23 February 2017

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Tuesday January 31, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Two young men were lost their lives due to landslide in northern Faryab province yesterday.
Abdul Qadir Qadiri district governor of Pashtun Koot told BNA reporter, the incident was happened in Khesht Pul region, Pashtun Koot district of the province.
The murdered persons were busy on digging sand for selling that landslide and look the lives of them, Qadiri added.
A local resident says, the persons were involved on the work to support their families.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ghzni City (BNA) Three people lost their lives and twenty others were wounded due to road accident in Kandahar-Ghazni highway yesterday.
Ahmadullah Ahmadi traffic manager in security command of Ghazni told BNA, the accident took place, while a 303 passenger bus crashed with a vehicle type of Mazda in relevant areas of Qarabagh district, Kandahar-Ghazni highway.
According to source, the main reason behind the event is carelessness of the drivers.
The injured of the incident have transferred to civil hospital of Ghazni and according to director of the hospital the health conditions of four injured are not satisfactory.
Children and women are among the victims of the event.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Ghazni City (BNA) The construction works of several welfare projects have been completed by National Solidarity Program of Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (NSP/MRRD) in southern Ghazni province yesterday.
Sayed Baqer Sherzad acting head of rural rehabilitation and development department of Ghazni told BNA, the welfare projects included the reconstructions of streets, gravelling roads and building furrows that completed from the budgets of rural rehabilitation and development department of the province.
According to him, more than 15,000 families have gained access to environmental facilities after execution of the projects and for 3600 people have been provided work opportunities during these projects.

Monday January 30, 2017

Mahmoud Raqi City (BNA) Foodstuffs have been distributed to 180 war-torn families in central Kapisa province yesterday.
Mohammad Jawed Jawed head of counter-narcotic management in Kapisa told BNA reporter, the assistances provided by counter-narcotic office of the province and distributed to the families, those left their houses due to war throughout the mentioned province.
The foodstuffs have been distributed with presence of Kapisa governor to the families, Jawed added.

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