27 May 2019

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Barfi; An Afghan Tradition

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Monday, January 27, 2014
Kabul (BNA)  Since ancient times in different parts of Afghanistan particularly in Kabul it was usual that just upon fall of the first snow in winter people deployed a small quantity of snow inside in an envelope and took it to the house of their relatives or friends and this make them Barfi(Snowy).
In an interview with the Kabul Times corresponded Haji Ghulam Hussein a resident of Baranah street, Kabul talking on Barfi, said for long times, making Barfi friends or relatives has been a joyful tradition in Kabul.
In the past, people made Barfi those who wake up later during winter by giving a letter containing snow in which it was written “Barfaz ma, Barfi az shoma.”
If the opposite side was intelligent, he/ she realizes quickly and catch the hand of person who has given him Barfi, makes his/her face black and makes his/her to give Barfi or an invitation according to the content of the letter he added, although this year, there was very little snow in Kabul compared to previous years, but my niece made me Barfi and astonished me while.
I had never been made Barfi before. Now I have to invite him and prepare fish, Jilibi, Uzbeki Qabeli Palaw and particularly Landi Palaw.
He went on to say, “there is a tradition among our tribe that when someone is made Barfi, usually he should invite all family members of the winner including sisters, brothers, uncle and others and prepare food according to their order, specially Landi Palaw.
Talking on Landi Hassan said, in rural areas and villages, usually every family slaughter one or two sheep’s or calf and makes Landi for winter.
Whenever these animals were slaughtered, people don’t remove their skin but pour boiled water on it and then remove their wool or shave it.
He added,” then cut it in small pieces and put salt on it and hang it in a place to become dry, when the winter advents, eat it.
It is also offered to those who win Barfi, The Landi is different in different places. Landi meat is very fat and with skin.”
Gulshan 50, called Barfi as one of the popular traditions among people of cold climate areas of Afghanistan, specially Kabul, said,” people usually take Barfi Barfi was common, so the people in order to have a good time during winter, take Barfi to the homes of their friends and relatives.
Gulshan added,” when I was young, it was very hard to take Barfi because people knew in advance and were prepared.
On day my sister gave me an envelope and told me to take it to my uncles home and flee rapidly. I also took the envelope to my uncle’s home and told him that it is a letter from his son arrived from Herat.
I was worry lust he would catch me. But fortunately I was able to escape. Wherever my uncle opened the envelope, he saw the snow.
It was written in the letter.” Mama Jan, snow came from air, Barf az ma, Barfi az shoma.”
At the bottom of the letter is written.” Please prepare Landi Palaw and invite us. Your son has just arrived from Herat.

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