23 February 2017

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Wednesday February 22, 2017

Mahmoud Raqi City (BNA) Two women have died and 6 others including 2 children were injured due to road accident occurred in central Kapisa province.
Abdul Fatah Shafaq district governor of Hasa-e-Awal Kohistan told BNA correspondent, the incident happened, while a vehicle type of corolla hit with another vehicle near Nasaji Gulbahar factory, Hasa-e-Awal Hohistan district of the province.
The injured of the event timely has taken to hospital and the health conditions of three wounded including two children are not satisfactory.

Wednesday February 22, 2017

Herat City (BNA) Humanitarian assistance have been distributed to hundreds families, those were affected due to recent flood in western Herat province.
Abdul Hamid Mubarez Hamidi head of counter-disaster in a press conference reported from distributing of humanitarian assistance that provided by provincial governor of the province said, teams of survey were dispatched to districts of Herat to review the financial losses caused following natural disaster.
More than 9000 families have been received humanitarian assistances (winter packages) around the province, Hamidi added.
The recent distributed aids include blanket, cloths, carpet and foodstuffs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh in a meeting with members of the women network of Afghanistan reviewed the standpoints and opinions toward the law on Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW), code of penalty and harassment of women and children, Bakhtar News Agency said.
Hinting to importance of women network’s standpoint toward law on elimination of violence against women, harassment of women and children as well as code of penalty, the second vice president said unity must be kept and people’s opinion must be respected while decisions are made, adding the final decisions need to be taken after majority of votes and opinions, the agency added.
Meanwhile members of the women network presented their recommendations, adding considering the importance of the law, it should be ratified at the earliest.
Calling approval of the law on prevention of harassment against women and children by the national assembly a bold step, the network members said their demands should be included in the law before its final ratification by the parliament.
After hearing the comments and proposals of the women’s networks, the second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh said the law on elimination of violence against women would be kept independent, considering the country’s cultural, security and social situation. Pointing to code of penalty, VP Danesh said there is no need to ratify the law quickly, adding the comments and demands of the women’s network to be added and would be approved after all detailed reevaluations. The second vice president went on saying approval of the law on prevention of harassment against women and children by the parliament was a major step toward institutionalization of rule of law in the country, adding would be soon ratified by the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the agency concluded.

Tuesday February 21, 2017

Shaberghan City (BNA) 65 residential houses have been destroyed due to heavy rainfalls and snowstorms within the last 15 days in northern Jawzjan province.
Faizullah Sadat head of counter-disaster of Jawzjan told BNA reporter, 15 residential houses completely were destroyed and 50 other partially have been demolished in various parts of the province.
Provincial governor of the province has able to assist 1000 families, also other charity organizations are ready to help with more than 3000 affected families throughout the province.
Survey has started to identify affected families and it is supposed that foodstuffs distribute to the families as soon as possible, Sadat added.

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