24 September 2018

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Kabul (BNA) Some elders of Bamyan in their meeting with Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice president shared some of their problems.
At this meeting the elders and influential mentioned insecurity of the way toward the province asked for government attention for improving security on the course of way to the Bamyan province.
They also mentioned the drought and its effects on the people and asked Khalili to facilitate further food and non-food assistance to the affected people in the province.
They also asked the government to accelerate the process of expropriation of land on the course of road from Hajigak, Bamyan, Shiber-Bamyan and Bamyan-Yakawlang.
Khaili assured the elders of province that their problems will be addressed and said that expansion of highways and roads is a priority of the government.
He also called the resolution of the Loya Jirgah for having the US as instrumental for restoration for security and stability in the country further calmness in the region.

Kabul (BNA) The message notes that I was informed with regret that Abdul Momen a long time employee of education of Faryab has died due to his illness. 
Late Abdul Momen has served all his life in educating the children and the youth of the country and served as a teacher in schools in the province, his death a loss. 
The message conveys sympathies to the bereaved family, friends and the people of Faryab and wishes peace for his soul.

Kabul (BNA) In their meeting with President Karzai the representatives of nomads asked the government to prepare the ground for educated nomads employment in the government.
Hajji Aloko Kokozai talked on behalf of others at this meeting and asked the government to pay attention towards the Kuchis problems in the spheres of health and livelihood.
They congratulated the President on successful holding of the Traditional Loya Jirga, adding that around 100 of Kuchi representatives had taken part at this jirgah.
President Karzai addressing the Kuchi representatives said that proper measures will be taken to employ educated cadres of the nomads.
He added that proper measures were adopted in proper representation of the people at the Loya Jirgah.

Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, the first vice president met with a number of elders, ulemas and influential figures of various districts for Badakhshan province here in Kabul the other day. 
In the meeting which was attended by governor and a number of parliamentarians, Dr. Shah Wali Adeeb, governor of Badakhshan spoke about the projects launched by government in the province where the projects have put huge impacts on the improvement of the people’s life. 
Pointing out related to holding the loya jirga, the first vice president said the jirga has proved that the Afghan government and the people are with each other and know the national interests the top priorities better. 
The first vice president also pointed out related to role of Badakhshan people in maintaining peace and stability in the country, adding there are a large number of Badakhshan youth who have joined the national army and are busy in defending the country along with their other brothers from across the country. 
In the meeting two elders representing the others numerated the people’s problems in various sectors as roads, education and lack of buildings for government institutions in the province. 
They asked the government for solution of the problems in particular construction of roads and building for government institutions in the province.

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