10 December 2018

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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Sheberghan (BNA) The construction work of 24 irrigational projects for about 5,000 families kick off in Jawzjan province.
Local officials of Jawzjan told BNA, the projects will be implemented by rural rehabilitation and development office of that province.
Mohammad Ysouf Sayeed head of Jawzajan rural rehabilitation and development told BNA, these projects include extension of 54 kilometers of water network, digging of nine well and  construction of 16 indoor pools.
He further added, the projects will be implemented in several districts of Shgeberghan city.
According to the source, by completing work of these projects, about 5,000 families will be defaced for lack of access to drinking water.
The rural rehabilitation and development directorate’s water supply   program in Jawzjan province has dug up hundreds of wells for access to drinking water in different areas of that province in 15 years.
T. Yarzada

Saturday December 8, 2018

Herat City (BNA) At least 10 people including mayor of Kahsan district, Herat province lost their lives following traffic accident in Herat-Islam Qala highway yesterday.
According to BNA report, the incident took place while a car smashed with a bus in Rozanak region, Herat-Islam Qala highway.
Kahsan mayor, three engineers and six others have lost their lives due to the incident.
Traffic police started investigation regarding the incident.

Wednesday December 5, 2018

Ghazni City (BNA) The construction work of Aljahad grand mosque has started in Ghazni province.
According to BNA report, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has pledged with people to Ghanzi to construct a grand mosque in Ghazni city.
The mosque to be constructed with a sum of 60 million Afghani on 2,000 acres of land in three floors by capacity of 6,000 prayers in a time.
Abdul Rahman Atash official from presidential palace assured to Ghazni people that based on President’s commitments the construction works of a hall for women, two waiting houses for provincial hospital of Ghazni and administrative building of the province after survey and design will be begun.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Kabul (BNA) At the presence of Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh, a ceremony held to mark 70th anniversary of human rights world declaration approval, BNA reported on Tuesday.
According to the agency, VP Danesh appreciated the works done over the last more than one and half a decade by Ms. Sima Samar to promote and clarify the human rights values.
Pointing at human rights declaration teachings and regulations, second vice president Sarwar Danesh said over the last seventy years, Afghanistan has always made efforts to observe the human right values and include its contents in constitutions and other laws.
He called killing civilians, violence against women, children’s deprivation from civil rights, desert courts, kidnapping, children and women harassment among the painful examples of human rights violations.
Steps have been taken in this regard but they have not been enough to reach the goal, he further said.
He stressed that this is the government and Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) to pay further heed to tackle these problems.
He added Afghan people’s all concerns have been considered in a peace roadmap recently proposed by President Ghani.
During the ceremony, AIHRC chairwoman asked the government to consider war victims’ rights and demands in peace process.
She also criticized that the government has not paid serious heed to pave the way for women effective role in the government administrations and peace process.
Attorney General Farid Hamidi also stressed on protection of civil achievements and Afghanistan’s recent values in peace process as well as negotiations with the government armed insurgents.
Lauding the government particularly AIHRC’s efforts to institutionalize human rights values, UN representative on human rights appreciated the activities done in this regard.
He added the international community particularly the United Nations are committed to support the Afghan government plans in term of human rights.
The ceremony was attended by chairwoman of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Dr. Sima Samar, a number of cabinet members, national assembly members, ambassadors’ diplomats, international entities’ representatives, human rights activities and a number of media staff.

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