17 February 2019

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Ghor (BNA) Three irrigational network were put into exploitation in Ghor province yesterday.
Mohammad Yaqoob Raheq Marine head of Ghor province told BNA correspondent, the network have been built by the World Bank assistance in Ferozkho district of Ghor and villages of Sang Qeshqh , Shineh , Doulena district.
He added, with construction of the networks, the potable water of hundreds of families have been provided.
T. Yarzada

Monday, February 04, 2019

Aibak (BNA) Eleven Civic Program welfare projects were put into exploitation in Samangan province.
According to BNA local correspondent, the projects included, construction of agricultural water canal and 707 meters of protection wall have been constructed with budget of rural rehabilitation and development ministry in Khoram Sarbagh district at the cost of 30 million Afghani.
According to the source, approximately 2800 families were benefited from facilities of the projects.
A number of residents in the mentioned district expressed their pleasure in cultivating of their water canals.
T. Yarzada

Monday, February 04, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The Displaced and Repatriates Executive Committee held session during which serious attention has been paid on distribution of assistances to Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and repatriates’ families and to prevent misuse of aids to them, BNA reported.  According to UNHCR, 62,700 families have so far received winter assistance.  The assistance were made by UNHCR, DRC, IMC, MORR, AHF, IOM and CARE.
The ministry of refugees and repatriates reported that winter assistances have been considered to 83,000 families, but the number has increased to 96,449 and currently, 33,000 families are in dire need of urgent assistances.  The Ministry stressed that 2,800 acres of lands in Herat and 650 acres of lands have been considered to establish a temporary camp in Herat and Badghis provinces.
The minister of finance presented fund draft for security forces martyrs’ families and IDPs which was approved by the meeting.  At the end, the meeting stressed on coordination among the international and domestic organizations and instruction was given so they prudently distribute the assistance.

Monday February 4, 2019

NEELI CITY (BNA) At least 6 people have lost their lives and 8 others were wounded due to traffic accident in Daikundi province the other day.
Sakina Ihsani spokesman of Daikundi governor told BNA reporter, the incident took place when a vehicle type of Falankoch deviated from road and overturned in relevant areas of Khadir district of the province.
High speed and carelessness of the driver is the main reason behind the deadly incident, Ihsani added.
The injured of the incident timely have been shifted to provincial hospital of Daikundi province, Ihsani concluded.

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