03 July 2020

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Monday, November 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Not only Afghan community suffers from nefarious tradition of violence against women but it has changed in to a complicated problem that challenges the entire world community.
This nefarious and shameful phenomenon prompted the United Nations to designate November 25th as an International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women.
BNA commentator writes in that regard: 
Violence against women have been changed in to worldwide acute problem that both rich and poor countries suffering of it. As the figures released by United Nations indicate that out of three women, one of them comes under violence in her life time across the world.
Violence against women is global problem which is common across the world from Afghanistan to African, American and European countries.
But the types of violence are different from country to country. For instance, in America the powerful and the world giant economy, in every 18 minutes, women in one way or another suffer from violence. But the problem of violence against women is very awful in third world countries because of various reasons. In these countries the women are mostly the victims of family, ethnical, religious and traditional and economic violence.
But the most common and hideous violence against this sect is family violence which caused mainly by male of the family.
In Afghanistan due to its traditions and cultural and religious peculiarities the violence rate against women is very high and is spreading with high speed. The official figures release by the Independent Commission of Human Rights indicate that since 2002 nearly 4000 cases of violence against women have been recorded for 97 % of them, men are blamed.
The increasing number of violence cases in the country is shocking and a matter of concern.
The authorities of Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan expressing concern say that during the 7 months of Afghan year, 4000 cases of violence against women have been registered while last year the cases were only 1000.
According to knowledgeable politicians, there are numerous factors and reasons that cause the increase of cases of violence against women in Afghan society. The low level of literacy among women, traditional society and patriarchal system of community are the main reasons for prevailing violence against women in the country.
The knowledgeable politicians emphasized that for elimination of violence against women, should be deeply assessed the facts and factors behind the violence against women in our society, in order to find a reasonable solution for it.
So in order to overcome this inhumane practice there is a need to establish a long term procedure and policy to fight against this nefarious phenomenon.
In the first stage, the traditions and believes of people should be respected and the educated people especially religious scholars, should talk about the rights of women entitled by Islam and law. The Imams can play a great and effective role in elimination of violence against women. If the people become aware about the rights and values given by sacred religion of Islam to women, the people especially male will avoid violence against women who have been entitled to such a status and values by holy Quran and traditions of the great prophet of Islam.
It should be mentioned that by holding ceremonial gathering and just by expressing good words about women, we cannot solve the problem, but to save the women of our country, sincere will and practical works and efforts are needed for elimination of violence against women. 
Khalil Minawi BNA Director

Monday, November 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A scientific research seminar under the theme of (economic independence of women in Islam) was organized by the academy of sciences.
The seminar held at time that the UN has declared the 25th of November as the world day for eradication of violence against women. 
Addressing the seminar Ustad Pakray deputy chairman of the academy of science of Afghanistan shed light on the lofty position of woman and the economic activities of women in Islam.
Some participants read out their articles on right of woman to work, the right to be provided with food and essential in Islam, economic independence of woman, a glance at woman share in the Islam inheritance, and some other subjects.

Monday November 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The high feelings of national unity remove the disputes of society, make the tribes united, remove the nefarious design of enemies and creates atmosphere of friendship among people.
But unfortunately the prolong war created feud and disputes among people that’s why Afghans should increase the feeling of national unity among them and shouldn’t provide opportunity to the enemies create enmity among them and attain their malicious interest which are to weaken the Afghans economically and reflect them deprived nation.
The feeling of national unity should be boosted among Afghans because lack of national unity provides chances to enemies to attain their interest and fuel their enmity remain them backward form development.
In order to prevent the enemies to attain their interests and enhance the disputes among Afghans it seems indispensable that the feeling of national unity should be amplified.
President Karzai in his meetings with Ulama, influential, elders and scholars of different tribes has always stressed too much no national unity and its positive impacts.
All the patriotic citizens who know that the enemies are creating disputes in our country for the achievement of their interests; they should unveil them and hand them to the court so in future they dare of committing such crimes.
It is the responsibility of each Afghan to remove the internal disputes and feuds among Afghans, become united to create and atmosphere of friendship among Afghans and stand shoulder by shoulder with their elected government for the achievements of their goals and in the annihilation of inherited ethnical disputes.
Let’s become united to bring peace, security and economic development in the country and by this way save the country from prevalent crisis, retort to the enemies of peace and stability and breakdown their malicious interests.

Monday November 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The 25th of November the world day on struggle for eradication of violence against women in Afghanistan, as massive violence against in Afghanistan has raised serious concerns within the human and civil rights foundations.
The ministry of public health marked this day in which in addition to minister of women affaires Dr. Hasson Banu Ghazaufar, some representatives of government departments, the activists of human rights and civil society had taken part.
Dr. Hasson Banu Ghazanfar emphasizing on the massive concern over increased violence against women in Afghanistan said that overcoming this problem is expansion of the anti-violence program in the country.
She added that in order to reduce violence against women many efforts should take place so that its factors are eliminated.
She attributed lack of awareness of Islamic values, illiteracy, and knowledge, poverty and the effects of the three decades of war as the main factors for violence against the women.
She stressed that the ministry of women affairs by launching of a comprehensive program tries to reduce violence against women and considerable outcome has been obtained of this program in the past three months.
She asked the ulama, imams and preachers to further raise their voice from the mosques and assist in this media as positive in this respect and asked further cooperation of the media.
The deputy minister of labor, social affairs, Higher education, education, information and culture, public health and some human rights activists and civil society expressed their views and proposals in respect to ways to reduce violence against women.
Nabi Farahi deputy minister of information and culture explained the activities of the ministry for reduction of violence against women and emphasized on expansion of media share in this direction.
She criticized non-observance of the gender balance in some of the government organs and asked for further participation of women.
Soraya Sobhrang an official of the Independent Human Rights Commission had stated earlier that in the past seven months four thousand cases of violence against women had been recorded showing almost one thousand increases compared to the same period of past year.
The violence against women has become a great social threat at the world level and it has forced the UN to announce the 25th of November as the world day for eradication of violence against women.