29 April 2017

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Tuesday February 28, 2017

Herat City (BNA) Cash have been donated by counter-disaster committee to the families, those lost their beloved due to recent natural disaster incidents in western Herat province.
The cash distributed by Mohammad Asif Rahimi governor of Herat province, that each families received AFG 50,000.
Eight families, those lost their members eight month ago due to landside in Gulran district of the province have been received the assistances.

Monday, February 27, 2017
Faizabad (BNA) Chain embassy in Kabul assisted foodstuffs to flood affected families in Wakhan district, Badakhshan province yesterday.
Abdull Naji Nazari head of provincial council of Badakhshan told BNA, China embassy in Kabul assisted foodstuffs to 55 flood affected families via Ashkashem district.
The aids include, rice, salt and oil.
Nazari added, aids will be disseminated to displaced families through this embassy to other districts of the province soon. 

Sunday February 26, 2017

Taliqan City (BNA) Foodstuffs have been distributed by Hadaf Cultural Foundation to 120 displaced families in northern Takhar province yesterday. 
Dr. Hamiduddin head of Hadaf Cultural Foundation told BNA correspondent, the families were displaced due to recent war and insecurity from Dasht Archi district of Kunduz province and relocated in Takhar province.
The distributed aid include rice, cooking oil, tea and macaroni.

Sunday, February 26, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Increasing number of beggars in the capital city has caused concern of residents and people said that only slight number of beggars are really deserving while the others are not real beggars and are involved in begging as an occupation that cause insecurity, robbery, and corruption. People ask the responsible government authorities to collect beggars and make the city void of beggars.
Mokhtar Ahmad a resident of capital city said, “Whenever I leave home to office I see a lot of beggars on the streets. I know that the economic conditions of majority of people are not very good and they are living a pitiful life.
And some have to beg. But situation of some beggars is much better than the government employees. It is not clear who is the real beggar.
He added, professionalism of most beggars has caused people distrust to real beggars and people even refuse to contribute to real beggars. So the government should collect all beggars from the streets and train them in a certain occupation. Freshta another citizen said, “As we see the number of beggars in the city is countless. But some beggars grab our wallet, mobile etc. if we don’t pay them.
Abdul Razaq Salar general president of arrangement of social life department, MoLSA said, “In 1387 solar year, the ex-president Hamid  Karzai had issued order  (5295) on forbidding of  begging and established a commission with the participation of  representative of the ministry of labor and social affairs, MoI, MoWA, MoPH, MoHE, MoIC, MoF, Kabul municipality, AIHRC led by former second vice president Khalili: in that time  the ARCS had the secretariat of the commission.
Salar went on to say, there was an operational committee within the commission that had collected beggars from across the capital city. All collected beggars were analyzed and differentiated. Those who had  to beg,  were released in one week. Others who needed medical services, were introduced by committee to the MoPH, another number who were eligible were sent to MoLSA for employment. The MoLSA had organized certain occupation including learning of tailoring, embroidery, English and computer etc.
Talking on the reasons of begging, Salar added, “Insecurity, consecutive immigrations density of population, unemployment, poverty and some other reasons are behind begging.
Legal and security organs had also cooperated the commission.
But unfortunately this commission was dissolved. Under the commission, totally 3313 beggars including 1953 males, 1009 females and 348 children were collected and differentiated.
A number of undeserving were identified and returned to their parents.
Karima Malikzada

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