01 June 2020

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Afghans Are Against Bloodshed in the Country

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Sunday April 21, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Imams and preachers of mosques and other religious sites consider peace and reconciliation as a need
The imams and preachers of the mosques and other religious sites before parrying Friday’s prayers in their religious preaches considering peace and reconciliation as a need asked the armed oppositions  to say yes to the call of people cooperate for restoring peace in the country.
According BNA report the Imams and preachers of the mosques and other religious holy sites, insistently pointed out that that the current fighting in the country is not justifiable by any means.
Peace is a matter commanded by God, for this reason there are numerous versed in Holy Quran which insist on establishing peace and compromise among the people. The great prophet of Islam has given such a high value to it calling it the best alms and devotion.
They have said that Islam is a faith of weal and tranquility, the faith of humanity and loving man, in which the life of people has of great value and cost.
With a brief study of Islamic teachings we find out that peace, security and rejecting evil doings is at top of priorities of all prophets especially the great prophet of Islam.  The Holy Quran as a divine’s book and human law never commands to war, killing and destruction, contrary to that instructs on humanism, self- recognition, worship of God , virtue   and avoiding war and bloodshed. According to Islam, illegally assassinating a man is equal to killing the entire humanity and saving a man is saving the humanity as a whole. While today, the war in Afghanistan is a war of brother and Muslim killing this is not justifiable by any means.  Therefore it would be better to act, in the light of the instruction of God that calls peace weal and solve our differences according to the instructions and guidelines of Islamic laws and other laws enforced laws.
The conspiracies of certain circles underway in the country should be prevented and not let the foreigners to use our country as battle from for their proxy wars, and enforcing a ceasefire besides preventing further casualties, provide an atmosphere of trust that prevent killing of innocent people and further destruction of our homeland. We hope the armed oppositions if they are Afghans desist from war and replace peace to current destructive fighting in the country.

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