06 August 2020

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Ahmad Shah Massoud Our National Hero

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Ahmad Shah Massoud resorted to a venturous act in defending the independence of his country.
Finally, he lost his life in this heroic attempt and his name is registered in the history of the country.
Ahmad Shah Massoud carried out two big wars against Russia and second against terrorism.
He performed his historic responsibility with very little and few military weapons and ammunitions.
He defended the values and honors of Afghan people up to his last tip of life and bravely fought against the enemies until he joined the eternal hereafter.
Massoud was one of the limited numbers of people and commanders who removed his foreign enemies during the struggle in the country and didn’t leave his country in worst situation and didn’t surrender to any powers.
Massoud started his struggle against invaders and shone as a commander when world was much facing with danger of communism. The last phenomenon for which Massoud was fighting against and finally he was sacrifice and martyred was terrorism.
Massoud was a peace-loving, brave and autonomist. He was a good example for being an Afghan leader and Muslim. He had good behavior and was a faithful, patient, brave and knowledgeable figure. He loved four things: his religion, country, people and freedom.
Massoud was a man of defense and resistance, a shield before communism terrorism. Massoud had a strong determination in Jihad and struggles but he was not pro-war.
He was pro-peace and wanted fighting to be ended. He had followed in his struggles and fighting the instruction of our prophet that says: “Don’t wish to face with enemies” if you face, resist.
Massoud was a professional commander and a military initiator. He liked poems and literature. He was not poet but deeply knew about poems. Massoud as a real Mujahid and accounted on religious values. He was faithful, patient and polite.

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