20 April 2019

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Monday, September 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Work on nine development project costing up to Af six million had been executed in central Bamyan province, an official said yesterday.
The projects including water power plants that had been started earlier completed recently covering many villages in the districts of Panjab, Wors, Yakawlang and villages of Syah Khak and Bargho Sho etc in central Bamyan province.
According to the source the projects had been financed by the ministry of rehabilitation and rural development with up to 105 kw power energy covering more than 1,200 households to enjoy the project.

Kabul (BNA) Addressing the international conference on the anniversary of martyrdom of Prof. Burbanudden Rabbani, leader of jehad and resistance and Shaheed of peace and in honor of the week of peace and national unity in Kabul First Vice President Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim said that Ustad Rabbani under all ups and down in the transformation of Afghanistan carried the leadership of Jehad and resistance of the people of Afghanistan and sustained immense miseries and pains.
He added that he had all the human qualities and from his childhood he stood in the face of cruelties and injustice, strived in training of the youth of the country with Islamic spirits and he presented a good number of apprentices who are shouldering great responsibilities in the country.
He assured that ultimately the wishes of Ustad Rabbani will come true in the country and the praised the efforts of Ustad Rabbani in restoration of peace and stability in the country.
He noted that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan deems it its national duty to work for restoration of peace in the country so that peace is restored here.
He added that we shall live in this direction but at the same time try to preserve the achievement of the past ten years and we all make peace with those who respect the Constitution and observe all accepted human rights.
He warned that we are decisive in this direction so to strengthen our defensive security forces to be ready to fight against those who are not prepared for peace and restoration of peace and stability in the country.
He pointed that all that the issue of Afghanistan a regional issue and has its links with the regional countries.
He pointed that all the regional and world countries should work for peace in Afghanistan otherwise calmness would not prevail here.
At today’s conference Farouq Wardak Minister of Education and chairman of the commission for preparation of the anniversary of martyrdom of Ustad Rabbani, Salahuddin Rabbani chairman of the high peace council, Prof. Abdul Rab Rasul Sayaf Jehad leader in their speeches discussed different aspects of life of Prof, Rabbani and reiterated on the need of the society for peace.
The conference has been organized at the International Hotel which was attended by some leaders of Jehad, members of the cabinet, and some important political and cultural personalities from the region and the world.
According to another report, Marshal Fahim met with some representatives of the people at the House of People and members of provincial council of Khost province and discussed with them current situation in the country and praised the bravery of the people of Khost and other border province in the struggle against terrorism and mentioned that your bravery in defense of the homeland will be remembered eternally and the government is obliged to serve you and all the people of Afghanistan.
At the meeting two elders of Khost shared their environmental problems in terms of creation of agricultural extension farms which was expected to be established in the center of the province so that the ground if prepared for education and agricultural investigation of the Khost university students and due to some reasons work on the farm has been stopped.

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  Some 159 development projects of the national Solidarity Program (NSP) have been completed in Kunduz over the past six months, engineer Hakimi the director of rural development and rehabilitation of Kunduz province said.
Adding the projects had been completed in Dashti Archi, Amam Sahib district and areas adjoining to Kunduz city.
The projects, according to the official including roads, digging wells, providing potable water, rebuilding electricity and building protective walls.
He also said that 105 more projects will be completed by the end of the 1391.
More than one billion Afghanis have been spent in such projects over the past few years in Kunduz province which more than 240,000 families benefited from the mentioned projects, the official further said.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Kunduz (BNA)  the construction work of first recreational park for women  was started  in Kunduz city today.  This park will be constructed in the Khorasan Township located in the Sardora of that province.  Najibullah Omarkhail mayor of Kunduz said to BNA, this recreational park will be constructed from budget of Kunduz municipality at the cost of Afs 3800, 000, and will have gymnasium, cantina, and other necessary facilities.  Ms. Hafiza Barekzai member of Kunduz provincial council appreciated the work of this park.  The mayor of Kunduz said from construction work of Municipality Park in Kunduz and said this park will be constructed soon and will put for public use.