13 December 2019

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Sunday, November 17, 2019
Jalalabad (BNA) Head of Irrigation agriculture and livestock department of Nangarhar province died in a traffic accident.
Engineer Samiullah Nasrat head of irrigation agriculture and livestock department of Nangarhar while moving toward Kabul for an official work, his vehicle collided with other vehicle in Sarkhkan region and died.
Ataullah Khogyani spokesman for Nangarhar governor in a contact with BNA confirmed the died of Engineer Nasrat in the accident.
He had been appointed Nangarhar’s head of agriculture six month earlier.
T. Yarzada

Sunday, November 27, 2019
Jalalabad (BNA) Foodstuffs were distributed for 350 needy families in Nangarhar province.
The aids were provided by Global Aid Institutions through migration department of Nangarhar to needy families in Jalalabad city toady.
Media’s office of Nangarhar with releasing a statement said, the aids include, flour, ghee, pea, sugar and soap.
The process of helping to needy families in Nangarhar continues, said the statement.
T. Yarzada

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Faizabad (BNA) Two people lost their lives and three others have been injured due to traffic accident in Faizabad-Baharak of Badakhshan highway.
Sanaullah Rohani police spokesman of Badakhshan told BNA, a Saracha car carrying five commuters moving from Faizabad city toward Baharak District, struck with a truck in Shorabak village in suburb of Faizabad city, in which two commuters were martyred and three others have been injured.
Seyawash Hafizi Traffic head of Badakhshan blamed the driver for the accident and the carelessness of the truck driver.
T. Yarzada

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Mazar-e-Sharif (BNA) Afghan Red Crescent Society assisted 500 poor and deserved families in Balkh province.
The assistance include tents, blanket and kitchenware packages, water barrels, which assisted in this round for 500 needy and poor families.
Droughts and floods in parts of Balkh province have damaged farmland and homes of these families.
T. Yarzada

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