24 March 2017

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Jalalabad (BNA) Nearly 150 houses were demolished due to heavy recent rains in Nangarhar province.
Tens of families were forced to leave their home.
Mohammad Nader Jabarkhail head of Afghan Red Crescent of Nangarhar province told BNA, 142 houses have been destroyed due to recent heavy rains in the province.
He said the affected families were displaced to state foundations and asked government to cooperate them.
Meanwhile the affected families asked government to assist them in repairing of their homes. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017
Kabul (BNA) National conference of civil society organization for following NUG pledges from commitment to action was held yesterday by International Democracy and USAID organization in Kabul.
18 promises of the national unity government have been pursued in coordination with 10 civil society organizations through holding sessions, meetings with officials, round table and conferences.
According to an official of a civil society organization Timor Shah Hakimyar, each civil society organization has pursued two commitments promised to people by national unity government leaders during election campaigns.
Humaira Saqib, representing others in conference spoke related to modality of implementation of commitments, challenges and non-implementation of promises.
Saqib shared challenges and developments of each organization by delivering figures with participants.
Praising those organizations operating in connection with pursuing commitments of the national unity government, acting minister of information and culture Dr. Kamal Sadat said that serving the people was not only the task of the government but it was the task of all to serve the honorable people of Afghanistan.
Dr. Sadat added that ministry of information and culture was fully ready and trying its best to serve the people and seriously fighting corruption in all sections so that this ugly phenomenon would completely rooted out from the country.
Sadat further said that for implementation of the NUG commitments related to BNA and relevant publications to deputy ministry of publications, particular attention had been paid in next year’s budget so that necessary changes would be brought in this regard in accordance with the demands.
Related to a number of claims saying that interferences were made by officials in broadcasting and publication of news, Dr. Sadat said the criticism was not acceptable as news and reports around the country were prepared by journalists in consideration to professional principles.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Majority of retirees complain on payment of their salaries, as sometimes they get paid within two years.
Haji Gul Mohammad, head of retirees’ treasury department told that he will spare no effort to properly pay the retirees’ salaries. He added that budget deficiency is the main factor behind non-payment of some retirees’ salaries. The department has made much effort, as a result of which we could pay the salaries of 19000 retirees, he said, adding that is why 10000 other retirees have protested and asked for payment of their payments. Totally, there are 106000 retirees in the capital Kabul, 102000 of whom have been registered in retirees’ treasury department and we don’t have any problem in this regard, he continued. Unfortunately, budget deficiency is the only problem the department is faced with, he said, adding that is why a number of retirees complain about. We have created a biometric system in our department, through which we can prevent corruption, he added. Likewise, if god willing, the retirees won’t face any problems in term of their salaries’ payment next year, he stated.
In the past, the retirees was faced with many problems while payment, but they can now receive their salaries through two banks, Maiwand Bank and Bakhtar Bank, he said. Furthermore, we have created an easy process, through which they retirees can easily receive their salaries, he added. We ask the government civil and military administrations to prepare the retirees’ documents according to rules and regulations, he said, adding if the documents have any problems and deficiencies, we and the retirees will face many problems.  A veteran, Mohammad Akram said, ‘the government doesn’t pay the Afghan National Army retired officers’ salaries according to law, as the old retirees should be paid as much as the new retirees are paid.’  The government pays 50000 to 75000 afg to old retirees, but those who have newly retired are paid 300000 afg per year, and it is not fair, Akram further said. Mohammad Hashim, a military-man who have been retired 40 years ago asks the government to pay serious heed in their salaries’ payment.
Karima Malikzada

Saturday, February 11, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Hundreds of destitute and returned families from Pakistan received assistance in Nangarhar province.
Head of the immigration and repatriation department of Nangarhar told BNA, in this round for more than 370 families cash and winter clothes distributed.
The assistance was provided by the world institution of child protection.

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