26 February 2020

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Attention Towards Kabul City Environment

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Monday, April 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Kabul city has been changed further than ever as five million populations and more them five hundred thousand new and old vehicles producing high smoke cause outbreak of different disease particularly respiratory ailment to the residents.
In the meantime, much problem had been created as a result of low quality petroleum, fuel, wood and coal used in the kiln, baths and factories as well as spreading of dust from gravels streets would also cause health problems.
Therefore, the residents have responsibility to take part in cleaning of their environment specially cleanliness of their residence, environment and cities in order to prevent more air pollution.
So residents are careless to keep clean their environment as well they were careless before residence, people city and their countries and never feel responsibility but they have to make efforts to take part in greenery and construction of their countries as well as they should advice and encourage others to give hands to each other in greenery and protection of their city and feel responsibility before their country.
It is worth mentioning that the air pollution would cause different diseases because majority of infection has threaten the resident as a result of infection of air pollution on one hand and on the other , hike of fuel prices such as gas , woods, coals and foodstuff.
If the resident get sick in this situation, how they can treat their health with low income and how could overcome to other problems, in the meantime in this season when a person get sick and refer to the private hospital before the physicians diagnose their health problems, ask them for money first in order to start examination and prescribe many medicine for them and most of the families can’t pay for their treatment.
Therefore all the residents are asking the organs concerned particularly the ministry of Public Health for making efforts in monitoring and controlling of private hospitals and clinics and prevent the injustice.
Every individual has responsibility to make effort to perform their actives and task in different fields honestly and loyalty before their people and task in different fields honestly and loyalty before their people and country and cooperate with municipality officials to keep cleaning their environment and prevent more air pollution of the country in order to have blue and clean sky one day.

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