20 August 2018

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Growing Water Shortage Concerns Kabul Citizens

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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Underground waters scarcity has critically concerned Kabul citizens, as officials said growing population, high use of dug wells’ waters by the citizens and lack of seasonal rainfalls are the main factors behind the problem.
In Kabul, in the last five years, wells could be dug twenty five meters in the earth to give an overflow water to the citizens, but right now this can’t be accessed even from 70 to 80 meters.
According to reports, 15 years back, water reached to 44 million cubic meters, but now it has declined at 30 cubic meters and the Kabul water doesn’t suffice for only one million population, while more than four millions are annually using the water.
In other countries, such problems could be tackled through preplanned programs, years ago, but in Afghanistan, development budgets are spent in routine needs and small projects with little achievements, as they are not paid attention as much as those of the most important ones and moreover, these projects attract attention and the organs concerned are launching them only because of publicity and capturing heeds of the people and international donors.
Billions of dollars in aids since the last more than one and half decades poured in Afghanistan, but left no tangible results for the people, because of being spent not in the infrastructural projects.
As right now the international community’s aids are gradually lessening and is feared to be cut in the future, expenditure of budget should be paid attention and the projects prioritized.
We are now facing with short of time and fund to lose our time and waste our budget, at a time when the Kabul citizens are using imputable and polluted waters. In the next few years, Kabul citizens are feared to face critical shortage of hygienic waters.
The government, if wanted to win the people support, it should run infrastructural projects and provide the people with all essentials including clean drinking water, particularly in the capital, as the Kabul underground waters are being drained day by day, due to lack of seasonal rain-and-snowfalls. Years ago, the government was planned to provide the people in Kabul with potable waters through construction of water-dams in Shahrod of Kabul, Gulbahar and Jabalussaraj, but the drafts forgotten in the very beginning days and no practical step was taken on. Finally water issue was discussed by the country’s leadership paving the way for the presidential palace to host contract-signing ceremony in which the first phase of a three-phase water supply project was signed. The project, after completion, would benefit 10,000 households to use potable water. But this is insufficient and the government has to provide sustainable drinking water for the Kabul citizens, as this wouldn’t be possible to have a developed country unless to have infrastructural projects applied.
Lailuma Noori

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