24 February 2018

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Monday, April 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The personnel of firefighter department succeeded to extinction the fire which took place in an oil pump station in Kabul city today. 
BNA reporter reported, the personnel of fire Dept. with cooperation of army fire Dept. after two hours succeeded to bring under control the fire in Deh-Mazang oil pump station of Kabul city. 
Abdul Azeem Oryakhail, in charge of Kabul fire Dept. of police said the first investigation showed that the fire started in a tanker which was unloading oil to the pump station. 
It is said that the fuel was unloading by generator and due to carelessness it cased fire. 
According to Oryakhail, in this event, huge quantity of oil with a tanker and three vehicles were burned and serious damages inflected to the building of this pump station. This event took place this afternoon. 
Police investigate this event. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, April 23, 2012
Ghazni (BNA) Flood in several villages of Gelan district damaged more than 350 houses and five persons including a woman disappeared. 
Mahbobullah governor of Gelan district confirming the report said to BNA, 160 houses in Shenki village, 103 houses in Raghojan village, 70 houses in Sherak and Bakhtyar villages were damaged and two canals have been blocked due to heavy floods. 
According to him, 80 shops were destroyed in the bazaar of Gelan district and Razikhail. The Bridge which linked Gelan and Nawa districts were destroyed as well. 
Governor of Gelan district added, governor and police chief and delegation of anti-disaster management department went to the district and distributed sums Afghanis 10,000 to affected flood families of that province. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, April 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) One of serious problems the women which are grappling with is increment in graph of violation against them in the country.
According to in charges concerned with heightening the level of awareness of women in regard with their rights and their referring legal resources and with enforcement of forbidding law of violence, the women hopefulness is increased.
Comparing other provinces, last year, Herat had the more figure of violence against women that most cases are include of self-immolation and murdering that is a matter of concern.
The acting president of women affairs department of Herat province Ms. Frima Sayed Zada said that unfortunately, the graph of violence against women has been heightened in Herat province but according to the in charges of women affairs department of this province, heightening of this figure links with promotion of awareness of women and men about their rights.
As with holding of awareness giving campaign last year, about 1000 men and women got necessary awareness in connection with their rights and obligations.
So, we can proclaim with heightening of their awareness, the data of referring and access to legal and judicial institutions also has increased. In connection with registration of violence cases during last year in this province, Ms. Sayed Zada said that last year, totally, 599 case of violence have been registered in law section of women affairs department of Herat province.
In some cases if it was necessary, instruction were given and in some other, the cases were referred to related organs.
Last year, 121 cases of women shelterness is registered that have been introduced to shelters. 52 cases are physical cases of violence such as beating etc, 41 cases of compulsory marriages, and 40 cases of dissolution of betrothal, 9 cases of rape and 83 cases of self-immolation that not only from Herat city, but covered adjacent districts as well.
This shows that really the figure of self-immolation is very high.
Likewise, illegal marriage was 45 cases, annoyment 15 cases pederasty 7 cases, kidnapping 5 cases, adultery one case etc.
The head of women affairs department of Herat province evaluates economic poverty, low level of their awareness and illiteracy are the factors behind committing such crimes.
She added that last year, we organized the programs of giving awareness regarding women rights from Islamic point of with most problems are belonging to 15 districts.
This needs more time. On the other, unfortunately, as it was mentioned before, in remotest districts that are affecting from war so far, the level of giving awareness is very low.
When a woman hears, something about their rights suddenly asks for their rights without thinking and evaluating the cases. In such case, the women face with violence of her husband and his family, so in our giving awareness programs, we consider both ladies and gentlemen.
Commemorating from increment of murdering cases as of beginning of current year in Herat province Ms. Sayed Zada said that unfortunately from beginning of current year to data, we had four cases of murdering based on several reasons that is really a matter of concern. The main reason behind occurrence of such cases is incorrect customs rule in our country.
In connection with holding more programs of giving awareness to women as of beginning of current year, she stated that we focus more this year on giving awareness to men and women in this province, especially in 15 districts.
Beside women, the men also should be aware about their obligation. Beside giving awareness to the women regarding their rights, we consider to hold professional courses for them, so the women to get self-sufficiency from economic point of view.
They should learn the professions that they interested, so to help their families economically, Ms. Sayed Zada concluded.