24 June 2018

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Afghanistan Martyrs; Symbol of National Unity

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Monday September 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Contemporary history of Afghanistan is a magnificence history, in which brave and epic making men managed to shed their warm and red blood and made the battlefields colorful.
They devoted their lovely lives for their homeland freedom and independence. So Afghanistan martyrs are symbol of national unity because they have fought and safeguarded their beloved country irrespective of their ethnic, tribal, linguistic affiliations. Commemoration of national hero and other martyrs is a religious and national obligation and celebration of the position of martyr is not only reminding of the past but is renewal of treaty with martyrs. The national hero, martyred Ahmad Shah Masoud was not dependent to a particular tribe, nationality or ethnic group and province but he belongs to Pan Afghan brave nation. Ahmad Shah Massoud had always emphasized on one point, the national unity. The memories of these sincere devotees would be inserted in the golden pages of our history.
National hero, Ahmad Shah Masoud spent most parts of his life for freedom of the country with a sincere and firm intention. He was the vanguard of men who had determined to liberate their country. Masoud had started his Islamic and freedom fighting struggles originally in the framework of Afghanistan Islamic Movement, but soon due to difference of opinion with other leaders of A.I.M, he separated and acted independently. No doubt, Masoud was one of the mythical commanders of Mujahedeen in 80s against invasion of the defunct USSR Red Army. He was always in the bloody trenches of Jihad and had been tolerating all hardships and difficulties of war beside his brave people. Only those dignitaries became eternal in the memory of history who tie their destiny with their people one.
He was the only Mujahedeen commander who had resisted till the end against the petrified Taliban mercenaries. Unfortunately Masoud was killed by Arab mercenary terrorists and following of his martyrdom, The Times of London in its 26 Sep. 2001 issue released an article about him by Antony Levid. Although before departure, Masoud had warned time and again the world on threat of terrorism and extremism but his unexpected death was an alarm that had wakened up the world specially the US and allies. A question raises here that who benefitted Masoud’s martyrdom? And which countries saw their interests in danger in his presence in Afghanistan and in the region? No doubt, terrorists had influenced Masoud’s security vacuum and targeted him. In conspiracy of Masoud assassination several people, organizations and countries were involved. But he, the hero Masoud had not only sacrificed his life for people of Afghanistan but with his tired and injured body, devoted his drops of blood for dignity and reputation of Afghanistan.
Masoud had lived beyond his time and place and lived with his high ideas and goals. But regrettably, his friends and relatives sacrificed Masoud’s great and lofty goals for their temporary and quick-fading desires. The political disorder in the last 16 years, indicated that, his friends were more actively involved in converting of his real figure than his foes and had lost his mental and ideological address. For realization of Masoud’s righteousness and goals, its enough that today the world calls those Masoud was fighting them, terrorists. Masoud resisted those alone that today the world super powers feel failure against them. Our brave security forces are today the torch bearers because decisively and with full devotion standing across the country against the enemies of peace and stability and try to restore reliable security to people and have prevented further devastation of their country. The ANSF have been devoting their sweet lives in this path and have proven that they are real sons of this territory. Therefore, we celebrate the martyr’s week, once again commemorate the memories of all our dear martyrs and pray for peace of their souls.
Lailuma Noori

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