21 September 2018

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Sunday August 19, 2018

Shaberghan City (BNA) Foodstuffs have been distributed to 1000 displaced, disabled and martyrs’ families in northern Jawzjan province yesterday.
According to BNA report, the foodstuffs have been provided by Turkey and distributed to 1000 displaced, disabled and martyrs’ families on behalf of 99th independence anniversary day of Afghanistan in Shaberghan city the provincial capital of the province.
The aids include, rice, cooking oil, macaroni, tea, sugar and drinking water that distributed to the mentioned families by presence of Mawlavi Latfullah Azizi governor of Jawzjan and representative of Turkey.

Friday August 17, 2018 Ghazni City (BNA) Local administration of Maidan/Wardak province has been sent humanitarian aids to war-affected families in Ghazni province. According to BNA local correspondent report, the assistances include 600 sacks of flour, 600 sacks of rice, 600 cans of cooking oil, 300 kg tea, 2100 kg bean, 2100 kg pea and 2100 kg sugar that provided by counter-natural disaster department of Maidan/Wardak and sent to Ghazni city to distribute to war-affected families. M.A.Ansari

Thursday August 16, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Asphalting work of 8 km road has been started in Herat province yesterday.
Asphalting of Guzara-Seoshan road has started by financial assistance of Rural Rehabilitation and Development department of Herat and presence of local officials, tribal elders, heads of development councils and residents.
Qazi Nazir Ahmad Hanafi representative of Herat’s people in parliament emphasized demanded from the construction company to seriously pay attention on quality of the project.

Wednesday August 15, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In response to an invitation from the government, a top UN official is visiting Afghanistan to pay tribute to victims of terrorism, UNAMA office reported BNA.
On the first International Day of Remembrance and Support of the Victims of Terrorism, the head of the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism expressed solidarity with victims and survivors. Under-Secretary-General Vladimir Voronkov will take part in an international conference on “Commemorating the International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism”. Organized by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, the event will take place in Kabul. Voronkov will also meet victims of terrorism, government officials and the international community and UN representatives. The Afghan government played a key role in establishing the international day, through a UN General Assembly resolution in 2018, to honor and support victims of terrorism.

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