21 April 2019

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Sunday March 10, 2019

KANDAHAR CITY (BNA) Foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs have been distributed to hundreds flood-damaged families in southern Kandahar province.
The families completely lost their houses due to flash floods in various parts of Kandahar province.
Press office of Kandahar governor by releasing a statement issued that, the foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs have bene provided by internal and external charity organizations include Shahid General Abdul Raziq charity foundation and distributed to 600 flood-affected families.
About 1500 families have been damaged due to recent flash floods in Kandahar province that all of them need serious humanitarian assistances.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock plans to plant 20 million saplings throughout the country.
The ministry’s spokesperson Akbar Rustami said a few day remained for spring season, adding the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, national environment protection agency, Kabul municipality and private sector ha, he added. ve prepared twenty million saplings and their plantation process to start in many provinces.
The sapling plantation process has already started in tropical provinces and would finish by the end of Hoot, he added.
The process started on Hoot 15 in cold provinces and will continue until Hamal 15, he went to say.
This is while the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock provided 1.6 mln saplings this year.
He added journalists, local people and civil society activists have already started sapling plantation in Nangarhar, Khost and a number of other provinces and the process is still continuing.
National environment protection agency will soon lunch awareness campaigns in the center and other provinces on sapling plantation benefits, the agency’s public relations section head Laila Samani said.
She added we are making effort to train the women councils and districts’ in-charges on saplings’ plantation and protection, as well as we will form an environment protection committee to institutionalize this culture in schools.
An expert on agricultural affairs Mirwais Khogyani stresses that besides saplings plantation, attention should also be paid to their protection.
This comes as the ministry of public health says that air pollution is the main factor behind outbreak of various diseases in the country.
The ministry’s in-charges say that green areas can help beautify the environment on one hand and prevent outbreak of diseases on the other.
Welcoming preparations taken by the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock on saplings’ plantation, Kabul residents say the ministry has always made effort in greenery of the country, but the people particularly the Kabul residents should also take part in this regard.
“This is the responsibility of everyone to plant a sapling to fight air pollution in the country,” a Kabul resident Nabila said.
Shukria Kohistani

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Ferozkoh (BNA) 14 construction and water supply projects put into exploitation in Ghor province.
Engineer Amanullah Noori head of provincial office of national program of citizenship covenant of Ghor province told BNA local correspondent, the projects included construction of springs, protecting walls, construction of drinking water reservoirs and installing of locations put into exploitation by citizenship covenant program with 10 per cent collaboration of people at the cost of more than 22 million Afghanis in Shahrak, Tolak districts of that province.
Khair Mohammad Nayebi head of rural rehabilitation and development office said, with implementation of the irrigational network, the villager’s access to drinking water has increased and had reduced the morbidity and mortality of people, especially children and women.
T. Yarzada

Friday March 8, 2019
HERAT CITY (BNA) The construction work of five development projects has been completed and put into exploitation in western Herat province.
The projects has been built by Citizen Covenant National program in relevant areas of Guzar Shaikh Marouf Kochi and 11th precinct of Herat city.
The projects include the construction of water supply networks, Entertainment Park, extension of electricity network, roads asphalting and project for women’s livelihoods.
Younus Ahmadi in-charge of press office in Herat municipality said, the projects have been implemented with a sum of over 13 million within the last four months.
By implementing of the projects over 12,000 people will be used environmental facilities.


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