22 January 2019

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Ramadan; The Month of Quran Spring

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Everything has a spring and Ramadan is the month of Quran spring. Ramadan in Islam is a religious occasion that occurs in ninth lunar month. The Muslims believe that Quran was adverted in this month to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). In Quran the Muslims are frankly ordered to fast in this month. This month has been recognized in Islam as the most auspicious and best month. This month is also known as the month of Divine invitation.
Ramadan is the month in which Holy Quran has been revealed, Quran is a holy book that leads the people with decisive and frank arguments an is a means to differentiate right from wrong. So every Muslim should observe and fast in it. Those who are sick or travelling, may fast the same number of days in another occasion to compensate it. Allah wish you facilitation not hardship.
Ramadan compensation is for you to complete fasting and worship Allah because he has instructed you. He is great and you must be thankful.
Ramadan is the month of Allah, the month of elimination of your sins, month of self-building, occupation of soul, assisting the poors and deserving people, those who are starving. It is the month of approaching Allah.
Ramadan is the month in which people should remember Allah. The Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) has said, Oh People! Everyone who makes his/her temper good in this month, he/she would Passover Sarat Bridge easily on a day that the people steps would be shaking. Everybody who avoids his/her evil to people, Allah the Almighty spares His anger for him in resurrection day. Everybody who make mercy to an orphan in this month, Allah would be merciful to him in that day.
The words of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) are the best message of human rights for all Muslims of the world. Everybody who claims being a Muslim, should follow excellent instructions of our great prophet (PBUH).
We should regret acknowledge that some ignorant people instead to improve their ethics, resort to satanic ethics, instead to spare their evil from people, damage them and cause their annihilation. These people instead to compassionate on orphans, make further number of children orphan with their sinister actions. Instead to make efforts to burn their sins in this holy month, burn themselves and innocent people in the flames of their ignorance and cause collective insecurity and killing.
Whether such people would easily Passover the Sarat bridge and their steps would not shake? It is clear that such people would not be secure from Allah anger. These peace-loving messages of prophet (PBUH) are not merely restricted to month of Ramadan but must be applying in all months of year. It is upon us to listen them, follow them precisely throughout our life and put them as an example.

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