22 May 2018

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HPC Asks World Powers Not To Use Afghanistan As Battleground

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Monday January 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Officials of High Peace Council (HPC) said that Afghanistan would not tolerate implementation of other countries’ project inside it anymore, asking the world powers don’t political competitions battlefield.
Russia has doubted the US efforts on ensuring security and peace and planned to prevent spreading insecurity inside its soul by supporting the Taliban, according to the HPC officials. A member of HPC, Din Mohammad said, ‘the world powers can solve their problems through diplomatic channel and should not change Afghanistan into their political battlefield.’ At the sometime, First Lady, Rola Ghani in her recent remarks asked the world countries not to change Afghanistan into their military and economy competitions’ ground, because, the Afghan nation has paid much over the last more than three decades. Likewise, criticizing the regional countries’ interferences into Afghanistan’s affairs, Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, senate speaker said, “Recently, closing of relations among the regional powers on Afghanistan’s issue, particularly the Moscow summit which was held without any Afghan representative, has been in contrary with international norms. He added that the regional countries with their wrong policies, have paved the ground for other countries to interfere, therefore, they are asked to stop interfering in to Afghanistan’s domestic affairs.
Furthermore, Akram Andishmand, a political expert on Afghanistan and region said, “insecurities in the country particularly in north, have seriously concerned the Central Asian countries, and they have planned to close relations with insurgent groups. He added, that to prevent terrorist groups’ activities in the region, the regional powers, particularly Russia should cooperate with the Afghan government and stop interfering in the country’s internal affairs and an Afghanistan’s representative should be present in any regional summit. Another political expert and a university lecturer said, “Afghanistan should have close relations with all Central Asian countries and pave the ground for people to get rid of security, economy and other challenges and live in a peaceful atmosphere. The government has always stressed that terrorism is not only a threat to Afghanistan, but to all regional and the world countries as well and a joint fight in needed against it. This is while that over the last fourteen years, many countries of the world have cooperated with Afghanistan in ensuring peace in the country, is the Afghan main demand.

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