14 August 2018

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Aibak (BNA) Assistance took place for 37 recent flood affected families in Samangan province yesterday.
Head of National disaster office of Samangan told BNA, the aids included ghee, rice, bean, sugar, tea and 15,000 cash have been disseminated for flood affected families in Hazrat Sultan District of the province.
294 other flood affected families were also received aids by charity organizations in three districts of the province as well.
T. Yarzada

Monday, May 28, 2018

Kunduz (BNA) The construction work of two welfare projects were executed in Kunduz province.
Nematullah Temori spokesman for Kunduz governor told BNA, the projects included repairing of roads near Kunduz University, and installation of solar power.
In the inaugural ceremony of the projects, Dr. Ahmad Khaibar Saifi dean of Kunduz University said, with construction of the projects, the transportation problem of the University’s Students have been tackled 
T. Yarzada

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jawzjan (BNA) 220 flood affected families were received aids in Faizabad District, Jawzjan province.
Sayera Shekeb Sadat governor of Faizabad District, Jawzjan province told BNA, the aids included foodstuffs and other necessary items.
The aids were provided by WFP and IOM organization.
He said, the aids were disseminated with cooperation of officials of that province to recent flood affected families in the mentioned district.
Latest floods in Sheberghan city, and Faizabad District, Jawzjan province destroyed 1600 residential houses and hundreds of agricultural lands.
T. Yarzada

Friday May 25, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs have been distributed to 450 earthquake and floods affected families in northern Takhar province the other day. According to BNA report, the assistances have been provided by rural rehabilitation and development department, counter-disaster office, Red Crescent of Takhar, United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees and Cancern organization. The distribution aids include flour, cooking ghee, bean, tents, health packages, kitchen sites and blankets. The families were affected in relevant areas of Warsaj, Farkhar, Bangi and Namakab districts and Taliqan city the provincial capital of the province. Eng. Sebghatullah Nazari head of rural rehabilitation and development department in Takhar told, the department distributed tents for 80 affected families, those completely lost their residential houses and were living without shelters. It is mentionable that, due to earthquake and flash floods eight people have died, 14 others were injured and 477 residential houses have been destroyed in the mentioned areas of the province. According to another report, 241 floods affected families have received foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs in northern Jawzjan province. Sayera Shakeeb Sadat district governor of Faizabad told BNA, the assistances include flour, pea, blanket, health packages, kitchen site and tent that provided by counter-natural disaster commission and charity organizations stationed in the province. Due to flash floods residents of 9 villages have lost their residential houses and agricultural lands in Faizabad district of Takhar, Sadat added. The affected families asked from central and local government to provide further foodstuffs, non-foodstuffs and shelters for them. T/M.A.Ansari
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