29 April 2017

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kabul (BNA) With completion work of 136 welfare projects of National Solidarity Program (NSP), dozens of people were benefited from facilities of the projects.
According to information and public relation of rural rehabilitation and development ministry to BNA, the work of the projects have been completed in several districts at the cost of 71696,000 Afghanis.
The projects include, extension of potable war resources, retaining walls, consolidation and construction of agricultural water dams, gravelling roads, and cleaning of agricultural water canals.
During the work of the projects, the field of short term work was provided for 8229 people.

Monday March 27, 2017

Kabul (BNA) With a cost of more than AFN 24,478,000 funded by National Solidarity Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/NSP) 50 public utility projects have been implemented in eastern Pakita province.
According to information and publication relations department of MRRD to BNA, these development projects include the construction of water canals, dams, water supplies networks, protection walls, retaining walls, small hydro power plants and gravelling of rural roads that have been executed in different parts of Laja Ahmadkhail and Laja Mangal districts of the province.
Approximately, 9000 families in various communities have gained access to basic human needs upon completion of these projects.
During the implementation the mentioned projects work opportunities have been provided for 1865 skilled and unskilled workers for short time.
Since its inception in Paktia province, the NSP has covered 469 villages and until now could to implement 154 public utility projects in different sectors across the province.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Zrang (BNA) Flash flood destroyed several villages and swept away standing crops in the Chakhansur district of south-western Nimroz province.
The Afghanha village was completely destroyed while another 50 villages were badly affected by the overnight flooding. 
According to office of the governor, roads connecting the district with the provincial capital had been cut off and residents had left their homes, seeking shelter in safe places.
Local official said a delegation headed by deputy governor Mohammad Qasim Khedri had reached the district to assess the damage and consider ways how to assist the affected people. 

Monday March 27, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan had passed a year full of ups and downs behind.
However, it somehow followed with successes and achievements, but a number of politicians and citizens believe that 1396 will be a landmark year for Afghanistan. Last year, the terrorist groups besides conducting suicide attacks have done much to create discord among the people of Afghanistan, but they failed and could not reach their vicious goals. The leaders of national unity government should implement the key plans and programs this year, through which significant changes will appear in political system. The most important programs of the NUG which will apply this year is distribution of electronic ID-cards and holding parliamentary and districts councils’ elections.
The government leaders have announced they are committed to hold parliamentary elections and making effort to maintain transparency in electoral system through advanced technology so the last year challenges are not repeated again. Besides, holding parliamentary elections will result in legalizing all political system structures and would also provide the ground for modification of some articles of constitution has been mentioned in NUG agreement. Likewise, distribution of electronic ID-cards is among the NUG commitments which have not been practiced so far, but the government has recently declared that necessary measures taken to implement the process. A number of political experts believe that distribution of electronic ID-cards is key to maintain transparency and prevent fraud in elections. Also, the process will help the government on electronic governance, through which corruption level will decrease and it will create transparency in government financial resources’ consumption.
It is worth mentioning that ensuring security is among the issues concerned the citizens, as the terrorist groups are still being recognized as serious threats before security of the country. In fact, fighting terrorism needs international community and regional countries’ cooperation, a move if not done, would make the Afghan war destiny unclear and security and political stability would not create in the country. One of the NUG responsibilities before the people of Afghanistan is to intensify pressure on terrorism supporting countries through different political and international ways. As a matter of fact, besides mentioned issues, unemployment is another challenge before the government. Therefore, necessary steps should be taken to prevent brain drain in the country. Thus, the government should prioritize these issues so to create basic changes in the Afghan people lifestyle and fate.
Suraya Raiszada

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