,000 Jobs To Be Created For Afghans Through Swedish Funded Projects in Afghanistan Up To 14,000 Jobs To Be Created For Afghans Through Swedish Funded Projects in Afghanistan

Wednesday August 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Minister of MoRRD, Durani and Sweden’s ambassador to Afghanistan Mr. Sjöberg appeared in a joint press conference on Sweden’s fund for Afghanistan at the government media center (GMC) sharing job creation for thousands of Afghans displaced internally, a statement said Tuesday.
Providing job for women led poor families to help empower them and boost their confidence, was also among the issues discussed by the minister at the press conference, said the statement. Durani explained the areas which fund would be expended by various development & maintenance projects. He expressed gratitude and released thankful message to Sweden which had been starting cooperation to help Afghan people since 1980. 
Swedish development cooperation with Afghanistan aims to help people living in poverty, particularly women and girls, to improve their living conditions in a peaceful and democratic society, and Sweden cooperation concentrated on the aspects of Education, Health & Agriculture,  added Durani. Durani continued and said: Sweden continues supporting Afghanistan and once again committed to release fund USD 9mln to create job opportunities for internal displaced, immigrants and those who are living in damaged areas around Afghanistan. This amount will be expended through Citizen Charter Program, by MoRRD. The project will covers over 228 villages throughout Afghanistan, and around 542 new job opportunities would be created for over 13 thousands applicants. On the other hand the amount to expend in three phases for 34 provinces. Mr. Durani continued, another big project with budget of USD 91 mln had been expended through National Solidarity Program (NSP), which covers around 9978 councils, and 13mln working hours had been made for over 77 thousand job opportunities.
Mr. Anders Sjöberg, Swedish ambassador in Afghanistan announced Sweden long term commitments to Afghanistan till 2014 and said: “We are committed to support Afghan people, especially internal displaced, and immigrants, as we supported from MCCG program to improve the living situation of people. We will help MoRRD to expend the amount in order to create new job opportunities for rural residents.” It is worth mentioning Sweden will support MCCG program through World Bank, and ARTF, as over USD 9mln allocated for this project, added Sjöberg. About what kind of job opportunities would be created, and which aspect focused on, he said according to primary estimation, applicants from over 228 villages will get benefits from the project. On the other hand job opportunities would be created on the area of maintenance and development projects, including re-building roads. “We will focus on projects will reinforce economic growth and development in Afghanistan,” the statement concluded.
Karima Malikzada

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Hundreds Destitute Families Abetted In Nangarhar Hundreds Destitute Families Abetted In Nangarhar

Wednesday August 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Foodstuffs have been distributed to 400 needy families in eastern Nangarhar province.
A source from refugees and repatriation department of Nangarhar reported BNA, in this round the families have received their six month foodstuffs needs.
Meanwhile, more than 200 needy and returned families from Pakistan have assisted by charity organizations in the province, the source added.
Process of helping to destitute and needy families is continuing in the province, the source added.

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