16 July 2019

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The Day of Arafat & Its Merits

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Sunday August 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA) To perform Hajj ceremonies, Hajis leaves for Saudi Arabia. At the dawn of Arafat after sun rising, the pilgrims move to Arafat to perform once of Hajj pillars. Gathering of pilgrims in Arafat is the indicator of unity and oneness of Muslim people. In Arafat all pilgrims with monotone proclaim their obedience to their Almighty Allah. Arafat day is the historic day of proclamation of the greatest international charter of Islam that was proclaimed by the great prophet of Islam Hazrat-e-Mohammad (PBUH) in the ceremony of Hajjat al-Wida. During his last Haj ceremony, Hazrat-e-Mohammad (PBUH) in Arafat day, delivered his historic sermon in Arafat border that in this sermon, prophet Mohammad (PBUH) mentioned on important political issues and relations among Muslims.
In this sermon, the great prophet of Islam regards important the blood and prestige of human-beings and he seriously refuted the tribal and racial discriminations and invited them to unity and fraternity with each other. He added that those who are present should transmit this message to others. In his address, the prophet says: Oh people; your Allah is one, your father is one. All of you came into being from Adam. Among you, those who are virtuous is nearer to Allah. There is no preference between Arab and non-Arab, but by obedience and virtue. Those who hear my narrations and are present here should transmit these narrations to others. In this historic sermon, Hazrat-e-Mohammad (PBUH) instructed Muslim people that you should behave with women in a good manner and they deposited to you by Almighty Allah.
The Dhu Al-Haijjah month is one of good months. Its first ten days are information that Holy Quran also referred to it and the last days are virtue and blessing. The messenger of Allah has suggested there is no benevolent act and worship favorite more and in this decade, its ninth night is the night of fervent prayer. In that night, repentance and praying being accepted by Almighty Allah. Those who pass this night with worship, he/she earns the reward of 170 years worship. But, the ninth day is the day of Arafat. In this day, Almighty Allah invites his servants for obedience and worship. For Satan, this day is the worse once. In this day, Satan is further disrespect and humble before Allah the Almighty and also this day would be the rude day for Satan. Why this day is named as Arafat? There are numerous narrations. Almighty Allah in this day dispatched Gabriel to Adam and said that: Oh Adam! Penitent from his/her mistake and patient over his/her calamity, indeed, Allah dispatched me to you and learn you the rites that with doing so, you become innocent. After that, he took his hand and brought him to square and the latter overshadowed and then he brought him to Arafat and kept him there.
He said him: when the sun sets, you confess seven times to your sin and seven times ask Allah for forgiveness and repent to Allah. Adam did so. Because of this, this day is named as Arafat. Because, Adam confessed to his sin and it remained as tradition for his offspring. The pilgrims confess to their sin like Adam. It is said that Arafat is the name of a mountain in Makkah that Hajis perform one of their Hajj rites in 9th day of Dhu Al-Hijjah there. So, this day is named as Arafa. Some other ones, with leaning to their narration that: when Gabriel dispatched Hazrat-e-Ibrahim to Arafat, addressing him said, you should recognize the rites and confess to your sins. So, this day is known as the day of acquaintance and recognition of rites and confession too sins. Ceremonial washing is also necessary in this day. It is mentionable that ever year, millions of Muslims from all parts of the Islamic world visiting Saudi Arabia to perform Haj rites that is one of the five pillars of Islam.
Lailuma Noori

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