21 November 2018

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Sunday September 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) As many as 15 commuters lost their lives and 30 others were wounded following road accident in Herat-Kandahar highway the other day.
The incident took place in relevant areas of Bakwah district, Farah province, Herat-Kandahar highway when a passenger bus smashed with a truck.
Nasir Mehri spokesman of Farah governor told BNA correspondent, 15 passengers have died and 30 others were injured following the event.
Three women and two children were among the victims of the incident.
High speed of drivers and carelessness are the main reason behind the traffic incident.
Injured of the incident have been shifted to Kandahar hospital.
The health conditions of 16 injured called critical by doctors in the hospital.

Saturday September 22, 2018

Qala-e-Naw City (BNA) About 120,000 families have been forced to leave their regions due to drought in northwestern Badghis province.
According to BNA report, UNOCHA (United National Office Coordination Humanitarian Affairs) by releasing a report issued that, “Drought have been affected about 2.2 million people across Afghanistan.”
During the current year, 250,000 families left their houses in west of Afghanistan that among them 120,000 families were forced to leave their houses in Badghis province, OCHA added in the report.
UNOCHA have been provided water drinking to 190,000 families in Herat and Badghis provinces and first aid will be distributed to them as well.
Nearly 15 million people relying on farming, livestock or agriculture-related labor opportunities in the 20 provinces most affected by the drought in Afghanistan, UNOCHA added.

Friday September 21, 2018 Herat City (BNA) At least 47 people including women and children were injured due to traffic accidents in western Herat province. Dr. Mohammad Aref Jalali head of doctors in regional hospital of Herat told BNA reporter, 47 people including 6 women and 11 children were wounded due to road accidents in the province. Carelessness of people, disobedience from traffic laws, lack of awareness from traffic laws and carelessness of drivers are the main reasons behind the deadly traffic accidents, Jalali added. Also 30 injured including 7 women have been shifted to hospitals due to beating. M.A.Ansari

Friday September 21, 2018 Kandahar City (BNA) Foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs have been distributed to hundreds returned, war-affected and poor families in southern Kandahar province. An in-charge of refugees and repatriation department in Kandahar said BNA correspondent, in this round 610 destitute, war-damaged and returned families from Pakistan have received foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs. Process of aids distribution to needy, war-affected and returned families from Pakistan continuing in the province. M.A.Ansari