28 October 2020

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Friday September 11, 2020
JALALABAD CITY (BNA) Humanitarian aids have been distributed to hundreds destitute and poor families in eastern Nangarhar province the other day.
The families have been affected due to war, flash floods and COVID-19 outbreak.
Press office of Nangarhar governor in a statement reported, the distributed aids include rice, flour, cooking ghee, tea, sugar, blanket, home furniture and tent.
It has been said, in this round 483 needy and destitute families have received assistances.
The aids have been provided by internal and external charity organizations.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020
Charikar (BNA) Kabul Private Orphanage distributed food to 1,000 flood-affected families in Parwan yesterday evening.
A local Parwan official told BNA that officials at the Kabul private orphanage distributed some rice, flour, oil and tea to 1,000 families affected by the recent floods.
Parwan Governor Fazluddin Ayar thanked the Kabul private orphanage for its charitable action and called for more help from the victims.
T. Yarzada

Wednesday September 9, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Humanitarian aids have been distributed to hundreds poor and needy families in eastern Nangarhar province the other day.
The assistances have provided by World Food Program (WFP) and distributed to the families; those affected due to natural disasters incident, war and COVID-19 outbreak.
In-charge of refugees and repatriation department of Nangarhar told BNA reporter, the aids include, rice, flour, cooking ghee and sugar.

Tuesday September 8, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Ahmad Shah Massoud who had been born in Panjshir province of Afghanistan in 1953, had initiated his armed activities against Red Army in 1975 and he was leading a 20 armed groups with a holy struggle (Jihad) as he was 19 years old, however, he did not have enough experiences.
Massoud had been an outstanding person in the history of Afghanistan and he had always continued his Jihad against the Russian troop who had dangerous conspiracies and were willing to invade and destroy Afghans’ homeland and turn it into a ruined country. Ahmad Shah Massoud who was a brave and courageous person in the history of Afghanistan, had demonstrated his capability and obtained the different victories and achievements in the fields of social activities in the Afghan homeland.
Ahmad Shah Massoud not only was a politician, culturist and strategist and knowledgeable man, but he had compassionate behavior with the Afghan nation. He was wishing to rescue the Afghan people and Afghanistan from the Russian invasion.
The Afghan analysts who had evaluated Massoud’s victories during Jihad as significant gains, had expressed their views that Massoud successes had been originated from his knowledge and capability in the fighting against the Russian forces. After helping defeat the Soviets, Massoud fought against the Taliban and al-Qaeda as the leader of the Northern Alliance, cementing his reputation as a deft military strategist. A week-long commemoration is now underway in Afghanistan marking the life of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the leader who led a poorly equipped force that helped humble a superpower. Former President Hamid Karzai has deemed Massoud a “national hero of Afghanistan”, and the anniversary of his death has become known as “Martyr’s Week”. Massoud was not an ordinary Afghan. He spoke fluent French and - in between coordinating attacks against the Red Army - was known to recite poetry and play football with his fighters.
To his supporters, Massoud was a humble and astute leader who devoted 30 of his 48 years to defending Afghanistan. He was a hero who led a clear struggle for the values of the people. In war for the religion and his country, he didn’t bow to any wile and subsection. He stood alongside the people. Under the hardest moments of the history, which the human being’s wisdom believed resistance and salvation was impossible, he confronted and resisted with the hope of The Allah Almighty. The international intelligence, powerful regional armies, terrorists from 44 world countries, with different world plans didn’t succeed against him.
He killed no prisoner, during 30 years of his Jihad (holy war) and resistance. He trusted in a Russian prisoner as much as he turned him his bodyguard, by no mean to betray against. The man, according to the military experts, 60 percent of the soviet casualties was of his strikes is “Ahmad Shah Massoud”, The National Hero, whose realities of life is unfathomable within legends.
The world accepted this reality and before being entitled as National Hero, confirmed his heroism as calling him “Napoleon of His Era. Massoud is a unique phenomenon etc.” After his demise, verification from the world five continents’ politicians and militaries, was a testimony on his heroism (booklet: Massoud in Five Continents of the World) that the Russians, despites all their campaigns against him, acknowledged his magnanimity.
But, those with love adoration of their position, racial, linguistic, regional and religious discriminations are not ready to accept the fact and adjudicate with sound and Islamic conscience, said, “There were many commanders like Massoud in the country…” Though, such arbitrations are respected, but Massoud is the one undeniably believed to be an exception in the country’ history and in the freedom-fighting history of the world as well.
Some points of Massoud’s real life if focused and arbitrated by public visions including Muslim and non-Muslim, apart from emotion—but under wise judgment, anyone with full-length would bend honor and pride to his dignity. Known as the “Lion of Panjshir” due to his fierce resistance to Soviet attacks, Massoud then aged 48 was killed on September 9 by al-Qaeda assassins posing as journalists. The suicide attackers set off a bomb composed of explosives hidden in the camera and in a battery-pack belt.  Massoud was buried in his home village of Bazarak in the Panjshir Valley. The funeral, although in a remote rural area, was attended by hundreds of thousands of people.
Lailuma Noori

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