20 January 2018

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Herat (BNA) Two drivers in Herat province were lost their lives in Gas poison yesterday. 
Noor Khan Nikzad police spokesman of Herat said to BNA, first the drivers poisoned by Gaz and burning by fire and lost their lives. 
It is said that due to heavy cold weather in Herat province, two Mullah Imams were lost their lives in Gas in Babari Barq Jan area as well. Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, February 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The in charges of the ministry of refugee and returnees and the disaster preparedness department rejected the children casualty at the localities where they are living under the tents. 
Recently some of the media reports alleged that round 20 children under five of families living under the tents have lost their lives due to the severe cold. 
Islamudden spokesperson of the ministry and Dr. Kakar chairman of the department for disaster preparedness told the press that only two children of one year and forty days ages and an 85 year old woman have died from those families living in Char Rahi Qamber and Bagrami textile mill areas due to illness. 
They asked the media to avoid publishing of one sided reports. 
Islamuddeen added that the ministry had assigned a delegation to visit those localities and seek the number of possible casualties among the children and the health clinics also rejected the report. 
He stressed that the ministry has time and again expressed its concern over the unpleasant living situation of the refugees and the ministry has the responsibility for policy-making and the coordination for attraction of aid and their resettlement acts in accordance with the guidance’s of National Development Strategy of Afghanistan. 
He noted that so far the UNHCR and other organizations have provided primary aid for the families however the leadership of the ministry consider the provided aid as inadequate and there is need for basic solution of their problems. 
Dr. Kakar also said that his department has started surveying of the need of those families and shall assist them in provision of tent and their other needs. 
He added that Afs.  Eight million has been allocated for the families having lost the members of their families in snow avalanches in Badakhshan.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012-02
Kabul (BNA) At the meeting held at the presidential palace, Ramazan Hussainzada representing others said attack on the lives of mourners of Ashura, is deemed attack on the unity and oneness of the Muslim people of Afghanistan that regretfully had immense causalities. 
He appreciated the attention of the president towards the martyr’s families and the wounded of that incident and called ending of his visit to Britain a sign of humanism of the president. 
He also thanked for cash assistance to the bereaved families and requested naming of the Kote Sangi road up to Abdul Fazle for the martyrs of Ashura, pursuing of the perpetrators, distribution of residential land plots for the martyrs families and dispatching of martyrs families for higher education abroad. 
Sayed Ishaq Aleko the attorney general having the chair of the commission for assessment of the Ashura incident said that progress is witnessed in the investigation of this incident. 
President Karzai once again conveyed his sympathies with the martyrs families of Ashura and asked patience for them. 
President Karzai called the Ashura day a shocking day and said those who carried this action are not only the enemies of Islam but the humanity and hoped that the people become suffer from such painful moments. 
The president instructed the Kabul Mayor to distribute a residential plot for every martyr family of the Ashura day and accepted the proposal for dispatching the cons of the martyred families but stressed that we shall do so and they should get better education and return for serving the country. 
At the end cash assistance, were distributed to 69 families of martyrs and 15 wounded of Ashura Day. 
Others present were Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammad Ishaq Aleko the attorney general and Mohammad Yunus Nawandesh Mayor of Kabul city.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012
Maimana (BNA) As a result of snowfall and cold storm in Kohistanat district of Faryab province, two shepherds were killed and 1000 cattle perished. 
This is in a time that as a result of snowfall, the transportation roads of Kohistanat villages closed. 
Deputy of Kohistanat people at Faryab provincial council,  Muhebullah said that last Sunday, as a result of snowfall and cold weather, two shepherds were killed and 1000 cattle were perished. 
According to Faryab governor, the road of Kohistanat district is very impracticable and reopening of this road is impossible till the end of next April. 
He said at Counter Disaster Management Authority’s store, food items and fodder is existed and in the near future, the vulnerable people of Kohistanat district would receive relief items through air. 
The Kohistanat district is located in 90km South of Maimana, the capital city of Faryab that is mountainous and its road is impracticable.