22 July 2019

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Afghan Human Rights Commission Says, “Violence Against Women Has Increased 8.6%.”

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Monday March 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Violence against women in addition to physical harms also causes mental trauma to its victims.
The annual report of Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission released a couple of days ago indicates that violence against women in Afghanistan has increased. The report says violence against women in Afghanistan in 2016 has increased 8.6% than the previous year. BNA reporter regarding the issue reports, the findings of the report suggest that the increase of the figures of violence against women indicate that coming of violence stricken  women to legal and judicial organs have increase, but due to lack of rule of law has caused dissemination of immunity from punishment and increase of violence against women. The report claims that illiteracy, addiction, lack of security, the culture immunity from punishment, lack of trust to justice and judicial organs and unfavorable traditions and custom are the main factor behind the increase of violence against women. The authorities of Afghan Independence Human Rights Commission for reduction of violence against women suggest matters as follow:  public awareness from their rights, providing the ground for the employment of women, ending the rule of unfavorable traditions and customs, amending and reviewing certain laws in that regard and establishing facilities for access of women to justice and judicial organs.
Increase of violence against women rights in Afghanistan, even dealing with this socially deprived class in our community as a commercial good, takes place in time in a time where the women enjoy the support of democratically government and international community in the last decade. The hopes for the equality of gender have increase and ensuring women’s rights has committed in constitution, unfortunately these commitments have remained on the paper and not yet employed in practice, the recent report of  Independent Human Rights Commission is a clear evidence of  our claim. Still the women are deprived even from their basic rights. The main concern of world community regarding to the women rights in Afghan community especially in remote areas is the existence of old traditions and customs that threat the women’ rights the most. It should be note that violations against women rights in Afghanistan take place while the Islamic teachings have clearly showed and emphasis on observing the rights and obligations of women in the community. Lack of religious knowledge, illiteracy, prevail unfavorable traditions and custom and man rule in the community are the major factors of violence against women in our country. Therefore, to rid the women from violence, providing religious knowledge, eradication of illiteracy and ending to unfavorable traditions and customs are severely needed.

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