Kabul People Council Emphasizes On Timely Election

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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Kamal Sadat, deputy to the youth’s affairs of the ministry of information and culture, at a meeting of the Kabul People Council asked the youths to gain military knowledge and join army and the police, BNA reported the other day.
The agency quoted the deputy minister as asking the youth to nominate themselves in the upcoming elections and display their capabilities. The meeting which was attended by a number of religious scholars, Kabul University lecturers, and Kabul people, emphasized on holding transparent and timely election, said the agency. Abdul Hadi Quraishi, one of the participants also spoke at the meeting and said that the people should unite under the strict condition to have legal and good government at the national and international level, the agency quoted. Mawlana Hedayat, head of Islamic Invitation Foundation of Afghanistan Scholars, Prof. Lutfullah Safi, Hamidullah Naweed and other participants also presented their viewpoints at the meeting and called the people participation in the upcoming election effective.
The conference ended with a statement requiring holding of a transparent and on-time election that would be supported by the council, said the agency asking the government for cooperation for a free challenge process and that the media, analysts and all political and civil groups should avoid any publicities may harm the national process, but instead should adopt measure in public mind-building and positive works in this field.

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