23 June 2018

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Saturday June 23, 2018

Taliqan City (BNA) Cash and foodstuffs have been distributed to 190 needy families in northern Takhar province.
Dr. Fazlullah Mujadadi governor of Takhar told BNA, 12,000 Afghanis have been donated for each 154 destitute families and each 37 other families have been received 6000 Afghani provided by ACTED organization.
Also World Food Organization and United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees have been distributed some foodstuffs for the mentioned families.
It has been said, 400 displaced families were surveyed by Refugees and Repatriation office and foodstuffs will be distributed for them as soon as possible.

Wednesday June 20, 2018

Kabul (BNA) At least 220 people were injured due to traffic accidents during three-day of Eid-ul-Fitr in western Herat province.
Mohammad Rafiq Shirzai spokesman of regional hospital in Herat said, during three-day of Eid-ul-Fitr 220 injured have been shifted to regional hospital of the province.
Also 75 were wounded following other criminal cases in Herat province during Eid festival, Shirzai added.

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Six people were injured due to gas balloon blast in Kabul city this morning.
Khalilullah director of communication in firefighter’s office told BNA correspondent, the gas balloon exploded in Park hotel located in 2nd security precinct of Kabul city, in which six passengers were injured and less financial losses caused to the hotel.

Friday June 15, 2018

Zaranj City (BNA) Cash has been donated to Afghan National Police martyred families in Nimroz province.
According to BNA report, the assistances have been provided by police headquarters of Nimroz on behalf of Eid-ul-Fitr that each 100 martyred families received 5000 Afghanis.

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