26 April 2017

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Wednesday March 8, 2017

Kabul (BNA) At a sum of more than Afg 47,000,000 funded by National Solidarity Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/NSP) 87 welfare projects have been completed in northern Sar-e-Pul province.
According to information of relation and publication department of MRRD to BNA, these development projects include the construction of retaining walls, protection walls, extension of drinking water networks, agricultural water dams, cleaning water canals and gravelling of rural roads that have been implemented in different parts of Sancharak and Gosfandi districts of the province.
Numerous families in various communities have gained access to basic human needs upon completion of these projects.
During the execution of the mentioned projects work opportunities have been provided to 5009 skilled and unskilled workers in the districts.

Tuesday March 7, 2017

Kabul (BNA) If we have a glance at the past, since long time, women have been considered as a fair sex, sensitive and sometimes weak due to physiological reasons and her roles were based on this conception.
As a result, woman was often behind politics scene, although there were women even behind the scene who had played their role much stronger than the main players. In this article, it has been tried to assess the women socio-economic and political partnership generally in the west, Islam and new age. As it was said earlier, in the past women had played sub social roles. The reasons that had caused to sideline women include, women should concentrate on home and family and they are not proper for diplomatic and security missions or women have no foreign knowledge equal to men. Therefore, these and other reasons had joined hands and marginalized women. This issue was unexceptionally even in majority of countries. There were women exceptionally showed competence and governance skills and partnership in political affairs. For example we can touch Queen Elizabeth the second in the Great Britain who regardless of being hereditary right of monarchy ruled the UK for over half a century despite of all political games and big conspiracies against her and her government. Her era has been called as the most splendid periods of the British monarchy, or the golden era of Queen Ezabla in Spain or others. In the past based on this believe that women are peaceful and men are warmonger, women were marginalized from battlefield as far as possible.
But despite of that in this field there were powerful women who had learned politics and proved their competence and capability in wars leadership. They showed that these believes are wrong and are product of historical oppression and negative conception of women as the second sex. As one of the clear examples in war leadership we can point out Bibi Ayesha Sidiqa (MGBPWH). In Jamal battle, the leadership was with the spouse of Great Prophet (PBUH). In Greece that in believe of majority of historians, all victories and conquests of Alexander the Great were the outcome of his mother advices, Tyssis, or Sultan Razia in Afghanistan. According to these examples and based on this theory that during general mobilization for battle, participation of both sexes was essential, we can courageously reject the issue of restriction of battle to men. Not only in the past but even today, have women been subjected in economic field to exploitation of great powers economic policy and even the third world. Because in their believe, women were young labor force, cheap and sometimes lack work experience but needy, therefore they were abused and exploited with low wages, and high work. In Afghanistan as one of the third world countries, the hidden work force and in fact the basic wheel of economy is in women’s hands while almost all of them are deprived from wage and salary. For example, if we take into account the carpet weaving industry in Afghanistan and other Asian countries, all efforts are made by women but they receive no income except devastating respiratory diseases as well as fist and kick of husband, father and brother for any delay in their work.
Due to above mentioned reasons, in the late first half of the 20th century, women movements started to fight all oppressions imposed by men in the course of history. They requested that women should be given their essential socio-economic and political position namely her gender should be focused and physiological and biological differences should be ignored. These movements strongly requested equality of men and women. Women succeeded in most fields as gaining the voting right was the most important achievements of women. Their second request and achievement was women participation in socio, political and economic activities. Today women occupy key government positions including president, prime minister, Queen, minister, governors, senior military officers, etc. After the dark era of petrified Taliban, today the Afghan women achieved positions as politicians, economists, military officers, etc.
Masouda Qarizada

