20 July 2018

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MoCN Launches ‘Youth National Mobilization’ Weekly Program

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Tuesday October 25, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Counter-narcotics (MoCN) launched recently the weekly programs of “Youth National Mobilization” with cooperation of ulema, youth, civil society and athletics team in regard with counter-narcotics in capital and provinces of the country.
Advisor in MoCN Zabihullah Dayem in connection with Youth National Mobilization weekly program held in connection with haltering of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan said that one of effective programs in counter-narcotics that is held this year is the weekly program of “Youth National Mobilization” in the same. This program was include of various fields. Through such programs we can promote the level or awareness of people in regard with counter-narcotics and we had a message that our people and youth say “No” to this ominous phenomenon. Dayem stated. He said, this program is approved and initialed by presidential office and parliament of the country. Based on the same, annually, in June in every week, we launch vast campaign against narcotics. In response to a query, the advisor of counter-narcotics ministry asserted that from among 34 provinces of the country, poppy is cultivating in 21 provinces. These provinces are divided into east, west, north and south zones.
According to figures received by this ministry, about 59 percent poppy is planted in southern zone of the country that is include of Helmand, Nimroz, Kandahar, Urozgan, Farah and Zabul provinces and in western zone poppy is planted in the provinces of Herat, Badghis and some other provinces that majority of poppy is cultivated in southern provinces especially in Helmand province. Dayem added, we also have poppy free provinces as well. These provinces are including of Logar, Paktia, Paktika, Bamyan, Parwan, Maidan Wardak and some others. But from among 34 provinces, poppy is cultivated in 21 provinces and the remaining are poppy free. In response to another question, the advisor of MoCN has mentioned that in previous years, Afghanistan was one of greatest countries in the world that poppy was planting in it, but the survey conducted last year by the UN office on Drugs and Crime (UNoDC), Bhutan, Myanmar and Thailand were the countries that vast areas were planted with poppy in them.
But based on the survey conducted by Ministry of Counter-narcotics, Ministry of Interior and head of regional office of crime of the UN that was released, unfortunately in current year, ten percent increase has been taken place in poppy cultivation and about 43 percent in production of it.
In connection with cooperation of other organs in haltering of this phenomenon, Dayem stated that the week of national mobilization that we held is an inter-ministerial program, a number of ministries are practically cooperating us in counter-narcotics. The Ministries of Interior, Haj and Endowment, Information and Culture, Education and Higher Education are the ministries are assisting us in national mobilization of program and there are some optimisms these cooperation be continued so that to have better achievements in reduction of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. In connection with the message of this ministry to the nation of Afghanistan, the ministry advisor told that our people comprehended that the narcotics is one of great challenges in their life. This challenge is not belong to the government of Afghanistan. We sincerely demand from all strata of the society to be serious in haltering of narcotics and have a serious commitment so that the increment in number of addicts be prevented in Afghanistan and through this, poppy cultivation be reduced in the country.
We have 1305 million addicts in Afghanistan.
It is a great challenge faced by the people of this country. We hope with a firm determination, all strata of our society be serious till prevent this heinous phenomenon. In regard with alternate crop, he said that with cooperation of ministry of agriculture, rehabilitation and rural development, we have different alternate crops in the province. Programs of horticulture, crops and useful herbs that bear benefit several times were expanded for peasants. Likewise, increment of green houses and green areas and village’s system and expansion of vegetables in the provinces are another programs so that our peasants to gain a loaf of bread for their families. In respect to functioning of narco-producing factories in the country, advisor of the ministry added that comparing 2002, the producing factories of narcotics were transferred to overseas. Because, vast operations were launched inside Afghanistan to eliminate these factories and to prevent the production of narcotics in Afghanistan, the borders’ tightening was recognized as the best way for this purpose and it was regarded as the only way of campaign against narcotics. There are limited number of heroin production in Afghanistan that sustain injury.
Shukria Kohistani

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