18 November 2018

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Sunday, March 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  Marshal Mohammad Qseem Fahim first and Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president by planting of sapling at the council of ministers yard prayed for prosperity and good new year for the people of Afghanistan. 
Marshal Fahim said that every national of Afghanistan should participate in the greenery of their country and the spring of this year indicates a better summer and he has hopeful that the New Year will bring in peace, prosperity and calmness to the people. 
The second vice-president said greenery is a manifestation of nature and he is hopeful that our people attain prosperity in all spheres of their lives. 
The sapling plantation has started throughout the country as a tradition and it is expected that this year hundred thousands of sapling will be planted all over the country.

Sunday, March 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The dead body of late Shah Zaman Worez former head of publication department of Ministry of Information and Culture was buried in his ancestral cemetery yesterday. 
At the burial ceremony late Worez’s biography was read out by Zahir Hassan general director of administration and finance department of the ministry and Jalal Noorani advisor of the minister read out the message of Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen minister of information and culture. 
“The message noted that late Warez in the democracy decade was publishing an independent publication and for long years he served in different posts at the ministry and last year he served as head of publication department. 
The ministry of information and culture sympathizes with all men of pen and the press, his family and friends and wishes peace for his soul. 
Late Worez was born in 1316 in Logar and pursued his primary education in a Kabul high school and received education for two years in medicinal manufacturing. 
He was a talented journalist and writer, has authored many books in history, politics and social affairs and he has served in Heywad daily.  Behaqi and as head of publication department of the ministry. 
His burial ceremony was attended by heads of departments of the ministry, cultural figures, relatives and writers and journalists of the country.

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) National farmer festival and agricultural exhibit were held in Badam Bagh area on the occasion of the New Year. 
The ceremony which was attended by government officials, a large number of Afghans, farmers and foreign citizens was held by ministry of agriculture and irrigation Briefing elated to importance and values of agriculture and livestock in the country, Mohammad Asif Rahimi, minister of agriculture and irrigation said, “The festival which has come from old tradition and culture of Afghan people, was held for publicity of agriculture and trade and business.”
Rahimi stressed that secret of self-sufficiency of Afghan people is agriculture. 
He said new national agricultural programs were to the launched during the New Year in Afghanistan.

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) By hoisting of the banner of Rauza of Shah Welayet Maab Hazrate Ali (PBUH) by Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim first vice-p[resident the tranditional Nawroz Festival of Red Tulip started in Mazari-i-Sharif on the March 20, 2012. 
The ceremony was attended by some cabinet ministers, generals of national army and the police, thousands of residents of the city and other provinces, foreign guests, religious figures and elders, in his speech Marshal Fahim congratulated the Afghan nation on the advent of Nawroz and the New Year 1391. 
Addressing the gathering Marshal Fahim said that this is a year of joy for the Muslim nation of Afghanistan and all the friendly brother countries and hoped that prosperity, and sustainable peace prevail in our country so that our people lead their lives in lasting security and attain progress in all spheres. 
He said that during the past ten years marked achievements were attained including freedom of speech, women’s rights, education,  equipping of and training of security forces and security responsibility have been delivered to our security forces in some parts of the country and relative peace is witnessed in those regions. 
He added that work on strategic treaty with the US is being continued and the Afghan government is hopeful that the treaty is signed considering the national sovereignty and the interests of the two countries. 
As regards peace talks with the opposition he said that existence of a stable Afghanistan is to the interest of the neighboring and the countries of this region. 
He added that we support the peace process with the opposition and we time and again proposed that those who respect the Consultation of Afghanistan and separate their ranks from the Al-Qaeda we can talk with them. 
Ustad Atta Mohammad governor of Balkh also talked of the achievements of the foundations of the Balkh province in reconstruction spheres and added that security in the Balkh province is the result of efforts of the security forces of the country in that province.