Tuesday March 7, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Have you ever realized some people characters, whom are being totally changed when they took or reach a position?
The people use word ‘drop-drunk’ on such people, it means when a person drinks only a drop of wine is being totally drunken. But, the great personalities never get changed when they reach a position.  Once, a criticizer asked Mowlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi, who was the follower of Shams Tabrizi that what do you think about wine? Mawlana Jalaluddin replied that it depends on who drinks it. If a person like Shams drinks wine, he is as like as a sea, as if it is mixed with wine, its water won’t get dirty and every one can take ablution with that.  But if someone like you drinks wine, even a drop of that is Haram {illegal}, as if that is mixed with a pool’s water, its water will get dirty.  Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim was a great personality. He had never been changed through his life. As all of his colleagues are witness that when he became the vice president, he was acting as he was in front. 
Here, I would like to mention his some memories.
First visit:
The first time I met with Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, was during Jihad period in Yaranda headquarter in Panjshir. He was the deputy of Ahmad Shah Massoud and I had gone there as a government employee for only one day.  I was expected to see Ahmad Shah Massoud.  No one had known where is Massoud. Some people said he is in Takhar and will come back tonight or etc. I was a guest there. It was midst of the day, I and Marshal Fahim moved to go to Mosque to perform the noon prayer. There were two rooms right in front of us and no one was seen nearby. I thought that is the Masjid, but when we reached there, Fahim took my hand and told the mosque is over there. Then, I had understood that Massoud was inside one of those rooms, with no security guards. That day, Fahim was treating us like an ordinary Mujahid. He was telling some stories, as you didn’t think he was the deputy of such a legend personality Ahmad Shah Massoud. Fahim was handling all front affairs in his absence.
Best fellow:
Benevolence of Marshal Fahim was constant. When he became the vice president, he had not been changed as well. Marshal Fahim was used to receive the people with open forehead. Even a small change couldn’t be seen or felt in his speaking or actions.  Sometimes, while he was laughing, saying I am the acting president and first person of the country. But he had never been arrogant. His position at the presidential office couldn’t bring any changes in his personality or behavior. Despite all compassions, his greatness was being felt.
Generous visits:
Whenever I met him, he received me with happy face. Most of the time, he invited me for lunch. He was used to talk about poetry. He was used to read some poets of Hafez and other prominent poets and liked to hold literature and Islamic discussions. Sometimes, he was also used to say about his memories. He was talking as kind as you forget you are at the presidential palace and with the country’s vice president.
Unforgettable memory: 
Once, I decided to see Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim and fortunately, I could meet him after a few days delay. When I reached close to his office, I noticed that many foreign guests are stepping out of his office. Among whom, there were Abdullah Kandahari and some other figures.
When he had seen me, he called me with a smile at his lips. Then he said, I want to only see Aryanfar today and others are dismissed.
Meeting with Samangan people:
There was a protest against Samangan provincial governor, during which many people had been killed and wounded. Then, a number of elders had decided to meet with President Karzai and his first vice president, Marshal Fahim. When we met with Marshal Fahim, he talked about some issue and could somehow satisfy the people. The elders got silent and didn’t know what to say to Marshal Fahim. Then I asked Marshal Fahim to pave the ground in order we meet with President Karzai. Because the president was deceived by Samangan governor. Then he tried to calm us down, but I insisted and told him there is only an option and we have to meet the president. Then he laughed and replied with Ok. I will do this for you, what else do you want? On Saturday, you can meet with president. These kindnesses and greatness could be really seen and felt in Marshal Fahim’s personality. Such personalities cannot be found in any place.
Shamsulhaq Aryanfar

Tuesday March 7, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Office has celebrated World Women Day.
In a ceremony held on this occasion with participation of high-ranking government female officials in Kabul, chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said achievements in counter violence against women, political partnership and active role of women in various sections are considerable but insufficient. Congratulating the day to all women of Afghanistan, chief executive said, “World Women Day remembers numerous pains of the country’s women in course of history in particular recent four decades”. The country’s chief executive added that the day made all pay attention to a big national responsibility, stressing that current achievements and opportunities were result of efforts and sacrifices of Afghanistan women, but necessary continued effort was necessary for reaching a desirable condition. Afterwards, chief executive enumerated achievements of the national unity government and said big steps have been taken in various sections as laws, education, higher education, civil society, security forces, health and commerce in order to maintain women rights.
“Counter violence against women needs national mobilization and serious cooperation among government institutions”, Dr. Abdullah said, adding that cooperation and logical relations among elites, members of civil society in particular religious ulema were regarded as significant. He further said that role of women in big national programs in particular enduring development, peace process and other sections were outstanding as development and change in society not possible without active participation of women. The country’s chief executive promised that national unity government would further make effort towards serious counter violence against women, economic empowering and capacity building of women in the country. He asserted that unfortunately there were still discrimination and harassment against women in working environment.

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