06 August 2020

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Peace, The Dire Need Of Afghans

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Sunday, September 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Yesterday September 1st was coincided with World Peace Day.
The world observe this day with great aspiration. Establishment of the UN after Second World War is based mainly for restoration of peace in the world, because war brings nothing but miseries for human-being.
The efforts made by world community in hot spots of the world like Afghanistan is based on this purpose.
The ugly phenomenon of terrorism, this enemy of peace and humanity creates hurdles for not implementation of peace so; it troubles the water so fish from it.
We live in a time that because of high progress of science and technology, the globe is changed into a small village.
This closeness needs peaceful atmosphere. Because small skirmishes threatens the others’ interests and normal life.
So, it is up to this close world family to work jointly for attaining to this holy and humanitarian aspiration.
Afghanistan as a victim of imposed long wars is thirsty of peace.
Establishment of high peace council and other institutions work for peace stem from this goal.
As the holy religion of Islam says that peace is better, the time proves the reality of this heavenly aim and Afghanistan as a Muslim nation and member of world family makes efforts to gain this goal.
World and regional cooperation is needed to remove all threats of war and terrorism, this factor of inflaming of insecurity.
Based on the same, in his statement delivered in NAM Summit held recently in Tehran president Karzai in his speech said that “we have invited our brotherly neighbor Pakistan to help us in our pursuit of Lasting peace and security.”
“We are of the firm belief that ensuring security and stability in the region and eliminating the threat of terrorism depends on our sincere cooperation.”
What is mentionable is this that a stable Afghanistan is in the benefit of the region and the world as a whole. So, it is up to help each other to maintain peace in every corner of globe.
Especially in Afghanistan as the heart of Asia it bears fruits for all. In such a situation, observing world peace day is a good measure.

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