10 December 2018

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How To Have A Sound Environment

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Tuesday November 7, 2017

Kabul (BNA) In order to have a sound environment, as a first step we should start cleanliness from ourselves and keep our body, cloth, room, house and locality clean and seriously focus on this issue. But in contrary, if we fail to start cleanness from ourselves, in fact we would not manage to keep our living place clean.
Lack of attention to individual, family and environmental sanitation would result in our affection to different fatal diseases and would be deprived of full health. So it would be better to make efforts to have full health and healthy body.
Thus we would manage to guarantee our family health and environment. It is worth to say that until we don’t realize importance of individual, family and environmental cleanness, we would never be able to keep them clean. If we don’t wash our body at least twice a week, don’t wash and replace our clothes regularly, don’t clean our room every day, don’t eat hygienic food, we would be affected with various fatal diseases and these diseases would outbreak among our family members, relatives and friends and carelessness to this issue causes out breaking of diseases in our society.
This would be possible only when we would put garbage and dusts and wastes into garbage bins in our homes and localities and thus avoid throwing garbage into sidewalks, streets, gutters etc. We should not disturb ordinary people and should not contaminate our environment with our hands deliberately. We should not contaminate our potable water sources like wells and don’t jeopardize health of family members and society. Because in case of contamination of wells we would be deprived of access to clean potable water. During digging of septic wells, we should notice that they should not be tugged near the potable water wells so the waste water doesn’t’ penetrate into potable water well and would not contaminate potable water sources.
We also should not pollute air of environment in which we live with use of smoke producing materials, because polluted air directly damages our health and causes out breaking of various respiratory diseases particularly lungs cancer among people and jeopardize life of large number of countrymen. So in order to filtrate environment air, we should plant saplings and thus make our environment green and prevent air pollution and guarantee  not affection of our people to fatal respiratory diseases.
Masouda Qarizada

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