17 February 2019

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Women Celebrate New Year In Shahrara Garden

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Monday March 30, 2015
Kabul (BNA) A number of Afghan women marked advent of spring in Bagh-e-Zanana, Kabul, with the beginning of the new year, majority of compatriots travel to every knock and corner and recreational place and celebrate advent of spring.
Kabul is not the only place in which people are threatened by suicide attacks but it is also a place, in which people can go to recreational areas, organize picnics and enjoy. Bagh-e-Zanana is the only place in Kabul that usually on Fridays and public holydays large number of women gather and make picnics. It was the first day of Hamal and beginning of spring and women were arriving there in Bagh-e-Zanana in separate groups to celebrate spring. Beside the women who had come there to organize picnics, there were women who sold and supply delicious Afghan traditional foods including Bolani, Mantoo, Ashak, Chips, Kebab and other foods as well as non-alcoholic beverages while another number of women sold toys for their children. Shirin Gul a woman, who was baking Bolani there, said “I usually prepare Bolani to women who had come there. I prepare essential raw materials at home and bring it on Fridays to this place.
I am very happy to serve Afghan women in this way and afford to support my children from this business. She asked the women to observe cleanness of the garden. In a corner of the garden a number of women with their female family members and children were sitting on the grasses. I also joined them and sat there among them. Fatema was one of them, on old women who had come with her female family members there, said “Since long past times, the women of Kabul used and were interested to go to parks and organize picnics during spring and summer. Bagh-e-Zanana was allocated since its construction to women. Despite of current challenges and threats including wars, suicide attacks and other potential misfortunes particularly against women we women also want to go to recreational places like men and enjoy the life which is a God sent gift. Shogofa a house wife said “The house occupations usually make me very tired and I needed fun. Therefore some Fridays we come here and amuse. I am pleased to see large number of my fellow-country women here and there is no disturbance for women.
She asked the relevant authorities to establish special parks and entertainment places for women create reliable atmosphere for them so they could lead a peaceful life. Our reporter added that in another part of the garden there were a lot of children with colored clothes involved cheerfully in amusement with toys provided by the officials of the garden. They were running from one side to the other side. Usually children want their families to take them to parks to make fun. Zelaikha a young girl said “We want to be happy always, we like green places form amusement after school. There are not entertainment place in our schools, while children need recreational areas. In this place everything including green environments, port facilities, restaurants, learning center of different occupations and store are available to visitors. It has been said that this garden was constructed by Shahr Banoo the father aunt of Zahiruddin Mohammad Babur the founder of Gorganian Royal Dynasty of India in 16th century and named it after Shahrara, the daughter of Babur.  For several decades this place was forgotten until Amir Abruhman Khan rebuilt it late 19th century and changed it to a reception place of his import ant guests.
It was damaged during the factional conflicts in late 20th century and in 2002 the Ministry of Women Affair rebuilt it again with an expenditure of $600,000 contribution of foreign aids. According to the authorities of the MoWA, so far 16 similar gardens have been constructed in different provinces.  Shukria Kohistani

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