22 October 2017

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Thursday August 31, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Annually, during Zul Qaada and Zul Hijjah, two auspicious months, hundreds of Muslim people go to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj an action that show Muslim unity. During five times prayer, over two million Muslims gather together and perform worships and prayers alongside each other and do some other necessary traditions. Over two million hajjis from around the globe with different skin colors, languages and religions gather together in Haramain al Sharifain and perform hajj rituals. Eid-ul-Qurban: Eid-ul-Qurban coincides with the tenth day of Arabic month of Zul Hijjah, one of the most auspicious occasions in Islam which is celebrated by the world Muslims on commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim and his beloved son Ismael.
Eid-ul-Qurban is an official holiday for Muslims which lasts at least four days. Prayer is arranged in this day between sunrise and noon and includes two units of prayer. This prayer is merely performed to approach Allah. During Eid days, people usually wear their new clothes and visit each other’s houses following prayer. In this day, the Hajis, following performing of Haj rites, slaughter an animal and then remove all the restrictions imposed on them like, looking to a mirror, cutting their nails, combing of hairs etc. According to Islamic orders, sacrifice should take place during Eid days. Based on Islamic evident, Prophet Ibrahim became father of a son during senility and called him Ismael. He was his beloved son. Ismael grew well and reached the adolescence. Prophet Ibrahim dreamt that Allah ordered him to sacrifice his beloved son unconditionally. Following many spiritual disorders, finally Ibrahim decides firmly to obey the order of Allah.
He takes his only beloved son to a certain place and become ready to sacrifice him sincere and instead Allah sent him a sheep to sacrifice. Based on the story, on this day, the Muslims across the world slaughter sheep, goat, camel or ox and distribute their meat among poor people and close families. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) instructed the Muslims in this historical address that behave women politely and properly and called women as the gifts of Allah to mankind. “Fear from Allah and respect these gifts and don’t spare any kindness and fairness to them.”  Once again, the enemies and those involved in Afghanistan’s insecurity are asked to give up war join peace process.
Lailuma Noori

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Kabul (BNA) A number of women who are busy in cleaning and sweeping roads in Kabul city said  that they were happy to work shoulder to shoulder with men and clean streets in the city, saying that by working on streets they could make a living and provide food for their families.
Zar Sanga, a woman working along with other female cleaners in the city said, “I am happy to work with other women and by money I get monthly I can provide food for my family and help my six children to get education.”
In Afghan society, it is very rare to work on streets like men, but she could have accepted this risk and work like other men on Kabul streets, said Zar Sanga.
In connection with bothering by a number of people while cleaning streets in the city, she said, “There are some people who are bothering us, but most of the people are supporting us and welcoming our works on streets and despites all these things, we usually cover our faces and wear sunglasses not to be recognized while working on streets.”
She asked the people to fully support them and not create problems for female workers on streets in the city.
Another female worker while considering working on streets as very difficult says they have to work and get money as most of these women have no homes.
Basira, who is a young woman and has lost her brothers and father in war, is also working on streets in the city.
“I have to work to provide food for rest of my family. This culture should improve in our society because Afghanistan is a war-battered country where my of its people in particular women have lost their family members, so those women who have lost their family members are obliged to work on streets or other places like restaurants,” added Basira.
According to Basira, role of women in other well-developed countries is considerable as they are highly supported by their people, but in our society most of men avoid education of women and girls.
“My message to those women who are uneducated but interested in working and studying is to put end the unpleasant culture saying that a woman can do nothing and play vital role in their society,” she said.
Sadiqa, team leader of female cleaners said that Habitat International Organization has recruited a number of women for cleaning streets and roads in various parts of Kabul city where each female cleaner was given 7000 Afghani monthly salary.
It is worth mentioning that women are now mostly interested in playing key role in their society in various sections comparing to previous years in the country, but it is still needed to enhance capabilities of women so that they play more active role in the country.
Shukria Kohistani

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Kabul (BNA) More and more people are thronging the markets of central capital Kabul to do shopping head of Eidul Adha, which is two or three days away.
Impressive crowds are seen in the city these days and everybody is engaged in shopping for the religious festival.
Central areas of Kabul City are jam-packed with people and such unprecedented crowds are never seen before, buying dried fruits, clothes and other things.
A large number of new stalls have been established along the roads and the number of vendors has significantly increased in Shar-i-Naw, Kota-i-Sangi, Laycee Maryam, Faroshgah and other parts.
Mohammad Younus, a taxi driver, complained against the increasing rush and crowds in the city. He said it took him to reach Deh Afghanan in 40 minutes said from Nawabad area of Demazang, a journey that usually took five minutes.
The driver said he earned 300 afghanis between 6:00am and 10:30am but consumed fuel worth 300 afghanis due to rush and traffic jams in the city.
Reza Mohammad, another driver, also complained about the growing number of vendors and stalls on roadsides which he said made it difficult for traffic to normally proceed. Naseer Ahmad, a dweller, who arrived in the city for Eid shopping, said the surge in number of street vendors and stalls in the city caused traffic jams.
Kabul police spokesman Baseer Mujahid said officials who acted against the law would be punished. He rejected claims that police accepted bribes from vendors and stall owners to allow them encroach upon roads. He said the issue of vendors and stall owners would be resolved after Eid and a joint meeting of police and attorney officials had decided to allocate a separate place for vendors and stall owners so they may not create inconvenience.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Sheberghan (BNA) Five people were lost their lives in a traffic accident in Khwaja Dokoh district, Jawzjan province last night.
Abdul Shokor Myankhail traffic head of Jawzjan province told BNA, the event occurred while a corolla car struck a vehicle in Sheberghan-Andkhou highway.
According to Myankhail the victims of the event are members of a family.
He added, the driver of the vehicle fled the site and police effort to arrest him.
T. Yarzada

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