21 January 2019

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Kabul (BNA) five children of a family were martyred in heavy flood in Paktia province last night.  Dr. Sayeed Ali Shah Mosawi head of disaster management committee of Paktia said to BNA, heavy rain in Samaki district of Paktia province cased heavy flood in which a residential house was destroyed in the Manekhail area of that district and as a result of which, five children of a family were martyred.  According to Dr. Mosawi, the victims are four sisters and a brother.  It is said that the father and mother of them were rescued but they are shifted to Samakani district and under treatment.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan still faces increasing rate of violence against the women.
Beatings, self burning, escaping from the homes, premature marriages and various kinds of other tortures are taking place against women which leaves harsh consequences behind.
For eradication of violence against women in the society, various seminars and conferences have been organized by the Ministry of Women Affairs, Human Rights Commission and Afghan Women Association to preserve the basic rights of the women forever.
In the conference, concerned organs emphasized on measures to assure the participation of the women in all affairs of administration according to their capacities.
We are well aware that still the women are facing violations in the country, but as compare to the last ten years, these violations are reduced considerably.
After the formation of the interim administration the rate of these acts have reduced step by step and the women proved their  abilities with full courage and worked shoulder by shoulder with  men in various fields with obtaining marvelous achievements.
The process clarifies the potential of the Afghan women to take part in development of the country and showed to the world that the women in Afghanistan is fully capable to work in different fields of education, training, economy, culture, arts, sports and other sectors with getting evident achievement in the capital and provinces of the country.
Meanwhile the Ministry of Women Affairs has been trying to accomplish appropriate duties for improvement of women situation in the center and rest parts of the country. Based on current circumstances of the country, the women coping with numerous hardships, but despite challenges, they showed their effectiveness both in household responsibilities and out – door missions.
The women struggle to fulfill their responsibilities with sincerity and righteousness in sympathized manner.
It has been said that the women constitute half part of the society and has always performed productive activities in various grounds.

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Karim Khalili chaired a meeting of the Hajj Coordination Committee yesterday in which he called the process of Hajj of last year the best in recent years and added that the gained experience in the past years, created this opportunity that major part of problems is solved and hoped that during the current year the process would be managed with better facilities. 
Eng. Yusuf Pashtoon Minister Advisor of the Presidential Office presented a report on the supervisory committee activities during last year and while calling it as positive attributed non-familiarity of the pilgrims, transport problems as major problems of last year. 
The Minister of Hajj and Endowment in a report described the plan of that ministry for the current year and informed the meeting of a series of working programs aimed at creating better facilities for the Hajj pilgrims including registering, training of teachers, timely selection of premises and other issues. 
The members of the committee expressed their viewpoints and proposals on bringing about of better facilities considering the experience of the past years. 
The supervisory committee of Hajj process in 1391 will also work under the supervision of Eng. Yusuf Pashtoon. 
The meeting of the committee decided that the air companies and Ariana Afghan Airlines have prepared a joint proposal for the air transport of Hajj pilgrims and the technical delegation of the ministry of transport and civil aviation and hajj and endowment ministry were assigned to express their views on the total expenses of Hajj pilgrims. 
The hajj and endowment ministry was assigned to prepare a new procedure for registering of Hajjis so that after its study the members can forward their views on it and then it is referred to the committee.