24 February 2020

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The spokesman of Ministry of Refugees Affairs considered any action of Pakistan for ousting Afghan refugees, who have legal documents from that country is against all UN conventions.
Based on reports of some news agencies, Pakistan wants to withdraw Afghan refugee in that country in spite of having legal document to live there.
Islamuddin Jurhat talking to BNA reporter on the issue said that any action of Pakistan for ousting Afghan refugees with legal documents was unacceptable for us.
He added, Pakistan cannot decide unilaterally on the issue any decision on that regard should be taken by Afghanistan, Pakistan and United Nations.
Jurhat said, we believe the United Nations won’t give such a right to Pakistan to announce the refugee’s documents illegal.
He claimed that they have heard about the decision of Pakistan via media, but they have not informed about the official stand of that country so far.
In other hand the spokesman of Ministry of Foreign affairs told media that, Afghanistan ambassador to Islamabad and head of Afghan consulate in Peshawar city to assess the Afghan refugee’s condition in Khaiber Pushtoon Khaw, have carried out a series of negotiations’ with Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
In the same time Nadeer Farhad the spokesman of UN high commissioner for refugees affairs said, this UN organ has not received any formal document on that regard from Pakistan authorities so far, and also there had been no any agreement or negotiations between Pakistan, Afghanistan and UN high commission for Refugees on cancelling the refugees documents in Pakistan.
Farhad pointed out that the previous experience indicates that Afghanistan neighboring countries particularly Iran and Pakistan have hosted Afghan refugees with legal documents in a best manner.
He said some time ago, the commissioner of UN for refugees talked with the prime minister of Pakistan and the in charge of that country in refugees affairs, on Afghan refugees and the Pakistan authorities expressed their commitment to voluntarily and with dignity return of Afghan refugee to their country.
For three decades, Pakistan has been a good host for Afghan refugees. Currently about 1,700,000 Afghan refugees are living there.

Saturday, July 21, 2012
Cheghcheran (BNA) With completion of six electricity power projects in Lale-Sare Gangel district of Ghor province, thousand families benefited electricity energy.
These projects expensed 1,940,000 Afs funded by Rural Rehabilitation and Development department of that province.
Eng Taj Mohammad Zelal head of rural rehabilitation and development Dept. of that province told BNA, the construction work of these projects completed within one year in Sare Gangel village of this district.
Zelal said the construction work of 10 other projects continue which include two school buildings and a clinic.
Hassin Ali resident of Safid Rang village of Sare Gangel district told with exploitation of electricity projects their problems from shortages of power solved.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Nangarhar (BNA) Rain flood took the lives of four persons including a woman and a young girl in Nangarhar province.
The flood occurred in Acheen district and brought huge financial loses to the residents of the area last night.
Hajji Abdul Khaliq district governor of Acheen told BNA, in this flood hundreds jirbs of agricultural lands, gardens, power dams and water dams along with tens of cattle have been destroyed.
According to the governor, a number of residential houses have been partially damaged in this flood.
He added, soon essential aids will distribute to the flood affected people.
T. Rateb

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Faryab (BNA) A young woman lit herself on fire but fortunately rid of the incident. 
The local authorities say, this 19 years old young woman due to mistreatment and beating by her husband and his family member faced to do this action. 
A police in Faryab province told BNA that the husband of the woman has been arrested and investigation of the case has started. 
The woman has said that she was persistently beat and tortured by her husband and his family members.  The doctors in Maimana hospital say, the heath condition of this young woman is improving.