15 August 2020

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013
Kandahar (BNA) As a result of heavy flood, the Kabul–Kandahar highway was closed for Traffic. 
Jaweed Faisal spokesman of Kandahar governor said BNA; the highway was closed since yesterday because of heavy flood. 
According to the source, the highway was closed from Daman district to the center of Kandahar due to heavy rains on traffic. 
The head of public work of Kandahar said they make efforts to reopen the highway soon. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, February 04, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The essential Salang Pass has remained closed over the past three days due to heavy snowfall, General Rajab the head of Salang maintenance department said yesterday.
He also noted that five avalanches were registered yesterday but fortunately there were no casualties.
He also said that efforts are underway to reopen it, saying two brigades of national army are on standby on the both northern southern Salang to deal with any eventually in case of any emergency situation.

Sunday, February 03, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The retired officials of Afghanistan whose number reaches to 130,000 enjoy the least financial possibilities and medical care services which are incomparable with the life of retired people enjoy in other countries among them neighboring countries.
Economical analyst of BNA writes:
Recently, the Retired’ Day marked in Afghanistan while the state officials have recorded the number of this the most vulnerable group 130,000.
The majority of retired officials, while suffering from aging are grappling against poverty and destitute. These desperate people once worked as government officials in various fields and spent the most valuable part of their lives in serving their people and homeland.
In other countries, the retired people consider this period of time as the beginning of a new life where they have no any administrate responsibility to carry out and live in full comfort and even mark and celebrate  the day of their retirement.
But regretfully, the time of retirement in Afghanistan considers as the beginning of woes, concerns and even desperate days. The Afghan retired people begin the new career of their lives, with low income and physically poor condition to do other businesses; while the money they receive as pension never meets the minimum requirements of their daily life. The old system of distribution of pensions is another pain, the retired people should sustain. There is no need to explain the hardships and pains, the retired people are sustained, when they want to receive their pensions, just it would be enough to visit the department for the purpose you yourself will feel those hardships and pains physically and mentally. 
The retired people ask for a reform in the administrative system that manages the process of payment of their pensions, because of old age and physical weakness and illness they are incapable to go over through the current bureaucratic system of administration. Today, the retired people in most countries of the world enjoy of having medical insurance and provide them with facilities to travel inside and outside of the country if he/she wishes. Unfortunately, in Afghanistan the matter is contrary to that. Afghan retired officials in order to achieve their pensions have to wait for a long time and go through a bureaucratic system of administration which is not compatible with their physical and health condition.
The authorities of ministry of labor and social affairs accept that the retired officials for obtaining their pensions face severe problems. For reducing the problem, Mrs. Amina Afzaly the minister of labor and social affairs talk about establishing a new system of distribution of pensions with cooperation of the World Bank. This system is used as probationary in finance and Tele- communication ministries. If this probationary system proved to be effective and could settle the problem of retired official, then it would be used in other ministries and deportments.
But such unpractical promises cannot satisfy the neediest strata of the society. They for obtaining a small amount of money wait for a year should nock the doors of several offices while suffering from illness and weakness because of old age. The ministry of labor and social affairs besides facilitating the process of paying the pensions should think about medical care of the retired people and provide them with health insurance and a comfortable life. In this way the state especially the authorities of ministry of labor and social affairs represent their desires for the wellbeing of the retired officials who have spent their lives to serve people and the homeland.  

Sunday, February 03, 2013
Lashkarga (BNA) Five civilians were wounded when a passenger car struck with a vehicle of Afghan army troops in Helmand province. 
The incident occurred in Panchal area, Gereshk district. 
Ahmad Zerak spokesman of Helmand governor said BNA, two national army soldiers and three civilians were wounded. 
Zerak said, the injured were taken to the hospital of Lashkargah and the health condition of 3 injured reported serious. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada