29 April 2017

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Saturday March 4, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The ministry of urban development and housing has taken responsibility of government reconstruction projects. Nilofar Langar, the spokesperson to the ministry said that transferring projects have not been done on agreement, but based on presidential decree.
It has been mentioned in the decree that except three security entities, all ministries should transfer their housing and reconstruction projects to the ministry of urban development, aims to lead the country toward professionalism and any organ’s working programs to be specified, she further said.
For instance, if the ministry of education gets involved in reconstruction of schools, then its main task will be forgotten. Thus, to clarify any ministry’s function, the ministry of urban development is the only professional entity in the field of reconstruction in the country, she added.
The successes obtained by the ministry of urban development in this field, have been the reason why the reconstruction projects have been transferred to it, she went on to say.
The ministry is moving toward a bright way in order to win the trust of people, government and the international community, she continued.
On dwelling problem, the ministry of urban development is making effort to build residential townships in consider with the country’s population so to tackle the people problems in this regard, she pointed out.
She believes her ministry could have drawn the international community’s support, as Qatar is expected to inaugurate a housing project which includes 1000 residential units. Likewise, 10,000 residential units are expected to be built by China, part of which in Kabul and the rest in other provinces of the country, she added. Currently, two phases of the project which includes more than 2500 apartments have been planned in Kabul and are ready to come into effect, she said. On 1396 plans, she said the ministry in cooperation with the World Bank have arranged the Housing National Program aims to win the people and government trust.
On construction of Afghanistan’s historical sites, she said the ministry have already started work on Darul Aman Palace which fortunately, its first phase has been completed and the second phase has been inaugurated. All the country’s historical sites will be built by the ministry of urban development and the plans in this regard have been completed at some extent, she added. Reconstruction of Darul Aman Palace is a four-year project, but we plan to complete its work on 100th independence anniversary day, she added. Therefore, we are making effort to soon complete the reconstruction project of the palace so to magnificently celebrate the day, she said.
Shukria Kohistani

Saturday March 4, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani provided funds for treatment of a Tala Barafak Mine injury, said Bakhatar News Agency the other day.
Mohammad Hanif who was a mine worker in Tala Barfak district of Baghlan province, sustained wounds from terrorists has been hospitalized in Ghazi Amanullah Khan Hospital, where the president donated up to 250,000 Afghanis to be treated in India. The decision comes after an open letter sent by the worker’s wife to the president asking for treating her husband in one of the foreign countries hospitals, said the BNA. The president also instructed his health advisor to follow the process of his treatment in the friendly country, according to the agency.

Friday March 1, 2017
Kandahar City (BNA) At least 8 passengers have died and another was injured due to traffic accident in Kandahar-Herat highway the other day.
Samim Ikhpelwak spokesman of Herat governor told BNA correspondent, the incident took place when a vehicle type of Saracha smashed with a truck in outskirt of Maiwand district, Kandahar-Herat highway.
An eyewitness says after the event Saracha vehicle set on fire and all its passengers have burned.
Two women and two children were among the victims of the deadly incident.
Traffic officials in Kandahar-Herat highway claimed that the main reason behind the road accident is carelessness of Saracha’ driver.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Five people were martyred and two others were injured in a traffic accident on Kandahar-Helmand highway.
The event occurred while a vehicle hit a truck.
A traffic source of Kandahar-Helmand highway told BNA, in the accident, five people lost their lives and two others were wounded.
He called more speed the main reason of the incident.

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