17 February 2019

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Sunday December 30, 2018

Taliqan City (BNA) Dozens destitute and needy families have been received foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs in northern Takhar province.
The aids have been provided by Afghan Red Crescent office.
Press office of Afghan Red Crescent by releasing a statement issued that, in this round 53 needy and destitute families have been received foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs.
The families due to droughts and war have fled from Farkhar district of the province.
The process of aids distribution continuing in Takhar.

Sunday December 30, 2018

Pul-e-Alam City (BNA) At least three commuters lost their lives following traffic accident in central Logar province yesterday.
Shah Poor Ahmadzai spokesman of police chief in Logar told BNA correspondent, the incident took place when a corolla car smashed with a Hiluxe car in Altamor region, Pul-e-Alam city the provincial capital of the province.
Three more passengers were wounded following the event, doctors in a health center called critical their health conditions, Ahmadzai added.
It is mentionable that, seven civilians lost their lives and six others were injured due to road accident in Pul-e-Alam city two weeks ago.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Mazar-e-Sharif (BNA) More than 350 deserved families have benefited from winter assistance.
According to BNA local correspondent, the charity foundation of Ofeq disseminated foodstuffs and winter clothes for more than 350 deserved families in Mazar-e-Sharif city.
The assistance included, flour, rice, ghee, winter cloths and tents.
More than 500 displaced families from Almar district, Faryab province in Mazar-e-Sharif deserts live without facilities.
T. Yarzada

Saturday, December 30, 2018

Aibak (BNA) Ten welfare projects work have been completed and put into exploitation in Samangan province yesterday.
Abdul Rab Hakimi head of rural rehabilitation and development of Samangan province told BNA, the projects included, construction of agricultural water canal, asphalting road, potable water resource, revitalize of power cord.
He added, the projects have been completed with the financial assistance of Sweden and collaboration of residents at a cost of 13 million Afghanis.
According to Hakimi, with the opening of these projects, more than 3,000 families have been benefited by the above mentioned issues.
T. Yarzada

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