25 June 2018

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The 11th of September has been the day that 11 years ago the World Trade Center towers and several other places inside the US territories targeted by terrorist attacks.
At these attacks thousands of innocent US civilians lost their lives. The people of Afghanistan that itself the victim of terrorism feels that the pains and miseries of the US people more any other people.
The 11th September incident of 2001 dragged the feet of the international forces into Afghanistan, while the people of Afghanistan were made up of two decades of war and cruelties of international terrorists and for the first time in its prideful history they welcomed and supported foreign troops.
However, the war against terrorism in our country did not move as was necessitated. The main center of support and training of terrorism that are located outside the country were completely ignored and they were not targeted.
As a result once again the rural villages and Afghan homes were turned as the front of merciless war which brought about immense human and material losses to the people of the country.
The results of this war indicated that if the approaches of the war is not changed not only the war would not lead to the annihilation of the terrorism but this will be the start of new miseries and catastrophes in the region and in the world and that will harm all the world people.
So remembrance of the 11th September is an opportunity that the world once again should review the thinking over the approaches and the method to struggle against terrorism and they should come out in order to compensate the past mistakes.

Monday, September 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA)) Minister of Women Affairs, Hasson Bano Ghazanfar said yesterday that violence against women must be stopped.
Addressing a press conference, she pointed that the ministry of women affairs is working to check violence against women “Programs are underway to reduce the violence against women,” the minister added.
Minister Ghazanfar stated that her Ministry in line with the 45th presidential decree, the ministry of women affairs would spare no efforts in reducing violence against women.
In the presidential order, she added that the ministry for women affairs had been obliged to launch nationwide program in coordination with other organs to check violence against women and the plan in this regard would be present to the ministers’ council within the next six months.
Speaking on the occasion Mrs. Fauzia Habibi the deputy to the ministry of women affairs in her speech noted that a consultative group composed of civil societies, press the Ministry of Hajj and Endowment has been constituted to mull the ways and means on how to reduce violence against women and in this regard a three- day workshop would also be held soon.
It has merit to mention that 1197 cases of violence against women have been registered in the first quarter of the year.

Monday, September 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai expressed sympathy with the family, friends and the people of Takhar over the demise of influential figure, Aygam Birdi Hafiz who passed away due to illness yesterday.
In his condolence message the president while lauding the services of late Hafiz during Jihad also prayed may Almighty Allah rest his departed soul to the eternal peace and grant patience for the bereaved family to bear the loss.

Monday, September 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim First Vice-President laid bouquet of flowers on the tomb of Ahmad Shah Masoud national hero of the country in honor of death anniversary of this hero in Panjshir province and prayed for his soul and other martyrs of the country.
Marshal Fahim called other martyrs of the country who lost their lives in defense of faith, homeland as an eternal torch and they have enlightened the path of future generation by sacrificing their sweet lives.
Marshal Fahim who participated at the ceremony in honor of remembrance of the martyrdom of national hero of the country and other martyrs and start of the martyr’s week in Kabul, Panjshir and other provinces appreciated massive participation of the people at these gatherings.
The 18th of Sunbula the death anniversary of national hero of the country was observed throughout the country and this is also marked as the Shaheed week.