20 July 2018

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A Soldier Who Lost Life To Defend His Compatriots / On the Occasion of Martyr’s Week:

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Martyr’s Week is being marked while still no considerable attention has been paid to martyrs’ families. This is while that recently, a family had lost its son who was a guard near a New Kabul Bank branch in Kabul.
When I stepped inside the martyr family’s alley, the images of Hashmat has attracted my attention which makes everyone cry, a young boy who had gone with countless dreams.
In an interview with Hashmat’s father, he said, “Hashmat had worked as a police for five years. He had gone to different unrest provinces to perform duty, but unfortunately, he had been martyred in the capital Kabul.”
Rabbani, father of Hashmat said, “My son had done something any one won’t do. He could prevent more live casualties by sacrificing himself.”
Criticizing the government, New Kabul Bank, and human rights commission, he added a one-year-old girl has left from my son who needs to be well-taken care. Because, recently as we have appeared in media, we don’t have financial and live safety anymore, he said, adding my son had caused the terrorists not to reach their malicious goals, so his wife and daughter are not safe here any longer.
He stressed two weeks had passed since my son’s martyrdom and his mother is still mourning, but I ask my other son, who is now working as a police too, to continue his brother’s path and serve his people and homeland.
Hashmat’s mother says, my son had been sacrificed to save his people. She added I had six sons and I lost a few of them defending the country. “Hashmat was the only breadwinner of our family, we were managing our life with his 11000 afs salary,” she said.
She asked the government to pay attention to Hashmat’s family, she added my grandson and bride need the government’s cooperation and support, because my son had great dreams to his daughter, thus, her future should be guaranteed. Hashmat’s wife still doesn’t believe her husband had been martyred, she said “I don’t know how to live hereafter.” She asked the government to guarantee our future, because my husband had been martyred on duty.
“Before I was married to Hashmat, I worked in media and now I want to start working again to true the dreams of Hashmat, who had them for his daughter and continue to work as other women who have lost their husbands,” Mrs. Zamira added. It is worth mentioning that like Hashmat a large number soldiers lost their lives for the protection of their people and country in battlefields in various parts of the country and have remained unknown.
Suraya Raiszada

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