06 December 2019

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Kabul (BNA) Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Shiah ulema (Shiite religious scholars) including a number of members for Afghanistan Ulema Council here in Kabul. 
In the meeting, which was held Thursday afternoon at presidential palace, Mawlavi Ghafari, representing the others, spoke about better commemorating of Mahram-ul-Haram month and said, “A guide that instructs discipline, better coordination and strengthening of Islamic brotherhood has been provided by Afghan Shiah Ulema council for better commemorating of the day of Muharam. 
Representatives for the Shah ulemas expressed their happiness that Ashura has been commemorated in good security in the past few years in the country. 
They asked the president to instruct the Afghan security organs in order that they tighten security during the Ashura day in the country. 
Meanwhile, the ulemas asked all audio and video media to broadcast Islamic programs during the commemoration of Ashura. 
After hearing the suggestions, president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said, “The main reason of better holding of the ceremonies in the country during this month is unity amongst Afghan people; while the other reason is this that this big religious day isn’t politically and religiously considered. 
The president instructed the ulemas to cooperate with security organs in order that the ceremonies are held in better security in the country. 
It is worth mentioning that for necessary security measures, a commission led by minister of interior has been formed and its members are a number of Afghan ministries of defense, national directorate of security and Afghan ulemas. 
The commission is tasked to take necessary measures for better holding Ahura ceremonies in the country.

Kunduz (BNA) A campaign for prevention of violence against women started in Kunduz province on Sunday. 
According to Nadira Gayah, provincial head of women affairs in the province, the campaign was launched by provincial directorate of women affairs and regional office of independent association for advocates’ in the province. 
She said the campaign is to continue for 17 days. 
The source said 70 cases of violence against women have been recorded in the current year in the province. 
Head of women affairs said despite addressing to cases, holding workshops and learning programs launched by relevant organizations, unfortunately violence against women hasn’t decreased in the province.

Charikar (BNA) With generating of a power station, more than 2,000 families in Charikar city benefited from of power energy today. 
This project was completed from assistance of Japan with 10 per cent cooperation of people which power energy has been provided for approximately 2400 families. 
Sultan Ahmad Azizi head of power department of Parwan said to BNA, via this network power station, they provided imported power to residents of Nawabad village of Khwaja Sayaran of Charikar city. 
According to him, currently, work on power supply network continues in the 4th district, Hofian Sharif, Khwaja Sayaran Olya and Sofli, Chekal and Robat villages of Bagram district and a part of Charikar city.
It is said that currently approximately, 60 per cent of residents of the center of Parwan province use from power energy.  
Translated By Suraya-Yarzada

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Hussn Bano Ghazanfar, Acting Minister of Women Affairs, on Sunday declared that 16 day program is to be launched for stopping violence against women. 
Talking the participants in a ceremony held here in Kabul, acting minister of women affairs said the ministry of women affairs started program titled stop violence against women two days ago and will continue to 14 days, adding various parts of the violence will be explained in the program. 
She said everybody is responsible to counter women violence, adding the worst violence is rape, women trafficking and escaping from house. 
In the ceremony, Sayeda Muzhgan Mustafavi, Deputy Minister of Women Affairs also spoke about the program. 
She said the programs are implemented through directorates of women affairs in capital and provinces. 
Meanwhile, acting minister of women affairs opened women handicapped show here in Kabul.

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