22 April 2018

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Faizabad (BNA) Residents in 13 districts of northeastern Badakhshan province faced serious problems of road blockade to the capital city of the province, an official said. 
An expert in the provincial management for preparation against the environment, Mohammad Osman said the roads connecting many districts to the capital center had been blocked due to heavy snowfall and avalanche had not still reopened facing them with problems to supply their needed goods via the center. 
They ask the government to help them reopen the roads, but the organ concerned in the province said that the roads connecting districts of Argu and Ishkashem had been reopened, while in 13 other districts had not been reopened due to lack of facilities from both the ground and air.

Monday, January 30, 2012
Sheberghan (BNA) The foundation was laid for three public utility establishments by the Turkish ambassador in Shiberghan city Jawzjan. 
Meanwhile, two other projects were opened yesterday by the Jawzjan governor and the Turkish ambassador there. 
The projects include building of chemical technology faculty of Jawzjan University, equipping of conference hall of the university with internet and building of surrounding wall of the sports ground at a length of 1000 meters, digging of a potable water spring and equipping of Shiberghan guest house.

Saturday, January 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Nearly 200 personnel of ministry of interior paid their donating money to the bank account in Pashtani Bank for reconstruction of historic places as Darul Aman, Chelston and Tajj Baig Hill. 
In a ceremony which was attended by deputy minister General Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, General Ghulam Ali Wahdat maintaining deputy of MoI, income head for Kabul Municipality, a number of generals, chiefs and personnel of MoI. 
Praising Kabul Municipality for its efforts towards reconstruction of the historic palaces administrative deputy minister of MoI General Mirza Mohammad Yarmand said, “The process of collection the money as donation shows high cultural values of a society. 
“At the end of the ceremony, income head for Kabul Municipality considered the process as a national process for reconstruction of the palaces in the country and praised interior ministry’s personnel for their donation in this regard.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Afghan Attorney General in a statement said involved individuals in forced marriage are to be legally punished. 
Woman, as mother, sister, daughter and wide has changed social and human life to humanity in the light of her kindness. 
Woman’s rights are clearly stated in Islamic Sharia and the constitution. 
Therefore, any illegal and inhuman act against women is far from justice and humanity and such acts are legally followed according to the country’s laws and the perpetrators are punished. 
Afghan presidential palace is also stressing on the rights of women in the country. 
Forced marriage and giving woman in exchange of a murder are the issues which seriously prohibited in Sharia and laws and such matters most of the time create problems and cause violence in the family’s future. 
Such incidents have also widely published through Afghan media, which has raised concern. 
According to 28,25,26 article of counter violence again women’s law, involved individuals in forced marriage and giving woman in exchange of a murder are legally followed through Afghan relevant organs. 
Therefore, all Afghans are informed to support human rights in the light of Islamic Sharia and Afghan constitutions.