22 May 2018

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Destitute & Displaced Families Need Urgent Aids In Cold Season

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Tuesday January 10, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Assisting the poor is an Islamic and national obligation that should consider and meet by all conscientious and real Muslims.
BNA social analyst commenting on the issue writes the severing cold has increased the problems of needy and poor people. Several million people are living under poverty line in Afghanistan and a number of people who provide their daily needs intolerable work are not great. In the meantime, the incidents emanated from security problems badly affected the life of our people. According to the statistics realized by relevant authorities of the country, the figure of displaced families has reached to 163381 in this cold season due on going wars and insecurity. They need urgent helps, if the aids are not providing on time, the consequences would be disastrous and painful. The authorities of Counter Natural Disaster Department have said that they were ready to accommodate the natural and war stricken people in this cold season, for this reason the state has allocated one million Afs.
The report that the relevant authorities, earlier to the occurrence of disasters think about fighting effectively against the consequences of the disasters is good news, because it will certainly decrease the number of casualties and the level of destructions in comparison to the previous years. However, considering the bulk of problems and the number of poor and needy people, the fund allocated is not enough to counter natural and security disasters. Without doubt, the financial authorities of the country will blame the shortage of funds, it would be justifiable in some cases, but they can add to the allocation via other sources to reduce the pains and severe problems of those deplorable people. Afghanistan is among the countries that see the most cases of natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, and avalanches, while the Afghan people not only suffering from fatal natural disasters, but they should also tolerate the heavy burdens imposed on them by armed oppositions supported by foreign intelligences.
For settling these intolerable problems, first of all the armed oppositions, following Islamic teachings should cause no further problem to their vulnerable fellow citizens in winter. In the second step, it is the Islamic and human obligation of every individual to provide urgent aids to this war and natural stricken people via establishing aid centers in the capitals of the provinces. Through these centers, they can donate cash, warm clothes, food and other necessary goods and materials. This process needs a proper management. In the capital, aid agencies, civil society activists can manage the process, in the provinces, local authorities, provincial councils and dignitaries are the major sources for collecting money and other necessary goods and distributing among the needy and poor people.
It is of great importance to take the problem of the destitute and needy people in country serious and carry out our Islamic, social, and humanistic obligation to help this vulnerable class of the society properly and timely.
Nematullah Nemat

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