23 January 2020

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Milli Bus Enterprise Must Be Revived To Avoid Overcrowding On Kabul Roads

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Sunday, June 1, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Kabul city used to be one of the beautiful capital cities in the world.
But simultaneously with the flow of population from rural areas towards metropolitan areas, massive issues forged to the city life in Kabul mainly overcrowding, air pollution, traffic James, sewerage issues and lack of substandard canalization system has further increased into the problems confronted by the city.
Besides the upper issues, currently a visible part of the people live in the city face housing issues which has led to construction of illegal houses in some areas around the city, Such an illegal move have also left negative impacts on feature of the city.
The Milli Bus Enterprises which used to be one of the government’s run bus line passes through pathetic situations these days and this caused major transportation issues to lower class community who do not have satisfactory economic conditions and incomes to travel on taxi or buy a car.
“The Milli Bus Enterprise owns at least 110 buses which carry passengers in different parts of the city in areas including Kabul Airport Road, Kart-e-Naw, Dosad Family, Dasht-e-Barchi and some other areas,” Milli Bus Enterprise Chief Ahmad Nazar Rezayee said. “Milli Bus also operates in some provinces of the country such as Panjshir, Kabul, Parwan, Maidan Wardak, government do not pay subsidy, despite price hike, and Milli still pursue its old policy and takes 5 AFG from passengers.
“In recent years, a number of countries such Iran, India, Pakistan, Japan and Italy provided assistance to Milli Bus, India had pledged to give 1000 buses, but till now we haven’t received it, technically also we face major challenges, because we have not resources to purchase equipment, tires and other necessary and technical facilities and lawbreakers have occupied some properties which belonged to Milli Bus Enterprises,” Rezayee added. “The Milli Bus Enterprises is committed to serve the people, but for this purpose, enterprises needs more resources and donor countries must honor their commitments they made to Milli Bus enterprises, we have raised the issues with private sector and other responsible organs in every meeting,” Rezayee further said. Meanwhile, a number of citizens have said that the government must revive Milli Bus to help the poor people use from the privileges.
“Milli Bus Enterprises must not play symbolic role, in recent years, it has failed to provide better services to the people and Kabul residents have their complaints about it,” Kabul resident Omid said. This comes at a time that in years between 2005 and 2006 more than 400 buses were operating around the city and today only 60 buses operate which shows a visible decline.

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